Refer to your area VOC Compliance Chart. Check out LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP and I think you’re really going to like it a lot. Failure to mix the paint properly can clog your spray gun. And now he wants to help and teach you so you can customize, fix or restore any type of project you desire with professional auto body instruction and materials. Thanks! You should use fast urethane activator for small paint jobs or in environments below 75 degrees. How To Flip Cars For Profit. Pot life means the certain amount of time it remains usable before it goes bad. We can do all oem paint codes. I like you too! PPG recommends their DBC bases be reduced 1:1 with the DT reducer. Allow each coat to flash dull (Typically 5 to 15 minutes) between coats. Once the paint has dried matt or semi matt it ready for the second coat, complete this process until you are satisfied with the coverage. Auto body and paint expert, Author and Instructor. For metallic and pearl colors, the 1:1 ratio should be used for the final coat to improve metallic control and orientation. The correct ratio for mixing a urethane basecoat is four parts urethane basecoat to one part urethane activator. ©2017 The Eastwood Company. When you do that, you have something called a pot life. You have to mix clear coats with an activator and a reducer. Tinting Once you mix that up you can’t put it back in the can and save it for another day. Mix Ratio/Viscosity Mix Ratio (1:1) Mix 1 part ChromaBase® to 1 part Basemaker®. When you’re mixing clear coat for cars, you always want to mix extra because you don’t want to have to be in the middle of a clear coat job and not have any clear. Dry Time When you are ready for your next job, … How To Paint a Car – Spray Gun PSI Settings and More! This product may be restricted in it's use and mixing ratio in VOC regulated areas. Gun Setup & Air Pressure. You should use fast urethane activator for small paint jobs or in environments below 75 degrees. Tony grew up painting cars and bikes. You should look into VIP: Good luck!! What Is Best For Headlight Restoration – Buffing or Clearing? 2 Parts Wandabase HS Basecoat 1 Wandabase HS Reducer 407.04030 or High Temp Reducer 422.02997. Pro//BASE™ National Rule Basecoat Color system offers excellent hiding and a blendable color match in a complete yet compact system that will give you consistent performance. To learn more about auto body painting and for more automotive FAQs, be sure to visit If you have it up there for a couple of years and you want to use it up again, you might just need to change the consistency. You can’t use it again. If you’re in the middle of the job and you have a half a cup of clear left, and you have to mix more, don’t use it all up and mix more and spray it. Enough time to paint your car and finish your job. Watch the video as I show you a sample of clear which is a couple of days old. So if you’re doing any kind of base coat. Again, take what you have in your cup, put it in the mixed batch, mix it together and pour it back in the spray gun cup, then continue spraying. Your paint never goes bad. THANKS SO MUCH. Tamco Basecoats cover well, all 100% acrylic urethane. Can I store it on the side for a little while and then use the paint?”. Wandabase HS polyester basecoat provides quick dry, good hiding and excellent color match. Actually, two of them, which is the reason why made me make this video. Use slow urethane activator for larger paint jobs or in environments above 80 degrees. How and Why You Need To Use Wax and Grease Remover Before a Paint Job. It starts to catalyze, starts to crystallize and you can’t use it no more. Because you’re not adding any catalyst or hardener or an activator, you don’t have to worry about hardening. Thank you Mike for your great comment. You are VERY welcome! Omni ® mid-tier range refinishing system for refinishing of newer vehicles or used cars. Use a 2:1:10 percent mixing stick for this task. , Thanks for the info you really helped my husband and i, we are painting our 1997 dosge ram 1500 4×4. I have a quick little Q&A for you here about mixing paints and the pot life for them. I am very satisfied to look your post. It will last another couple of years without a problem. Once you have each of these supplies, its time to mix them together following the correct ratio. Tamco also o And I hope it did. After it’s pot life, it gets hard. MX-57 per RTS qt. So, with clear coat, you have a pot life which could be from six to eight hours depending on the ambient temperature. Subscribe for Free Auto Body Lessons by Email, How To Repair Dents With Body Filler (Live Google Hangout), Master Airbrush Initial Review – Air Brush Spray Gun Review,,, Car Flipping program. Can you mix basecoat with acrylic urethane, Hey Billy, why don’t you join my live streams and let’s talk about your most burning questions on auto body? So, the question was, “Tony, if I mix paints, base coats and stuff, how long can I wait? And we where having problems and where confused on a few things and apon doing research your website has really helped us out. Mix ratios matter. All rights reserved. Nason Finishes recommends using a ratio of 8:1/2:4, or 8 parts of Nason base coat to 1/2-part base coat activator to 4 parts base coat reducer. • Spray two (2) to three (3) medium-wet coats with an overlap of 75% until hiding and color match are achieved. It’s just hard clear coat. What you do is mix your new batch, put what’s left from your spray gun cup, and then mix it up into the new batch. Have you grabbed your free manual? A paintable base coat. This system is an ideal choice when cost and a good finish are the factors in product selection. Inspect the pre-marked mixing container for any dust and debris. If you’re new to watching my videos, you can get the FREE 85-Page Auto Body And Paint manual here. Note:MX-57 Basecoat activator is recommended for use whenever elevated film builds such as those resulting from applying multi stage finishes. Product Informa on Effec ve 5/15 Deltron 2000 Basecoat/Interior Basecoat Color2000 Basecoat/Interior Basecoat Color PPP-P---175175175 DBC/DBI Applica on: Applica on: Apply:Apply: 2-3 coats or un l proper color is achieved Film build per coat:Film build per coat: 0.4 mils Drying Times: Drying Times: Standard Reduc onStandard Reduc onStandard Reduc on With DX57With DX57With DX57 Step 3 Follow the same mixing ratio for clear coat paint. 1 pint of reducer and pint of base, mix it up and there’s your paint. I like this guy! Full-Base Base Coat: Full-Base Base Coat Color 483-30 Activator 441-20, 441-21,441-22 Reducer: 8 Parts 1/2 Part 4 Parts: 35-45 PSI HVLP 8-10 PSI: 2-3 Medium-Full Wct Coats or Until Hiding: 5-10 Min. By 15 he had painted his first car, and by 19 he ran his own successful auto body and paint shop. Mix the paint and reducer together and stir very well with a stir stick. Wipe it out if … Mix the paint: 1 part paint 1 part 2k / Basecoat Thinner this may vary depending on spray gun setup and air supply. APPLICATION. In order to mix the urethane basecoat correctly, you will need the following supplies: urethane basecoat, urethane activator, reducer solution (recommended). I've been told that PPG blacks in general are thinner and only require a 1:0.25 or 1:0.5 ratio, … It’s a different story when it comes down to clear coats. Then you fill your spray gun and finish the job. So download it, check it out and learn so much more about auto body. From modern pigments, illumibases (concentrated mica and pearl pigments), better drying time and flexible mixing, Limco Supreme Plus is one of the most versatile paint systems available on the market today. • Dry mils 2.0 to 3.0 mils (20-75 μm). Base coats are always mixed with reducers, a 50:50 ratio. ChromaBase® Basecoat should be activated with ChromaPremier® 12305S™ Activator for optimum performance and for lifetime warranty. A LABAP subscriber is kind of getting confused with the storage of paints. Subscribe to stay in touch and come back often. In the above video, I have the Omni Plus, the regular base coat. You can bang it on your head. Awesome issues here. Apply a cover coat of Basecoat Paint, leave for 10-15 minutes, depending on conditions. – Automotive Bodywork And Paint Tips. Prior to Clear Coating: Clear Coat (High Solids) 465-00 Select Clear 483-84 Mid or 483-85 Hi Temp Act 441-20, 441-21,441-22 Reducer: 2 Parts 1 Part Up to 20%: 35-40 PSI Ive been doing bodywork for over 30 years. All you do is add reducer in base coats for the mixing ratio. When painting any surface of a vehicle using a urethane basecoat, it is important to know how to correctly mix the paint in order to achieve the best results. Now in his 30's Tony pours his everyday passion into LABAP VIP to help teach this amazing skill to anybody who want's to learn auto body and paint. Base coats are always mixed with reducers, a 50:50 ratio. To improve flake control in metallic colors, apply a mist coat in conjunction with the final coat. Things NOT to DO: Follow the instruction on the website under each product to customize colors. Use medium urethane activator also for small paint jobs or in environments between 70 and 85 degrees. You could see it’s basically hard. Mix to a ratio of two parts color to one part of hardener. - Do mechanically agitate all bases at the start of the day and every 4 hours throughout the day to ensure good color matching. Apply 2 medium-wet coats or to hiding. 1 cup of base (your paint color) + 1 cup reducer = ready to paint. Cromax® is a global coatings brand for refinish body shops. You’re going to learn so much about auto body and paint that will make your head spin. Good to see someone share their knowledge and helping keep the art alive. Mix basecoat with Basemaker® at normal 1:1 ratio. Clear coatings, such as lacquer, should be mixed at a ratio of two parts clear coat to one part of fast hardener. 1:1 mix ratio, urethane grade reducer. Use Wanda mixing stick. Thank you a lot and I am having a look ahead to contact you. Including very old models that most struggle with. The correct ratio for mixing a urethane basecoat is four parts urethane basecoat to one part urethane activator. At the 2:1 reduction, the flash times between coats may be extended. He's helped tens of thousands of people just like you from all parts of the world. