I recommend Charles Neal formula outlined in this article: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.co.....-them-all/. So you still have to sand down far enough to get the color out. If I used the colonial maple and then for my second coat the praire wheat, on samples of course. The hard as rock maple floors are proving difficult. The color is so different on maple. About a year later a whitish grayish resiny blotchy thing started occurring on every one (floor to ceiling) entire length of the room. and they look quite uniform in color. http://imgur.com/gallery/mLO1OMD/. Take some chalk type paint of the color that you want the stain to match & just dot those areas with the paint. Hopefully the filler will get you close to the natural background color. But to answer your question, a simple dye added to the white wash stain will definitely change the overall color. The drawback is that it has taken me a while to learn to blend the base coat and knowing how colors layer was quite a learning curve. Then I recommend using a gel stain. What happened? While trends like linoleum and shag carpet (eek) went out of style as quickly as they came into it, hardwood flooring has—for centuries—been a failsafe choice for any and every aesthetic.. To help us uncover the hardwood … A good cry is healthy once in a while. The key here is to buy a few different materials and then practice on scrap wood. The solid maple wood is durable and easy to care for, and the rich dark color complements any church dcor. Unfortunately, blotch is easy to prevent and difficult to fix. This might be a good question to throw to the folks in the forum: http://woodtalkonline.com. We had our kitchen remodeled about two years ago. Honestly if I was going to spend $4500 on potentially awfully stained floors, I would spend the extra $1500-$2000 to get it done right because it would cost more than that later to redo it if you don’t like the first bad stain job. Unfortunately the cheap/particular customers are usually the source of great referral business… a necessary evil I suppose LOL. A board that has a nice, attractive grain pattern can end up with dark, splotchy areas after you apply the … My plan is to spray with an alcohol mixed dye. Maple is also known for having an inconsistent grain pattern, often … Wood sealer Some types of wood, like pine, cherry, birch and maple, are notoriously difficult to stain. The two options available are staining maple using a dye (water soluble or solvent soluble, or alcohol-soluble) or using a conventional resin-based wiping stain. :) I don’t think you’ll find a closer match than maple. Or will it be a problem with the dye penentration. We just installed a brand new kitchen, custom built – cabinetry made out of something inexpensive and painted dark brown and then finished with ARM-R-SEAL, a heavy duty oil and urethane top coat. I mixed this color myself since I couldn’t find the color I wanted which is a dark cherry with a hint of walnut. Apply your next color. It does indeed dry clear but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring a color hue with it. Long story short, I’m left with cabinets that look as if someone did a horrible job of trying to distress them, not the look I want. My question is in regards to finding a gel stain that matches the gunstock colour by Minwax. Thank you for making this possible. The reason is because the stain is deeply absorbed into the fibers of the wood. I have strip and sanded the complete cabinet and wash. I am using a dewaxed shelac as a sanding sealer and this imparts a slightly amber tone to the wood and when I apply the col. maple gel stain I get an orange tone wood instead of the brown I would like. Let dry. I recently embarked on my first flooring sand and refinish job after I tore up some vinyl and found maple underneath in my kitchen. Staining close-grained woods like maple and cherry presents a problem for the wood finisher, because they can absorb regular penetrating stains unevenly and appear blotchy. I learned some stuffs on your videos and got ideas, but it’s my first time doing this so I just want more advice. Although neither one of them will be very fun. Homeowners are often suspicious when they hear this, since they’re offered countless options of stained maple cabinetry and prefinished wood flooring… Please help..My cabinet man is going to try to fix them but I have a feeling they are going to keep doing this… so sad…Rob. I usually do this in a very approximate way by diluting the Sealcoat 50% with denatured alcohol. When I started building I started with cabinet grade 3/4″ birch ply without really knowing where I was going to find birch stock, and it is hard to find in my area hence my switching the face to maple. It took care of the blotching problem. actually, i went ahead and put an even layer of mahogany danish oil and left the piece over night, and did that for 3 nights and it has reached the desired goal. But it sounds like you are already layering on too much white without letting much natural wood grain to show through. We have installed Factory stained “Cinnamon Maple” maple wood floors in our home. Hi Denise. Here’s my review of Polyshades: avoid it. Sounds like a potential preparation issues to me. Hello Marci Joy. Can we fix it? I was able to use a medium brown dye to slightly color the blond toned maple and then applied a 1lb cut of shellac and then my gel stain and the results were what I wanted. Hi Marc, I’ve tried Cabot Ebony, Minwax Ebony, Miwax Dark Walnut Gel Stain, sanded from all ranges from 120 to 220, sealed with Minwax wood conditioner or just strait to the wood but I cannot just get a