should be included. In most cases it may be best to point users to the main site that distributes the Original Version so they always get the most recent stable and complete version. Yes! Bebas Neue have same proportion and theory as original Bebas (2005) font. Dalam hal pemrograman kita seringkali bertemu dengan kode program yang open source. You must come up with a unique name - we recommend one corresponding to your domain or your particular web application. Open-source fonts are among the top choice for digital designers. The best way to acknowledge the source of the design is to thank the original authors and any other contributors in the files that are distributed with your revised font (although no acknowledgement is required). Sebuah kata sandi akan dikirimkan ke email Anda. Monoton is a pure display webfont designed to be used at font sizes above 30 points. Any other means of delivering a font to another person is considered ‘distribution’, and needs to be accompanied by any copyright notices and licensing information available in OFL.txt. Reading needed to become easier, so Roman type… However, many excellent fonts are available on a completely open source basis. Yes, either in full or a subset. About the SIL Open Font License (OFL) Contents of This FAQ. Original authors are encouraged to name their fonts using clear, distinct names, and only declare the unique parts of the name as Reserved Font Names. If you are an experienced translator, you are very welcome to translate the OFL and OFL-FAQ so that designers and users in your language community can understand the license better. Yes, but if you distribute that font to others it must be under the OFL, and include the information mentioned in condition 2 of the license. Any contributions would likely need to be made for all the fonts in a family and match the overall design and style. Namun dengan menggunakan website khusus untuk mencari jenis font maka permasalahan tersebut dapat kita atasi dengan mudah. Go ahead! Please go to for the official version of the license and the accompanying OFL-FAQ.”. Consult the copyright statement(s) in the license for ways to contact the original authors. But only the original English version of the license has legal value and has been approved by the community. If you feel the OFL does not meet your needs for an open license, please contact us. A change in font format normally is considered modification, and Reserved Font Names (RFNs) cannot be used. No. Please honour and respect their contribution! Bebas Neue is a free font which is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1. Selain itu, ikon untuk font OpenType adalah ikon font TrueType. The fonts, including any derivative works, can be bundled, embedded, redistributed … Choosing Reserved Font Names. (See 1.4 for details and examples about selling bundles). The Open Font License (OFL) is maintained by SIL International. Derivative fonts must be released under the OFL and cannot be sold by themselves. It commonly includes these four sections: It could also include other sections, such as: where to find documentation, how to make contributions, information on contributing organizations, source code details, and a short design guide. Ketika masalah terjadi yang dijelaskan di bagian "gejala", hanya OpenType font tidak ditampilkan dengan benar sebagai font TrueType. The requirement for fonts to remain under the OFL does not apply to any document created using the fonts and their derivatives. The licensing model is used successfully by various organisations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, to release fonts of varying levels of scope and complexity. Tidak semua fon dilisensikan sehingga mereka dapat tertanam. However if a package (or installer) is simply a wrapper or a compressed structure around the final font - leaving them intact on the inside - then no name change is required. We realize that this can seem to be a grey area, but the standard used to judge an acknowledgement is that if the acknowledgement benefits the author(s) it is allowed, but if it primarily benefits other parties, or could reflect poorly on the author(s), then it is not. Put the following disclaimer in both English and the target language stating clearly that the translation is unofficial: Keep your unofficial translation current and update it at our request if needed, for example if there is any ambiguity which could lead to confusion. One common example is to limit potentially dangerous cross-site scripting attacks. If you want to release your fonts under the OFL, we recommend you do the following: We won’t do the work for you. You are allowed to change anything, as long as such changes do not violate the terms of the license. Please consider using the Original Versions of the fonts whenever possible. Please refer to the appropriate trademark laws. For example, it covers almost all the fonts in the Google Fonts Directory (see Google Fonts licenses). This allows designers to maintain artistic integrity while allowing collaboration to happen. You're free to use it with your Adobe Fonts account just as you would any other font in the Adobe Fonts library. However, we recognize that this unofficial translation will help users and designers not familiar with English to better understand and use the OFL. Make sure the font file contains the needed copyright notice(s) and licensing information in its metadata. No, although if the font is of sufficient quality and general interest we may include a link to it on our partial list of OFL fonts on the OFL web site. Don’t lump quality open fonts together with dubious freeware or public domain fonts. Visit Google Fonts, where nearly 1,000 fonts can be downloaded, installed and used in