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. • If necessary for metallic orientation a final drop coat may be used • Allow each coat 5-10 minutes flash or until finish is dull. Mixing Ratio Instructions ... - Do shake tinting bases for 10-15 minutes on a paint shaker before using or placing on a mixing rack. 2. So just a couple of tips to help you out here. Recently Viewed Products. Reduce only with MR-0800 Series Reducers based on temperature range. If you have leftover, you could absolutely put that back in the can, store it and put it back on the shelf. The Cross/FIRE® basecoat is a low cost alternative basecoat line with thousands of similar color matches to the original vehicle color. You can send us an email at [email protected]. A total of 10 percent of thinners should be added as well. Refer to technical data sheet. It is important to keep in mind such factors as humidity, air flow and total film thickness, which is why often times it is recommended to add 10% to 20% of reducer to your mix. You don’t want to have a totally new clear on the car midway as you’re painting. I'm spraying a project with PPG DMD1683 black DBC mixing base as a basecoat. Very easy. I got a question in from a subscriber. MIXING RATIO (1:1:0-1% by volume) • Mix one (1) part Base Color with one (1) part reducers listed above USA/Canada VOC compliant rules: • For 3.5 lbs/gal Low VOC compliance use LVB100 Series Reducers • For USA National Rule VOC compliance use 170HP Series Reducers OPTIONAL MIXING RATIO: This will make your spray, flow and leveling much easier and consistent. Let’s look at the following example (assume reducer prices are similar): While the competitor’s can price may appear cheaper, it is actually more costly to spray because it requires more paint to make a ready to spray quart due to its 2:1 mix ratio. Use medium urethane activator also for small paint jobs or in environments between 70 and 85 degrees. You may also be interested in. The pot life for this urethane basecoat mix is about two hours in an environment of 70 degrees. DIY Auto Body Work And Painting Q&A – Paint Biting – Orange Peel – Rust Prevention, Can You Add Pearl In Base Coat? Basecoat Binder - U-BASE Binder - 1 Gl - Item # 516346 Hardener - U280 / U350 Hardener - 1 Qt - Item # 484508 Hardener - U280 / U350 Hardener - 1 Gl - Item # 483669 Is is a very high end, excellent covering basecoat. Hey it’s Tony here… Thanks for watching this video and checking out the blog today. Allow to flash until dull/dry between coats. Mix (by volume) 1 parts paint to 1parts reducer to 1.5 oz. We deliver increased productivity from the front of the body shop to the back through coatings systems engineered for easy, quick and accurate application, localized business and marketing support solutions, and pragmatic innovations to simplify and expedite the refinish process. Automotive Paint Mixing Facts – How To Mix Paint and Pot Life. Clear Coatings. Like all automotive paint, the PPG Omni automotive paints must be mixed to achieve a clean, attractive and durable paint job. Mixing Ratios MBX MR29X Reducer 1 : 1 Note: MBX may be reduced at a 2:1 ratio to improve hiding. The basecoat is primarily an overall refinish line. Because you’re not adding any catalyst or hardener or an activator, you don’t have to worry about hardening. Same thing for 2K primers. Sometimes just an activator. The Supreme Plus basecoat was developed specifically for use in automotive and production shop facilities. Mixing Acrylic Urethane (Base Coat Ratio 4:1 Paint/Activator, Clear Coat Ratio 4:1 Paint/Hardener) Base Coat. Apply 2 to 3 medium coats of Shimrin2®Base Coat with a 50% pattern overlap. Base coat mixing is always a 50/50 mixture. What Is the Proper Mixing Ratio for a Urethane Basecoat. It can be used for small spot repairs and total resprays. Be sure to clean out your gun after you’re done spraying the clear coat and get rid of the rest of the clear. Your technical data and illustrations are up to standard most of all on the basics of painting, Sign up now to receive exclusive email deals, industry news, and new product releases.*. Most automotive paints require a 4-to-1 ratio, which means four ounces of paint for every one ounce of reducer. Different mix ratios will produce different results, so it is best to mix … It’s hard, okay? If you have left over, just cap it in a glass jar or your paint can and seal it up. So if you’re doing any kind of base coat. All you do is add reducer in base coats for the mixing ratio. Don’t put it back in the unmixed clear container, because you’re going to mess it up. Pro//BASE National Rule Basecoat Color is compatible with the PROSPECTOR® color reference system. LV650 Basecoat must be used in conjunction with a Sikkens clear coat in order to provide protection from the environment. CHROMAPREMIER® 42410S™ 2K PREMIER SEALER WHITE. The same as a (1:1) ratio. You may need to add 5% more reducer, mix it up a little, then use it. You can’t add reducer, mix it up and re-spray it. Clear, hardener and reducer are the three ingredients that must be mixed into most automotive paint. Mix your base coat with paint activator and paint thinner or reducer before proceeding. MIXING RATIO - STANDARD KANDY BASECOAT (KBC) (Visit to view formulas and mixing tables) National Rule (8 : 1 : 1/2 : 50%) • 8 parts S2-00 Trans Nebulae • 1 part KK Kandy Koncentrates • 1/2 part S2-FX Effect Pac • After you have assembled Kandy Basecoat mixture, Reduce 50% with RU Series Reducers RU310, RU311, RU312, RU313 (2 parts Kandy

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