... is okra annual plant or perinnal plant How much water does okra need per day? I heard okra seeds don't save well, but I'm willing to give it a try (hey, nothing to lose, right?). Do I just leave the leaves so the pods can keep coming back? In this video I will show you how much soil you need to fill one 5 gallon bucket to start a container garden Any okra pods that are overgrown and woody are surely more than a day old. They will have valuable vegetable/gardening tables available specifically for your area determined by universities, and horticultural research scientists have collected data from growing those crops in your state. If you can't have okra there's no other conceivable compensation for this infernal climate, I say. Grow 6 plants per person. It would then grow up, shoot out and create another pod. So, as you could see, regardless of WHERE your okra plants fall on the spectrum, in a warm gardening zone ten measly plants could produce between 59 and 117 POUNDS of OKRA! Turns yellow stop watering How much does a bushel of okra weigh? There are a number of different container solutions for growing plants – and a 5 gallon bucket can be perfect for a number of them. every other day we picked okra, enough to fill a 5 gallon bucket during the peak of summer! Please watch in HD, quality will be much beter! Select a pot for the okra plant that is at least 10 inches in diameter. 232 pods and counting as of this morning. What are you thinking of growing ? they also are perfect as you direct drainage, to place along a "swale" or low area where the water will run during rains - that way the water will not erode the land. Full sun on 3 sides. Cold weather will slow it down. If you find a variety or varieties that tends to branch well, and give them enough space and sunlight, I think it'll increase your harvest without taking up too much more room. Well, to appease him, I doubled the amount and wound up with too many veggies competing with each other-lol! I guarantee they have glass pieces like vases and art work etc. Variety isn't terribly important with Okra--it likes our hot weather and I consider it one of the easier vegetable crops to grow here. How Many Tomato Plants Can Grow in a 5-Gallon Bucket?. How big should artwork be? I don't like the dwarf varieties because many of them are not so "dwarfish". And if you have a few minutes to spare and are interested in another extremely prolific veggie for your homestead…. Growing & Harvesting Okra: How Many Okra Pods Per PLANT? I agree with Jason if you are that limited in space, crowd them up and they will grow and produce, but not to the optimum like they would as I recommended. Are the green caterpillars hiding inside broccoli florets good to eat. As a shallow-rooted plant, peppers typically do quite well when grown in containers. I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. Even on the very low end of the spectrum, at one pod per day, that’s a whopping 84 pods. my father in law worked there up until this past summer when he had a heat stroke that caused him to be unable to work outside anymore. Also keep in mind that some colors are more available with the seasons so add what you can and in Feb you will find plenty for the Valentine holiday. I'm not too concerned about it for this canning session (I have two five gallon buckets full of apples and if that is not enough to get something out of, I quit) but would like to know for future pickings. . Too many stones at my hill house, how can I turn them into a beauty? Hello Harold! They'd be 2" long in the morning and 4" at night. Day 15. What should I do? they came from one of the state research centers. But having little experience I don't know if they will continue to grow taller while they are producing. Check out this addicting post of sweet potato harvest YouTube videos, made our list of Must Grow Low Maintenance Garden Vegetables, How to Spot a Broody Hen: Signs to Watch for, Top Ten NEW Seed Varieties I’m Excited to Grow This Year, When to Start Tomato and Pepper Seeds In Tennessee (Zone 7a). How Many Plants Per 5-Gallon Grow Bag? These plants will grow over 8 feet tall, and they can put out a lot of food! Ours was 12 feet tall by the end of summer. The other factor in any case, is not to get too stuck on realtors opinions. The size they’re at is an excellent size to prune! Best stand of Okra I ever had was in a 2 foot sq. You will have a bit longer of a wait, but also an increased yield. In a 5 gallon bucket, you can grow 20-25 carrots. > Each county should have it's own Cooperative> Extension Office which provides free publications> and information for the asking. . The truth is, as long as the container provides sufficient drainage and enough room for the taproot, dwarf varieties of okra grow quite well in containers. the center gave away any seeds and seedlings that were not marked as to variety, so he always brought me plenty. I have only had a handful so far and my plants are only 2 feet high. Vegetable Planting and Planning Calendar for Missouri (download the pdf) complete with spring and fall planting dates (underneath the spring planting dates for appropriate crops), how much to plant per person, etc. I also planted a couple plants of the emerald variety for comparison taste wise. Okra. Buy 160 for $1.20 each and save 15 % Qty. Thanks for asking and good luck.I like em best fried or in cajun type recipes such as soups etc...Makes my mouth water just typin bout it! You