print, web and app projects under Google’s free Apache License. Itulah daftar dari 60 font yang digunakan oleh logo-logo dari brand merek terkenal yang bisa Anda download secara gratis untuk koleksi font Anda. Using OFL Fonts for Web Pages and Online Webfont Services. About the Fontlog. We are confident that version 1.1 will meet most needs, but are open to future improvements. This is to prevent collisions between a derivative tuned to your audience and the original upstream version and so to reduce confusion. There are utilities that can help create and maintain a FONTLOG, such as the FONTLOG support in FontForge. By ‘embedding’ we mean inclusion of the font in a document or file in a way that makes extraction (and redistribution) difficult or clearly discouraged. Yes. You are allowed to create, use and distribute a WOFF version of an OFL font without changing the font name, but only if: If the original font data or metadata is changed, or the WOFF-specific metadata is incomplete, the font must be considered a Modified Version, the OFL restrictions would apply and the name of the font must be changed: any RFNs cannot be used and copyright notices and licensing information must be included and cannot be deleted or modified. Derivative fonts must be licensed under the OFL, even if they are part of a service for which you charge fees and/or for which access to source code is restricted. Keep in mind that it is unlikely that they would want to incorporate major changes that would require additional work on their end. We strongly discourage any font extraction - we recommend directly using the font sources instead - but if you extract font outlines from a document, please be considerate: use your common sense and respect the work of the author(s) and the licensing model. Bahkan banyak jenis font yang satu dengan yang lainnya benar-benar mirip. SIL OpenFont is a free software license, and fonts covered by this license can be freely used, modified, and distributed (as long as the derivatives remain under the same license) . - Mocha Mattari is a distressed, vintage-effected font based on this Bebas Neue. All Font Software released under the OFL and marked as such by the author(s) is intended to remain under this license regardless of the distribution method, and cannot be redistributed under any other license. Yes. Google Web Font tersedia gratis dan open source. Klik opsi Word. Open-Source Licensing. No, but we strongly encourage you to do so. The fonts, including any derivative works, can be bundled, embedded, redistributed … No. If you redistribute a Modified Version of the font it must be under the OFL. The OFL allows the licensed fonts to be used, studied, modified and redistributed freely as … Trademarks work alongside the OFL and are not subject to the terms of the licensing agreement. In other words, remember that one person’s optimised font may be another person’s missing feature. If you want any names to be Reserved Font Names, they must be specified after the copyright statement(s). Yeah, of course, that's what it means. Yes, all rebuilds which change the font data and the smart code are Modified Versions and the requirements of the OFL apply: you need to respect what the Author(s) have chosen in terms of Reserved Font Names. This is recommended and explicitly allowed by the licensing model because it is distribution. Such an unfortunate choice would confuse the users of your fonts as well as make it harder for other designers to contribute. Yes, it is permitted, but remember that these optimised versions are Modified Versions and so must follow OFL requirements like appropriate renaming. This allows for freedom without confusion. Open Sans adalah rupa huruf tanpa kait humanis yang dirancang oleh Steve Matteson dan dikomisikan oleh Google. The OFL is a license and not a contract and so does not require you to sign it to have legal validity. Keep in mind, however, that if the font is distributed to others it must be under the OFL. Font TrueType ditampilkan dengan benar. If this is not indicated in a FONTLOG or other documentation of the font, consider asking them directly. As it can be argued what the source of a font really is and because using and sharing fonts have quite specific needs, SIL decided to create a new free license for use with fonts. It is permitted, however, to include them in a larger software package (such as text editors, office suites or operating systems), even if the larger package is sold. Please follow the recommendations given by the author(s) in terms of preferred source formats and configuration parameters for sending contributions. SIL makes its services available to all without regard to religious belief, political ideology, gender, race, or ethnic background. Yes. Self Hosting: Host web font files on your own server. No. We strongly recommend against creating your very own unique open licensing model. Licensing Information. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Ini adalah tulisan pertama didalam blog saya. Any revisions would be for future font releases, and previously existing licenses would remain in effect. Various advanced typographic features are also available through CSS and may provide the desired effects without the need to modify the font. using @font-face to distribute the font directly to browsers. For example, it would not be right to advertise a word processor by naming the author(s) in a listing of software features, or to promote a Modified Version on a web site by saying “designed by …”. For example, even if the OFL font is distributed in a software package or via an online service using a DRM mechanism, the user would still have the right to extract that font, use, study, modify and redistribute it under the OFL. Open-source fonts are free to obtain, free to use and free to share. Because of the design of the WOFF format, however, it is possible to create a WOFF version that is not considered modification, and so would not require a name change. 