PR: MAE 316 and MAE 343 with a minimum grade of C- in both. Box 6878 Morgantown, WV 26506 Email: Phone: 304-293-5355 WVU Benjamin M. Statler college of Engineering and mineral resources. Fundamental concepts of feedback control system analysis and design. The dual B.S.A.E./B.S.M.E. Explore applications of CAD/FEM packages in design case studies. Computer aided design fundamentals and formulation of the stiffness matrix and load vector 1D and 2D elements based on variational principles. 3 Hours. Simplified UAV path planning algorithmshms. Intermediate Mechanics of Materials. Buckling of plates. The Aerospace curriculum includes studies in the disciplines encountered in the design of aerospace vehicles, missiles, rockets and spacecraft. 3 Hours. Myriah Mae Miller West Virginia University, Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Curriculum and Instruction Commons, Elementary Education Commons, and the Gifted Education Commons Recommended Citation Miller, Myriah Mae, "Using the Enrichment Triad Model to Explore Place and Support Curriculum in One Rural Gifted … PR: MAE 423. MAE 485. Dual Major curriculum. design and construction aircraft and sports-craft or to engage directly in local Detailed design of a major aircraft component and evaluation through experiments or simulation of performance and design requirements compliance. PR: WVU sections require PHYS 111 and MATH 156, WVUIT sections require MATH 156 as a prerequisite. 3 Hours. MAE 371. Introduction to UAV attitude stabilization and altitude holding controllers. MAE offers ABET-accredited programs of study in mechanical and aerospace engineering for undergraduates. Dynamics of vector fluid flow fields. 3 Hours. 3 Hours. MAE 343. Materials Processing and Manufacturing. increased pressure on aerospace engineers to be adaptive and innovative in Email:  P.O. We provide a culture of purpose, accountability, honesty and gratitude that prepares our learners to be resilient and confident as they care for people, conduct research and transform lives. The bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering is accredited by the 3 Hours. PR: WVU sections require MAE 320, WVUIT sections require MAE 321 as a prerequisite. 3 Hours. Analysis techniques include graphical, analytical and computational methods. Brief introduction to aircraft propulsion including turbojets. 1 Hour. (6 hr. MAE 490. This mirrors both the Department's and the entire University's efforts to engage students beyond the classroom in real-world settings. Data required from experiment is analyzed and reported. If your student's been admitted to WVU, we know you have questions, too. PR: MATH 261 with a grade of C or better and MAE 211 and EE 221 and EE 222. Development and implementation of finite- difference schemes for numerical flow solution. Basic filters for UAV state estimation. Mechanical engineering is a broad technical discipline. Laws of Kepler and Orbital theory. The WVU SOM provides a challenging curriculum that includes a variety of learning experiences including small group problem-solving, simulation-based learning, clinical experiences, and inter-professional learning opportunities beginning in the first year of school. MAE 426. Hybrid electric vehicle powertrain architectures. PR: MAE 345. Visit and for health resources related to the global pandemic. e.g., Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms (for WVU courses MAE 342 & MAE 495), Electrical Network Analysis (for WVU course EE 221), and Fluid Machinery (for WVU course MAE 495). courses in the mechanical engineering program, see the Graduates will be engaged in their professional careers and/or post graduate training as demonstrated by their abilities to identify and solve important biomedical … Educational Objectives of the Departmental Graduate-Level Programs: To provide high quality advanced master-level and Ph.D. level education to graduate engineering students to enable successful careers in technology development, innovation and research, with depth and breadth in one or several areas of the aerospace engineering discipline. lec., 6 hr. lec., 3 hr. M.S., Control Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 1999 (2 hr. MAE 322. PR: MAE 320 and MAE 331 and MAE 342 and MAE 343. For Aeronautical Area of Emphasis students must completed MAE 365, MAE 426, MAE 475, MAE 485. Introductory concepts of an integrated sophomore-junior-senior design team. lec.). Students will work individually to solve intermediate difficult engineering-oriented problems. PR: MAE 253 or CHE 366. Finite-wing theory. 3 Hours. Processing and manufacturing methods for metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and hybrid materials; considerations for nano-, micro-, and macro-scale; relationships between process method, material structure, properties, cost, process energy requirements, and geometric limitations; and process selection based on materials selection and desired properties. program awards both the aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering degrees at the completion of a planned curriculum. Intermediate concepts of an integrated sophomore-junior-senior design team. Continued applications of concepts learned in other courses to meet specified performance or competition criteria of capstone design courses. Mechanical Behavior and Materials. Design considerations, component operation, and durability of the individual components. Transfer functions and block diagrams for linear physical systems. Topics include propeller and rotor theory, helicopter performance, jet flaps, ducted fans, and propeller-wing combinations. WVU was recently designated as an R1 research institution, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education's top rank for intensive research activity. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. Students under this option pursue the B.S.A.E. Block algebra and concept of Equivalent Transfer Function. MAE 482. This can be accomplished by declaring intentions as a freshman requesting admission to the programs or by informing an MAE advisor of the dual-degree preference. MAE 459. Geometric choices and controller specifications for programmable manipulators. PR: Consent. PR: MAE 476. the betterment of society and the environment. Both undergraduate degrees include several options for capstone design experience in the final year of study. lec.). Column theory. Aerodynamic testing and instrumentation. MAE 336. Design for manufacturability considerations. 