Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition, opened for public sins december 7th 2007, is the only one of it’s kind in Serbia. Whit its ritch exhibition material – documents, photos, textbooks, models, learning tools, various works of pupils and teachers, helps to provide complete picture of Serbian school development from medieval times to year 1991. The purpose of Permanent exhibition is to familiarize widest public, especially elementary school children, with some of the very first educational ritches and present their pedagogical value and significance for Serbian educational and cultural field.


Permanent exhibition plan:

Yellow – The history of museum; The develpoment of letters
Blue – The schooling and education among the Serbs from the XII to the XIX century
Green – The schooling and education among the Serbs in the XIX and early XX century
Red – The schooling and education among the Serbs in XIX and XX century

Concept: Jordanovic  Branislava, Nikolova  Maja, Pavlovic Lazarevic Gordana  and Stankov Ljiljana

Interior:  dipl. arh. Tamara Skulic

Visual design: Dragana Lacmanovic Lekic and Bojana Djurovic