nice smooth dark color. So what you’re seeing is the natural ambering qualities of oil-based finishes. Staining maple is way easier than many would lead you to believe. It is also a very dark brown. The wood is very uneven in color, and I want it to look like natural wood, but with an even color. Three months ago my brother installed new maple pantry doors with glas in my kitchen. Can you recommend a brand of stripper that will cut through this seemingly rock hard finish? I do not like how it came out. What I would recommend doing is taking a sample board with the Gunstock color already applied to a local Rockler store. Thank you so much! Multi coats? Randall, shugdrumcompany.com. Will the General Finishes Gel Stain in Java help me achieve my goal as well or have I royally screwed the pooch here? Oct 11, 2016 - Explore Dagny Kingsland's board "Stained maple hardwood floor" on Pinterest. This will allow you to perfect the color with one light coat at a time, while also building up the base for your topcoat. The floors have what is called a dog-finish. See more ideas about Maple hardwood floors, Hardwood, Maple floors. can you make a video for this? Am I dreaming? In your original post you offered to provide advice about using dye in a spray set-up to achieve an even stain job on maple. The blotches are significant enough to ruin the entire look. To some extent, yes, it could lessen the visual impact of the curl. Both dyes and gel stains are capable of producing brilliant colors. Please & Thanks! Thanks! thanks. You’ll have to try some gray, whitewash, and sunbleached stains. We don’t want to make them dark. I like the grain subtle… And that being said, maple is affordable and plentiful in my area. I might try a slightly different order. Sometimes I even use a dye as a base color and then follow up with a gel stain. By pre-sealing the wood with shellac, you can even out the … Your detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated. Too late now…. The first step to ensuring the best possible outcome is to follow NWFA guidelines to sand and prepare the floor properly. Dark stains can ruin the appearance of your maple hardwood flooring and, because they've likely penetrated the finish, can be difficult to eliminate. At True Hardwoods you'll find the lowest prices on Tarkett ProGen Stained Maple Carmine Flooring. Embrace the chaos. Looking for advice. If at all possible, you should leave maple in its natural state unless it was pre-finished or pre-stained by the manufacturer. The problem with Polyshades is that you are adding color and polyurethane at the same time. I made a colossal mistake and took my husbands (just married and already screwing up!) This site uses affiliate links. Marc, I just discovered this thread. Or should I just embrace the differences? Secondly, like others I have noticed, maple is a pretty non absorbent wood, it will not hold the color when I “remove the excess”. We have been told that there are 9 coats of stain/finish on the floor. 1. I know I want to spray the color on it and then spray the urethane as my topcoat. Minwax Design Series washes, wood effects and waxes offer new options for bare wood and wood that's already stained. I have read other articls about maple being hard to stain but wasnt sure if this was related.. Should I seal with that CN sealcoat product, or the Bulls Eye sealcoat shellac diluted by 50% with denatured alcohol? Is there anyway to fix this, short of completely sanding the table back down to bare wood? How do you suggest I do this with the least amount of work. I have a maple staircase I started sanding with 80 grit orbiter sander. Maple Stain vs. I was mistaken on the color my wife actually prefers the red undertone. These are not easy calculations so most folks either estimate or use a chart or calculator. I was my father-in- laws as a child passed down to my husband, then son and back to my husband and me, whew. http://www.thewoodwhisperer.co.....chy-woods/. Or did I go wrong and not order Cherry wood. Then I would follow up with the gel stain to get the wood close to where I want it to be. I have read many blogs about using dyes, shellacs and gel stains. The important thing is that its a gel formula. I am not a sophisticated woodworker but I built some cabinets and stained them Rust-oleam “Kona” with excellent results. Step #1: Sand the floor For both … I just wanted to thank you for all the info. Is there an intermediary step of staining the maple to a warmer tone and then applying a white layer? Sometimes, I ‘ve been in a hurry and did not mix the stain and later found that some of the colorant had settled to the bottom of the container, giving me a much different result than I expected. One thing I used to do quite a bit was make my own ‘toner”, using diluted lacquer and either pigment or dye, and sometimes both. My Mom suggested a conditioner do I just finished applying that the night before last and it helped a lot on one door. and i’ve never tried dyes at all, don’t even know where to get them. Uhg. It did not. Hopefully that helps. First, after having three coats (the third curing as I type) of the stain currently on, is there any way to remove them or simply cover them, the scratches? Inadequate preparatory What can I do now, after applying that first coat (used sponge brush and wiped it off) to get rid of this blotchy look? I use them all the time but they take some getting used to in terms of application. “cuts” of shellac refer to the dilution. That said, waterborne finishes are getting better and better every year. You might be better off talking to a flooring expert. I need some guidance on how to sand, stain maple