5 Website Pencari Jenis Font Otomatis – Karena banyaknya jenis font maka seringkali kita merasa kesulitan untuk mengetahui namanya. Even so, copyright laws address any misrepresentation of authorship. If a full font build path is made available by the upstream author(s) please be aware that any regressions and changes you may introduce when doing a rebuild for packaging purposes is your responsibility as a package maintainer since you are effectively creating a separate branch. Font version; Windows 10: See the Windows 10 page. Designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. We do not recommend using parts of words because of potential confusion, but it is allowed. It would be fine, however, to keep a text reference to the original fonts in the description field, in your modified source file or in documentation provided alongside your derivative as long as no one could be confused that your modified source is the original. The OFL went though a community and legal review process that took years of effort, and that review is only applicable to an unmodified OFL. Examples of useful contributions are bug fixes, additional glyphs, stylistic alternates (and the smart font code to access them) or improved hinting. The few utilities that can extract fonts embedded in a PDF will typically output limited amounts of outlines - not a complete font. Font yang digunakan oleh Google adalah ⇒ Sans Serif typeface think Helvetica. Only the Copyright Holder(s) can do this. Examples of bundling made possible by the OFL would include: word processors, design and publishing applications, training and educational software, games and entertainment software, mobile device applications, etc. Just remember to include the full font package, including any copyright notices and licensing information as available in OFL.txt. Users who install derivatives (Modified Versions) on their systems should not see any of the original Reserved Font Names in their font menus, for example. Please respect the author’s wishes as expressed in the OFL and do not misrepresent original designers and their work. Monoton has been designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. Disini saya ingin sedikit berbagi kepada teman-teman pembaca sekalian tentang bagaimana cara memahami lisensi font dan apa saja yang boleh atau tidak boleh kita gunakan dalam menggunakan font. The goals of the Open Font License (OFL) are to stimulate worldwide development of collaborative font projects, to support the font creation efforts of academic and linguistic communities, and to provide a free and open framework in which fonts may be shared and improved in partnership with others. Yes, but these issues are out-of-scope for the OFL. The text of the OFL has been written by SIL (with review and consultation from the community) and is copyright (c) 2005-2010 SIL International. The only situation in which an OFL font can be distributed without the text of the OFL (either in a separate file or in font metadata), is when a font is embedded in a document or bundled within a program. In the case of metadata included within a font, it is legally sufficient to include only a link to the text of the OFL on, but we strongly recommend against this. Other font formats, including EOT/EOTLite/CWT and superior alternatives like WOFF, already provide fields for this information. It will help everyone if Original Versions and Modified Versions can easily be distinguished from one another and from other derivatives. The explicit permission to redistribute and embed does not cancel the requirement for the Font Software to remain under the license chosen by its author(s). Sebelum saya menunjukkan 25 font terbaik dari Google font, silahkan baca terlebih dahulu cara untuk memasang Google webfont di website anda. It may also introduce degradation of quality in the rendering or specific bugs on the various platforms compared to the original font. You may not use individual words from the Reserved Font Names, but you would be allowed to use parts of words, as long as you do not use any word from the Reserved Font Names entirely. The Open Font License (OFL) is maintained by SIL International. Again, please remember how you have benefited from the contributions of others. No, but users, designers and other developers might get very frustrated with you if you don’t. This allows end users and commercial companies to review and modify the source code, blueprint or design for their own customization, curiosity or troubleshooting needs. It would also help to have contributions submitted as patches or clearly marked changes - the use of smart source revision control systems like subversion, svk, mercurial, git or bzr is a good idea. Be aware that only the original author(s) can use RFNs. Pilih kotak centang font Embed TrueType. You should make it very clear to your users that your rebuilt version is not the canonical one from upstream. This requires fonts that are widely available and support lesser-known languages. Most authors would be very happy to receive such contributions. So be very careful and check to be sure that the tool or service you’re using is compressing unchanged data and completely and accurately reflecting the original font metadata. No retroactive changes are possible, although the Copyright Holder(s) can re-release the font under a revised OFL. Yes. In most cases these formats alter the original font data more than WOFF, and do not completely support appropriate metadata, so their use must be considered modification and RFNs may not be used. Authors are encouraged to include a guide to the design with the fonts. You can also see our roundup of the best free fonts. Lisensi terakhir yang dikeluarkan SIL adalah versi 1.1, yang dirilis 26 Februari 2007. But you will likely get an edge over competitors by being the first to distribute a bundle with the enhancements. Dalam dunia typography ini sering disebut sebagai Counterstroke yang berfungsi untuk mempermudah membaca suatu kalimat atau teks. SIL’s members and volunteers share a Christian commitment. For example if an OFL font called “Foo” contains a notice that “Foo is a trademark of Acme”, then if you rename the font to “Bar” when creating a Modified Version, the new trademark notice could say “Foo is a trademark of Acme Inc. - Bar is a trademark of Roadrunner Technologies Ltd.”