should always be prepared to fertilize your okra properly with the right fertilizer, as well. the seeds were unlabeled. Ideally, a 5-gallon pot that is 10-12 inches deep and similar in diameter would be perfect for one okra plant if you have got a larger pot you can grow a few plants in it. Endive: Grow plants in an 18-inch (45 cm) container; thin plants to 8 inches (20 cm) apart. Or will they be too soft and mushy after thawing? Day 27 – Beginning to blossom. One of them branched VERY well, with two dozen producing branches, and the other only had four or five producing branches. No data I could find. Wow! Whichever variety you go with, though, you shouldn’t have many issues growing a healthy pepper plant in a 5-gallon bucket. we planted a 40' row of okra last year, spaced maybe a foot a part. The Zucchini Family, #5 Bucket Ave, Patio, CA. 8 per day during the month of July. It’s one of the most prolific, too; I begin to dislike okra pods as the season comes to a close, to be honest!. The ill suited buyer for the home reaps an undue reward, all in the name of selling too soon based on potentially selfish sales advice. Might that be a 5-gallon bucket? About 20 to 30 plants is more than enough for my wife and I, and we usually freeze some and give some away. You’ll notice that the plants begin putting on new leaves at that time- many times, okra will go into transplant shock. I dug around a bit and found a pretty pillow and then also another nice one here at Houzz called Oilo pillow blush. Blog Vlog WordPress Theme, Copyright 2018. I'm attempting to make my own applesauce/apple butter/etc and most of the recipes I have looked through talk about bushels. Should work! Check with your state's Extension Service. Any okra pods that are overgrown and woody are surely more than a day old. But growing plants in a 5 gallon bucket is not simply a case of bunging some growing medium into one and sowing your seeds and planting it up. This is my 3rd or 4th year of growing okra and the only season that I actually thinned out the plants. Or maybe it’s because I’m in warm & sunny Zone 7a, where the okra plants don’t fool around when the sun comes out to play…. You can get by with closer spacing with okra--as close as 12 inches apart. Thank you guys for all your help! I have eaten a couple of the sweet tender pods right off the plant - I couldn't resist. Great Design Plant: Rhus Aromatica ‘Gro-Low’ Handles Many Tough Sites, My Houzz: Many Styles Meld Handsomely in a Vermont Countryside Home. And have we ever been bombarded with questions on how to grow plants in 5 gallon buckets! So just if you let a few get too big, just keep them on there for seed. you will see diminshed returns on your bud. (Emerald) It was the fact that we incorporated composted manure into the planting soil. One day I picked a baker's dozen, but a couple were overgrown and woody. Can okra get that long, ie, they seem to be 8″ or so in length. $1.41. We had to use a step stool to pick. I also had three dwarf plants that were a little crowded in their container, and I got one or two pods a day off those. Okra is amazing, especially when its many pods are cut up, battered, and fried.. Okra, in all of its golden, delicious, and tender glory, is also one of the easiest plants to grow on our homestead. I meant to add that I have 5 plants. About Okra, raw; 1 metric cup of Okra, raw weighs 105.66882 grams [g] 1 US cup of Okra, raw weighs 3.5274 ounces [oz] Okra, raw weigh(s) 105.67 gram per (metric cup) or 3.53 ounce per (US cup), and contain(s) 33 calories per 100 grams or ≈3.527 ounces [ weight to volume | volume to weight | price | density]; Food category: Vegetables and Vegetable Products first answer in this string was your best answer. Day 21. I don’t know what the volume would be. Choose a pot of whatever material you like. one per customer. Eggplant: Grow one plant per 5-gallon (19L) container. You could try 10 plants a foot apart and see how they do for you, that might be enough for you depending on your appetite for okra. Any help would be appreciated. Last updated: 08/29/19 Container gardening is quite popular in households with limited space, but even those who don’t have space concerns are sometimes switching from the ground to buckets. Maybe you could consider How Many Tomato Plants Per 5 Gallon Bucket planting them in pots for a better. I’m a bit confused at what exactly I’m cutting off. Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new. Drive a stake in the middle to support the plant I am in shock! If pods are left to mature, production will slow down because the plant is no longer being preyed upon. With up to 4 pods or more every 2 days? Our green thumb was developed was born gardening with 5-gallon buckets. Once you’ve eaten pounds and pounds and pounds of even the most delicious food, you just begin to want for something else. What happened was I left a few undersized pods on the plant to pick the next day and they went from being tiny to huge. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Therefore, I pick around 4″ to 5″ long pods; at that rate, I would have at least 3/4 of a shopping bag (I like to reuse my bags in EVERY way possible) every day with 20 plants. (I might have gone plant happy and planted to early...time will tell.) Someone told me they would do better spaced out so they are just done coming out of shock from the transplant. You may not get enough okra at once to feed the whole family from just a few plants, but it freezes well, so just keep throwing pods in the freezer until you have enough for a meal. Each bucket is home to one vegetable plant and perhaps two or three smaller herbs or annual flowers. the only real problem i have with them close is that you sometimes miss a few pods on the inside and end up with waste. Day 34 – Gave the plants a ‘hair cut’ Day 35 – Baby zucchini. However, I don’t feel it’s necessary personally; I also feel that it reduces the plants’ ability to produce energy from the sun’s light, which in turn makes me think it could lower the amount of pods produced. You can harvest your carrots in 65-80 days but you don’t have to wait that long, leaves of carrots are edible too. More. Nothing else around em. If you can’t get a 5 gallon bucket for free, then check this out [content-egg-block template=offers_list limit=4 offset=0] Is It Safe To Grow Vegetables In 5 Gallon Buckets. At first, the harvest can be kind of slow until the plants are all producing in unison. Planting Okra Seeds Sculptural, slightly tropical looking and a boon to wildlife, Spotted Joe Pye Weed is a gotta-have plant in many parts of the U.S. How to style a long, narrow living room with many doors/windows. I've never grown okra in a container, but Okra is a shallow rooting plant and they should do well. ! I have 5 gallon bucket containers. For a visual, wander on over to YouTube and search “how to prune pepper seedlings.” Instead of growing straight up on a single main stalk, the plant will bush out to the sides on many secondary stalks. I am growing Lee, which is a dwarf size, however with the heat we are getting here right now the plants are really starting to take off and I'm cutting every other day. Blazing heat shouldn't be much of a problem as it's already made it nearly to ninety. (Sorry, family, not much left for dinner!). Purchase or acquire several 5-gallon (19 L.)buckets. This year I am going to venture out and plant okra, however, I am unsure as to how many plants it takes to produce enough for a family of 4. Hi, chiming in late. Okra does take a bit to pull out of transplant shock! And how many pieces. I've decided to put most of my strawberries in 5 gallon buckets, but how many per bucket? the plants actually all grew together, around here we don't give them much room to breathe. It's always best to direct sow whenenever possible. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope I’ve helped you in some way! Best to choose a black colored pot as okra loves heat. Details . Cucumber. I'd love more advice [here[(https://www.houzz.com/discussions/help-me-again-with-my-small-piano-room-with-a-big-piano-dsvw-vd~5508920)! Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:30 pm. i found the unknown seeds still in a bag and a empty bag of cajun delight from Johnny's, so that is what gave me such good results. And, dare we venture into the behemoth producers like I’ve dealt with? 247Garden 5-Gallon Aeration Fabric Pot/Plant Grow Bags w/Handles (Black 10H x 12D) Be the first to review this product . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. I have yet to avoid that. Required fields are marked *. If you skip it, the soil will get too waterlogged. I need tips, as my last few attempts were fairly pathetic. Picked Okra till we was worn out :). 33. Im with you on this one for sure Lisalu. For the love of everything, DO NOT underestimate the production of a single plant, especially if you grow this spineless variety! I grow clemson spineless, I bought the seed one time years ago and now I just let a few of the pods go to seed and save my own, it comes back true from the seed you save. Reply. Anyway, once the seedlings get to be about 3" high I think I will take your advice and thin them down to 12" apart instead of the initial suggestion of 2'. Like Bill, I like to give okra 2 feet or more to let them really spread out--but if you don't have the room then you can squeeze them closer together. They can also tell you the average last frost date for your area and ideal planting times for specific crops and varieties in your area. then i started taking the frozen okra and chunking it in the compost heap. Cucumbers will grow and creep and do well with some sort of support. Once they are springing back, go ahead and feed them! How We Winterized Our Chicken Coop for FREE! i honestly do not know. Transplant seedlings? packed with plants. Not sure how my results compare to others productivity wise, but I sure am enjoying okra these days! They make beautiful dry laid retaiing walls, and you have some serious slopes there. If you remodel for selling, you still may have the use of your decision for a time, however, realize that the remodel will be valuable to some potential buyers not to others. . i do know they were not one of the smaller varieties, as the pods would get to around 1.5 inches thick and almost 10 inches long if left alone. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. . I think the variety was irrelevant. Peppers are great for water conservation; many types want to dry out between waterings, which means you expend less resources growing them. If we estimate our okra harvest based upon an average plant, at 3 pods every two days, we ought to get roughly 126 pods, or 8.82 lb! . Watch Reply. I primarily want to make pickled okra but so far have only harvested about 15. When Can You Transplant Strawberry Plants. I have evolved to like {{gwi:35115}} better than the rest.
