The Collection of textbooks and pedagogic literature is one of the richest collections in the Museum. There are thousands of textbooks from all teaching areas and for all educational levels such as the works in the field of pedagogy and teaching methods, pedagogic periodicals, collection of laws, codes and other regulations in education, reports and school commemorative charts. There are the first Serbian books for primary, secondary and university education, the textbooks of arithmetic, calculus, mathematics, history, mother thong,  geography such as: Melentije Smotricki, Slovenska gramatika (Slavic Grammer), 1755; Atanasije Nikolic,  Algebra, 1839; Vojislav Bakic, Nauka o vaspitanju (The Science of Education), 1878 etc.
Within The Collection of school  equipment and teaching aids from all fields of teaching is collected as well the accessory’s for school buildings, seals and school bells, textbooks, school boards and  teaching aids  from all teaching areas. The collection of children’s works of fine arts consist an important numbers of children’s drawings from the middle of the 19th century until the present day.
The Collection of school documentation and media center contains collections of documents from all areas of education at all levels. In addition, there are thousands of photographs of pupils, students and teachers, pupils and student’s organizations and homes, school buildings, etc. The oldest photograph in collection up to date is from 1865.
In The Educational Museum in the Collection of archive materials and documentation, written samples of educational plans and programs, school regulations, school documentation, certificates and diplomas, appointment reports, invitations for school performances and other archive material that concerns the history of Serbian schools and education in Serbia are stored. The funds – legacies of eminent pedagogues and other educational workers whose lives and work were connected to the Serbian school system appear as a special part of museum materials. These funds are divided into segments that consist of the following items: final diplomas, appointment reports, official papers and other archive material concerning promotions, awards and medals, written samples of textbooks and other written works, official and personal transcriptions, as well as the photographs from periods of their life and work.