. These are font names, or portions of font names, that the author has chosen to reserve for use only with the Original Version of the font, or for Modified Version(s) created by the original author. Kegunaan Font, Font Size, Grow Font dan Shrink font - Hello sobat thinkq selamat malam, kali ini saya memberikan beberapa ilmu lama yang mungkin bagi pemula pengguna microsoft word bisa tau fungsi dari ini, kalau yang sudah mahir pasti sudah tau fungsi dari menu font di word 2007. A release under the OFL is only valid when using the original English text. To create a working font from this method is much more difficult and time consuming than finding the source of the original OFL font. Consult the FONTLOG for information on how the font differs from the Original Version, and get in touch with the various contributors via the information in the acknowledgement section. Pada tab Simpan, klik untuk memilih kotak centang Embed font pada berkas. Your contributions and improvements to the fonts and other components could be a tremendous help and would encourage others to contribute as well and ‘give back’. However, it would be appropriate to acknowledge the author(s) if your software package has a list of people who deserve thanks. For example, if “Foobar” was a Reserved Font Name, you would be allowed to use “Foo” or “bar”, although we would not recommend it. It encourages shared value, i… In that case, you are strongly encouraged, but not required, to also make that derived font easily and freely available outside of the larger package. It is used for almost all open source font projects, including those by Adobe, Google and Mozilla. The Copyright Holder(s) still retain(s) all the rights to their creation; they are only releasing a portion of it for use in a specific way. Using and Distributing Fonts Licensed Under the OFL. It has three purposes: 1) to provide basic information on the font to users and other developers, 2) to document changes that have been made to the font or accompanying files, either by the original authors or others, and 3) to provide a place to acknowledge authors and other contributors. It is likely that most authors of OFL fonts would accept financial contributions - contact them for instructions on how to do this. When choosing a name, be creative and avoid names that reuse almost all the same letters in the same order or sound like the original. Authorship, copyright notices and license information must be sufficiently visible to your users or subscribers so they know where the font comes from and the rights granted by the author(s). This led to an explosion of printed material, which became much cheaper to produce, and along with that came a marked increase in general literacy. SIL gives permission to publish unofficial translations into other languages provided that they comply with the following guidelines: “This is an unofficial translation of the SIL Open Font License into . The OFL provides a legal framework and infrastructure for worldwide development, sharing and improvement of fonts and related software in a collaborative manner. Fon Ini dirilis pada 2011. The license requirements depend on the type of inclusion as discussed in 1.15. Making Contributions to OFL Projects. Custom Services: Request modifications or bespoke fonts directly from the foundry. Consider how you can best work with the original designers and foundries, support their efforts and generate goodwill that will benefit your service. to meet needs for fonts that can be modified to support minority languages, to provide a legal and clear way for people to respect your work but still use it (and reduce piracy), to enable your fonts to be expanded with new weights and improved writing system/language support, to allow more technical font developers to add features to your design (such as OpenType and Graphite support), to renew the life of an old font lying on your hard drive with no business model, to allow your font to be included in Libre Software operating systems like Ubuntu, to give your font world status and wide, unrestricted distribution, to educate students about quality typeface and font design, to expand your test base and get more useful feedback, to extend your reach to new markets when users see your metadata and go to your website, to get your font more easily into one of the webfont online services, to attract attention for your commercial fonts, to make money by bundling fonts with applications, to make money adjusting and extending existing open fonts, to get a better chance that foundations/NGOs/charities/companies who commission fonts will pick you, to be part of a sharing design and development community, to give back and contribute to a growing body of font sources, brief header describing the FONTLOG itself and name of the font family, Basic Font Information - description of the font family, purpose and breadth, ChangeLog - chronological listing of changes, Acknowledgements - list of authors and contributors with contact information. Font atau huruf adalah sebuah bentuk visual guna menyampaikan sebuah pesan kepada pembaca. Such restrictions are put in place for many different purposes corresponding to various usage scenarios. An open-source license is a type of license for computer software and other products that allows the source code, blueprint or design to be used, modified and/or shared under defined terms and conditions. It attempts to be a compromise between the values of the free software and typeface design communities. Our main web site is: Yes, you can do this with both the Original Version and a Modified Version of the fonts. However, the copyright holder may declare the font's name as being a "Reserved Font Name", which modified versions then cannot bear. Reserved Font Names should also be single words. Cara Menggunakan Google Web Font. No. Using a modified or derivative license will likely cut you off - along with the font(s) under that license - from the community of designers using the OFL, potentially expose you and your users to legal liabilities, and possibly put your work and rights at risk. It is a carefully constructed license that allows great freedom along with enough artistic integrity protection for the work of the authors as well as clear rules for other contributors and those who redistribute the fonts. SIL Open Font License 1.1. Also you need to bear in mind the other important parameters beyond compression, speed and responsiveness: you need to consider the audience of your particular website or web application, as choosing some optimisation parameters may turn out to be less than ideal for them. No. A font called “Flowing River” should have Reserved Font Names “Flowing” and “River”, not “Flowing River”. Bebas Neue version (2010) – Free font Bebas Neue was re-designed from Bebas (2005) font for the same purpose. You may also repackage the fonts and the accompanying components in a .rpm or .deb package and include them in distribution CD/DVDs and online repositories. Again, this is to ensure that users are not confused and do not mistake one font for another and so expect features only another derivative or the Original Version can actually offer. You can also pay for others to enhance the fonts and contribute the results back to the original authors for inclusion in the Original Version. Be aware that any contributions, however, must be either your own original creation or work that you own, and you may be asked to affirm that clearly when you contribute. SIL Open Font License, biasa juga disebut OFL saja, adalah lisensi open source yang digunakan oleh para desainer font dan developer software terkait, untuk memastikan hasil karya mereka dirilis dan digunakan dalam satu cara di mana diizinkan untuk pengembangan lebih lanjut, berbagi file, penyempurnaan font dan dirilis ulang. The license itself neither encourages their use nor prohibits them since such mechanisms are not implemented in the components of the Font Software but through external software. Font serif adalah sebuah jenis font yang mempunyai kait, mata pancing atau sepatu di setiap ujung nya. It would benefit many people if you contributed back in response to what you’ve received. It is not a requirement of the license, but we strongly recommend you have one. Information about this license (and contact information) is at:, referring directly in your stylesheet to open fonts which may be available on the user’s system, providing links to download the full package of the font - either from your own website or from elsewhere - so users can install it themselves. Please use it! Bebas Neue is available via an open source license. Please double-check the accuracy of every field to prevent contradictory information. The OFL allows the licensed fonts to be used, studied, modified and redistributed freely as long as they are not sold by themselves. You may re-use the ideas and wording (in part, not in whole) in another non-proprietary license provided that you call your license by another unambiguous name, that you do not use the preamble, that you do not mention SIL and that you clearly present your license as different from the OFL so as not to cause confusion by being too similar to the original. Most modern font formats include metadata fields that will accept the full OFL text, and full inclusion increases the likelihood that users will understand and properly apply the license. Subsetting by removing certain glyphs or features may seriously limit functionality of the font in various languages used by your users. List your additional Reserved Font Names after your additional copyright statement, as indicated with example placeholders at the top of the OFL.txt file. Seperti yang tertera pada website SIL, disebutkan “It enables font authors to release their work under a common license that allows use, bundling, modification and redistribution. It eliminates potential confusion and name conflicts. See also discussion of webfonts in Section 2. You also need to be very careful about reserving font names which are already linked to trademarks (whether registered or not) which you do not own. - Bebas Neue Rounded are some derived, rounded fonts from this Bebas Neue. Even before the typewriter, way back when printing presses were first used, fonts were created to resemble old, gothic manuscripts, which most of us now struggle to read. So there is little chance that an OFL font would be extracted and redistributed inappropriately through this method. This open stack includes input methods, smart fonts, smart rendering libraries and smart applications.

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