Can definitely plant multiple things together. This big-bloomed, drought-tolerant native deserves a place in many butterfly gardens, This mounding sedge native to many U.S. states is tough as nails and can replace the traditional lawn in low-traffic areas, Devil’s darning needles, a vigorous vine native to eastern North America, likes partial shade and many types of soils, The black gum tree tolerates moist soil and provides many years of beautiful foliage, from summer to fall, Though not a fern, sweet fern sure smells sweet and thrives in tough spots where many shrubs and ferns cannot. All I managed to see clearly was 2 bush bean plants in one bag. the base of each plant grew to almost 5 inches in diameter. It grows pods to protect its seeds, ensuring that the next generation has a shot at survival; when you stop picking, the plant has essentially won, and served its purpose. I know this sounds utterly crazy, but it works in much the same way as it does with peppers. I have 8 plants planted about a foot apart among bell peppers and the "Zucchini-from-Hell" that I have mentioned in another post. My mother grabbed it and ate it raw in her salad. Eliminate that which reveals itself as not so practical and then move forward. That is great to know and I think I will try to find some. I am also growing okra (Clemson Spineless) for the first time this year. But I thank you for the advice. Since zucchini plants have very sensitive root system, I was afraid to kill these little guys if I try to separate them. Hard to compare productivity if you dont know how many plants....LolHere they are from June 3rd, will post a current pic later.{{gwi:35116}}. In my experiences peppers want to be supported by a stake. . You didn't say how many plants have produced 155 pods. I have at least 4-6 pods coming up on each plant now so my harvest is just getting started. olliem, I have the same question. I have 8 plants and have picked one measly pod. You don't need a large farm or even a backyard to grow your own tomatoes. I had to transplant them because I planted them too close, like I did all the years past. Fresh Tomatoes, Indoors! I had only 8 plants last year. My garden faces south west with no large trees in sight and gets sun most of the entire day. The reason being the 5 gallon bucket will retain the water and will cause the plants to perish! I would also suggest that you can soften the curtains if you pick up a sheer in the blush tones you like and have the neutral showing through, esp since you sew :) Since Homegoods is a bit far from you you may want to call ahead and ask if they have pillows in the "pinkish" tones. ;). They should be 18 to 24 inches apart in a row with 2 plants per hill. The buckets are readily available and are easy to modify into a planter or self-watering pot. Going that route,it would be better if they could get full sun.Just my second thoughts.Bill P. I planted 4 at the end of a small (3x20] garden.Took up about a 3x3 space.Iwas picking about 10 a day.Plenty enough for my family of 4,plus ever1 else I knew! Tomatoes can be grown in containers, but you need to grow the right number of plants in a pot to prevent overcrowding. See Garden Products Recommended by Harvest to Table. we put up so much okra i ran out of room in the freezer for anything else. i planted my okra this weekend and guess what, i did not plant the unknown variety last year. each plant put out tons of pods, the more i picked them the more they seemed to produce! SKU. Now watch it turn out to be some kind of beginner's luck and my next crop will be a dud! I'm going to have 25 junebearing plants and 25 everbearing. Thank you for all the advice! Bury them about 1/3 to 1/2 in the ground and then dry stack to fit together - DON'T give them away or cart them off - boulders / rock add tons of landscape charm . Check out this addicting post of sweet potato harvest YouTube videos!!! Mine seems to be relentlessly self-promotional, but devoid of any such direct usefulness. Back on the okra thread because I am just so darned crazy about okra right now. I don't expect a lot of harvest from these buckets either, but how much harvest do you get when you use 5 gallon buckets? You can then grow climbing beans like runner beans up each one, and grow plenty of beans in a relatively small space. Not sure what "kind" only know they were 10cents a pack at wal mart in moore okla. Especially if you are short on growing space, time – or both! But, I can't imagine more than three or four plants per bucket. Here is a look at the plants today, looking good and producing well. Give them water and watch them grow. The more productive of the two had an additional hour of sunlight every day, which may have been the deciding factor. If you live in a cooler gardening zone, we’ll cut it back to 1/3 of my estimates, in favor of a VERY short growing season; so between roughly 20 lb and 40 lb of okra across ten plants. We picked 8- 10 pods per plant per day. This is my first attempt at growing okra and I have 11 plants (Cajun Delights from Johnny's), only about 24 to 30" tall, that started to produce about a week ago. Thanks davidandkasie! Your email address will not be published. I've read through every thread and looked at Bocabob's pics around the pool trying to see the number of veggie plants per