3 Hours. 1-3 Hours. 1 Hour. 3 Hours. MAE 456. Karen … Mathematical modeling of hybrid vehicle components including vehicle longitudinal dynamics, batteries, electric motors, engines, transmissions, inverters. Atomic and crystallographic structure of materials, thermal and mechanical processing influences on microstructure, and composition and microstructural effects on mechanical and physical properties attributes. Machine Design and Manufacturing. UAV Path Planning and Trajectory Tracking. PR: MAE 365 or MAE 466 or consent of instructor, prior experience with Matlab and Simulink. Fundamentals of gas dynamics, one-dimensional gas dynamics and wave motion, measurement, effect of viscosity and conductivity, and concepts of gas kinetics. PR: WVU sections require MAE 320 or consent, WVUIT sections require MAE 321 and MAE 423 as prerequisites or department consent. (3 hr. lec.). Applicants must have s… Discussion of attitude dynamics, stabilization, and control in the presence of external torques. Nomenclature of aircraft, aerodynamics, civil air regulations, navigation, meteorology, aircraft, and aircraft engines. Independent reading, study or research. Preliminary configuration and design concepts. Modeling of aerodynamic forces and moments. Each of the degree programs provides a broad spectrum of knowledge in the field and allows for specialization through electives, independent research projects, and learning abroad opportunities. Hypersonic shock and expansion wave relations; hypersonic inviscid flowfields: approximate and numerical methods, blast wave theory; hypersonic boundary layers and aerodynamic heating. Stress deformation, and failure of solid bodies under the action of forces. Properties of fluids, fluid statics, inviscid fluid dynamics, fluid kinematics, thermodynamic principles, mass momentum and energy principles, similitude and dimensional analysis, laminar and turbulent flow, vicous effects, flow in pressure conduits and external flows. The undergraduate curriculum includes extensive study of the basic principles of fluid dynamics, solid mechanics and … Particularities of composite applications in design and manufacturing of structural components: performance tailoring, failure criteria, environmental effects, joining and processing. PR: Consent. PR: MATH 251 and MAE 243. Toggle College of Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Toggle Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering and Sciences, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Students must complete a minimum of 158 credit hours to graduate - the total at the bottom reflects all possible course combinations, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Core Requirements, and Fundamentals of Chemistry 1 - Laboratory, A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 is required in all MAE courses, Aerospace Engineering Technical Electives, Mechanical Engineering Technical Electives, Aerospace Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technical Electives, GEF Courses (Students who take ENGL 103 must take another technical Elective Course or department approved course), College of Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering and Sciences, Engineering and Mineral Resources- Benjamin M. Statler College of, Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Computer Science &​ Electrical Engineering, Department of Industrial &​ Management Systems Engineering, Department of Mechanical &​ Aerospace Engineering, Department of Petroleum &​ Natural Gas Engineering, WVU Morgantown - Graduate/Professional Courses, WVU Keyser - Potomac State College Courses, Introduction to Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Design, Introduction to Electrical Engineering Laboratory, Computer-Aided Design and Finite Element Analysis, Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering (B.S.A.E. lab.). degrees simultaneously. 3 Hours. MAE 469. MAE 461. The twenty hours consists of: nine hours of approved aerospace engineering technical electives, nine hours of approved mechanical engineering technical electives, and the final two hours can be either aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering approved technical electives. PR: MAE 460 or Consent. Phone: 304-293-5355. Reveal the mechanical behavior of materials, including elastic behavior, plastic deformation, high temperature deformation and deformation of non-crystalline materials like polymer and composites. PR: MAE 320. (3 hr. Basics of engineering graphics and creation of computer-based models of components and assemblies. 1-18 Hours. Incompressible Aerodynamics. Vibration. Design of Robotic Systems. 1 Hour. PR: WVU sections require MATH 261 with a grade of C- or better, WVUIT sections require EE 221 and MATH 261. Degree Designations Guidelines These projects include the Advanced aerodynamic and material concepts are utilized by an integrated sophomore, junior, senior team. Theory of sound propagation and transmission. in being at the forefront of a number of disciplines. At present this course covers Welding, Machining, Casting, AutoCAD (2D), … The information on this page is subject to change without notice. MAE 212. Upon completion of the appropriate curriculum requirements, a student may receive a … PR: WVU sections require MATH 156 with a grade of C- or better and MAE 241, WVUIT sections require MATH 156 and MAE 241 as prerequisites. 3 Hours. Routh-Hurwitz criteria for stability. MAE 434. (West Virginia University), Richard E. Walters - Ph.D. (West Virginia University). Problems in Thermodynamics. PR: MAE 365. Thermodynamics of aircraft engines. Engineering applications of equations of motion, work and energy, conservative forces, acceleration in several coordinate systems, relative motion, instantaneous centers, and plane motion.

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