hardwood floor. From Sherwin Williams and half the door ( I just did one side) . I am not sure where to start. Do you have any suggestions how we can get the two types of maple to stain the same and get rid of the red. We are trying to stain a maple bar counter in our restaurant to have a weathered, gray look. Since you paid good money for this thing, I really think it is the contractor’s responsibility to get someone in there that knows what they are doing. This can be difficult to replicate in an average home shop. Wet the wood with water before staining and let dry, this opens the grain to accept the stain evenly, then sand out with 320 grit going with the grain. But again, I recommend using what you already have, preventing the blotch, staining, and then topcoating. Using this basic premise you can create an infinite array of colors and effects. Gel stains don’t rely so much on absorption to work properly. So while applying brown mahogany will give you a deeper reddish color, it probably won’t lighten the overall look. I’ve considered sanding the affected areas and then reapplying the stain to see if it would improve, but was wondering if this would only make matters worse. Now we really need to fix it. Thank you, Hi Julia. Is a sharp white floor doable and if so, can you please advise on the process. Are we crazy? Contractors are at a disadvantage when refinishing wood floors on site, because they cannot replicate the unique processes used in factory finishing in the field. I have several more doors to do please help.. Should I completely sand it down to the wood? :) Did you try to contact General Finishes to see if they have any Canadian Vendors? I would really like a durable finish. Flood it on the surface and wipe off the excess for a nice even color. Let me know, thanks!! I’m gearing up to take on my maple kitchen cabinets that were built and finished by my father. I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. Do you think I made a major error in this mix of wood? I am staining birch plywood and Poplar hardwood in the same cabinet. Maple boards can look beautiful except for that one stinkin’ area where the grain does something funky. What do you recommend? The stain is all blotchy. Only way to know for sure is to try it out, on test boards preferably. I used Minwax conditioner before I stain but still blotchy. Selective sanding usually doesn’t yield very good results. The pros suggest conditioning the wood first to accept stain more uniformly or purchasing pre-stained and finished Maple hardwood flooring. I am building kitchen cabinets using maple plywood and soft maple lumber for the raised panel doors. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. We have an old american foursquare with wood floors we would like to refinish hidden beneath the carpet. Hey Rob. J.E.Moser and Wurdack are excellent suppliers for these materials. Let dry, then apply your poly or nitro sealer. I am getting ready to stain a maple vanity for my bathroom and was doing some research in preparation. And keep in mind you can add many coats to arrive at the color you desire. Contractor: No, maple doesn’t take stain well. But I don’t want them really dark – I wanted a medium tone. You can use this to your advantage. Thanks for the reply! I wouldn’t add any shellac as that will actually make it harder to get the color you are after. What wood would you suggest that is easy to finish but isn’t grainy like oak? Save Money, Save Time: 2 Innovative Ways to Use HyperTone™ Stains on Sport Floors, One Simple Secret for Avoiding the Dreaded Picture Frame, A New Way to Think About Staining Maple Floors. Hopefully the grain will swell enough to raise the dent. Now I think my problem is that maple just doesn’t want to take stain very well, so when I use putty to fill the cracks (All this on sample pieces, thank God), the stain comes out much darker on the areas filled with putty. Thanks, But this would be a good topic for the future. Now I’ve got two night stands which (i think) look quite nice but still not chocolate. Hey Marc, sorry about that. I am a weekend refinisher and the last time I tried to finish maple was 40 years ago when I was in college and it was a disaster. Just be aware that the really good stuff is incredibly caustic and a little scary to work with. so yeah i got it to work. I appreciate all your suggestions. I decided to go against the online hardwood flooring forum hive mind and give it a shot. We just purchased new maple cabinets that are unfinished and not yet installed. Hi, In our Kitchen we have pre-finished maple cabinets that have turned orange. they do not). Durability isn’t much of an issue since the topcoat is what really determines the level of durability. When it comes to hardwood flooring, you have a lot of … Also I’m in BC Canada, are there any particular stains you would recommend that I could find locally? “Hey Darin. Can I sand it down and restain it to my liking. How difficult would it be to sand and refinish the floors to a lighter finish without a stripey look? So if the crack turns out a little bit darker, it tends to look like a natural grain line. Upon applicaton of the second coat of stain, blotches appeared on a few of the doors fronts and some of the cabinet face frames. This kind of work can be a little tricky, so feel free to email me if you have other questions. You should do the same by looking for alternative products better suited for any given project. http://www.rockler.com/product.....;sid=AFN86. But I am hesitant to “monday morning quarterback” your cabinet guy without more information.

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