growbag. That’s a lot of food in a very small space, but that’s due to the fact that these monstrous plants look like small trees. Here are just some of the plants that grow well in a 5-gallon (19 L.) bucket, and how many of them can be grown in one: Tomatoes – Cherry or bush tomatoes work best. They are less than 3 feet and I thought they'd be at least 4 feet. I've had summer squash plants get 3 ft. tall and cover a 5+ft. Thx am planting mine now.is it good to folia feed them? I'm just curious about soil types & prep, plus any general caveats. We have always found that patience produces the right buyer, impatience pays the realtor too much for to great a loss to the vendor, as the vendor stands to lose tens of thousands, the realtor with, in many cases, bad advice stands only to lose hundreds and maybe some thousands. I have sweet potatoes in fabric bags and 5 gallon buckets. Most okra will not branch that way with 4 plants in a 3X3'space. Go for the gumbo with this quick-growing edible that brings colorful pods and delicate flowers to a summer garden, Plant ‘Gro-Low’ fragrant sumac in eastern and midwestern U.S. gardens for its tolerance of tough sites, spreading form and orange fall color, You’ll notice their beautiful patterns right away, but cement tiles have less obvious advantages too, With a traditional exterior, a contemporary interior and lots of Asian furniture, this home goes for the element of surprise. How much okra can a 5 gallon bucket hold? 461 pods as of this morning and I am having to use a ladder to harvest.Average of right at 6 per day for the 5 plants. How many seeds should I be planting per container? I've always grown Clemson Spineless just because that's what the feed store always has in stock. You could put lettuce in with the peppers and tomatoes and let those taller plants shade the lettuce for a longer harvest.

This is my first year and they are absolutely amazing with one less to think about onna daily basis. I am growing okra (Clemson Spineless), for the first time this year. Manure, manure, manure. I would vote for 10 plants to give the amount of okra you indicate. i quit picking around mid september and let the pods go hard so i could save the seeds. Clemson Spineless is … Now, you must remember; my plants thrive in my native soil, they get lots of sun, really hot temperatures, and adequate rainfall. It does so well, it made our list of Must Grow Low Maintenance Garden Vegetables for the busy homesteader! Store the seed in the refrigerator until planting time next year and you'll have close to 100% germination. with full sun you should get a pretty good harvest from 11 or so plants. I LOVE okra. How many kitchen designers should one get ideas from before deciding? most people do, just not in my area. Don’t be discouraged, they will become harassive soon enough. I will probably plant more next year and 86 the zucchini! You can expect between 1 and 4 pods per plant every 2 days, making it roughly 1 to 2 pods per day. If I had a choice, I would grow a different variety. I’m Cheating in Winter! Plants are about 6 ft tall and are spaced about 2ft apart. Your email address will not be published. Handcrafted Replicas Of Natural Stone Quarried From Around The World! I spent a half hour digging through page after page of their site without finding much beyond puffery for their various upcoming "community programs." Most one day old pods will not be more than a couple of inches long at best. I wouldn't put more than one plant per 5 gallon container. Additionally, I would like suggestions of good varieties for the North Texas area. Okra, in all of its golden, delicious, and tender glory, is also one of the easiest plants to grow on our homestead. Try this with half of your plants, and see the difference. Once the plants have put out several flowers, you should begin to see the development of several pods on each plant; and, it will continue to flower, as well. there are porbably 3 gallon bags of okra seed in the freezer, i have to figure out if i am am going to plant any this year or not, as we still have a bunch. I have a 13'X23' garden and that many plants would take up nearly half. Spacing can depend upon your garden, but I have found that it does better if thinned to about 2 to 2.5 feet apart.Good luck with your growing.Bill P. 20-30 plants? I’ll also have a few with lettuce. Sowed seeds April 3rd, harvested first pod May 28th and as of this morning have pulled 155 pods. Remodel for yourself if you are doing it for the long term. GardeningKnowHow. I wasn't very clear there. Gymgirl SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a) May 31, 2009. Sorry for the shock. Only sell for less if the need is due to a very good reason to do so. They are about 2 ft tall currently and are starting to flower. Space plant 6 to 12 inches apart in rows 15 to 30 inches apart. I’ve grown okra here in Canada and they were about 4″ long. (I also recommend the later tips for heightened production, I have NOT attempted them yet!). I'd like to take some to my aunt (in another state) on Labor Day, and if I can't get fresh pods to her then, will frozen still work for her to pickle? Plant only 1 tomato per bucket. One plant per bucket. A 5-gallon bucket should have between six to ten holes.

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