That's not the qwestion. I understand about the monofilament line getting twisted, or "stuck" so that the line won't extend. For more info about best .095 string trimmer line, click here. I want to replace my bump feed Troy Built spool with a trimmer head that you just slip pre-cut lengths of line into.. The Bump Feed Head takes all trimmer line shapes from 2.0mm to 3.2mm diameter. I just bought a Ryobi line trimmer with auto feed from Bunnings because my old trimmer died. The trimmer line may be wound around a spool, or the line may be cut into small individual strips that are loaded into the head. Unlike an automatic or semi automatic feed system the bump feed trimmer is extremely easy to fix if it fails. FallsBoy. The benefit of the quick load trimmer head is how easily you can replace the line. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. The String Trimmer has a long shaft that controls power, direction, and line feeding. The trimmer line might be the wrong size. Ineedtech AutoCut 25-2 Bump Feed Trimmer Head 4002-710-2108 for Stihl FS44 FS50 FS55 FS56 FS60 FS65 FS70 FS74 FS76 FS80 FS85 FS86 FS90 FS110 FS120 FS130 FS250, Replaces 4002-710-2191. Remove the spool of line from the trimmer housing. With my old trimmer whenever I needed more line I just pressed a button on the spool at it would let me pull more line out. 1 decade ago. Learn the proper way to replace your string trimmer line properly so that your bump feed works effectively. This cordless trimmer boasts one of the widest cutting swathes you’ll find on our list with a generous 15” capacity. Thank you for your question. Installing a line in a bump feed requires the cutting head to be dismantled carefully. Favorite Answer. As the line is worn, or breaks off, a bump feed string trimmer the operator knocks the reel on the ground so a release mechanism allows some of the line in the reel to replace the spent portion. We can help you find your model number right away. Motor. Your line breaks, your line crumbles… and your line needs to be replaced. The cutting string inside your Ryobi trimmer wraps around a spool, which connects to a spring. Stihl String trimmer string line won't feed. With an electric trimmer you have to contend with the cord but I'll take that over gas stink anyday. The bump-feed type of replacement head does require winding of trimmer line – but allows you to go much longer between changes because of the large capacity of trimmer line on each spool. Sometimes this head can get covered in sap or dirt, causing the spool to stick against the head. Please see the T-01753A Bump & Feed Trimmer Head, M10 X 1.25 LH. Next up is the bump-feed trimmer head, which houses a trimmer line spool.The spool usually holds 20-30ft.Of string trimmer line. All you do is gently bump the head of the trimmer on the ground and it feeds the trimmer … A bump feed trimmer has a black and round cutting head with a spring knob at the center. Does anyone know how the auto line feed work? Reload your string trimmer in 60 seconds or less with the Reel Easy with Speed Winder. It used to work fine before but it's been unused for a while but since trying to use it again, the auto line feed doesn't seem to work. Simply insert line, push line through until there is an equal amount of trimmer line on both sides and use Speed Winder crank to rotate clockwise until there is 6” of line on both sides. Model 21362 is a dual line bump feed string trimmer with a quick load head. A line trimmer is an effective tool for grass and weed riddance. We’re going to take a look at the different parts of a string trimmer and see what they do. Make sure you are using the correct trimmer line for your string trimmer. $22.99 $ 22. This innovative, Italian designed product comes backed by MTM's legendary quality and an extensive 12 month warranty. I don't think I would want gas because it's so messy and it smells. Charlotte, N.C. (PRWEB) July 28, 2016 -- Imagine owning a string trimmer that advances line at the push of a button; well, dream no more because the new WORX 20V GT 3.0 Trimmer/Edger with the patented Command Feed™ delivers a ¼ in. With the new line trimmer it is feeding the line out automatically every time I release the trigger, even if I don't need more line. of line at the push of a button. Periodically tap the head on the ground to advance the line. I would like to understand the priniciple behind the auto-feed mechansim in weed eaters. There’s no down time waiting for line to advance, which is how most trimmers with bump or auto feed operate. However, the whole Bump feed attachment does not seem like it is … Before we move on, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when using your trimmer. 1 Answer. No, the 197296-3 Bump & Feed Trimmer Head, M10 X 1.25 LH is for use with For use with Makita models XRU09Z, EM2650LH, EM2652LHN, EM2650UH, EM400MP and EM405MP. Also, the weight of line helps to pull and feed more line. Parts of a String Trimmer. The following is also a possible, but rare scenario for line feed difficulty. I have an electric bump trimmer. If you have a "bump feed"-type string trimmer, and your string is beginning to wear down, simply hold the trimmer to the ground, running it at full speed. Common Solutions (3) Related Videos (11) Common solutions for: Stihl String trimmer string line won't feed . The most common method is … If your Weed Eater trimmer has a bump-and-feed head, then its line won't advance by itself, as it would on an automatic-feed model. To find just the right part, enter your model number. Keep plenty of line on the trimmer head - don't worry that your line is too long. It’s compatible with MTM and Baumr-AG garden pole tools , as well as some other branded straight-shaft products. EASYFEED trimmers offer a more convenient feeding mechanism that lets you decide how much string you want released and then feed extra line with the push of a button. A bump feed lets out 1/4 turn's worth of line when the tap head is tapped, roughly 1 1/2 inch. Molded ribs help prevent weed wrap while reinforcing the housing for improved durability. In order to properly understand how a string trimmer works, you need to be aware of the different parts of the machine and what role they play. Pros of Bump Feed String Trimmers: – One of the main advantages of a bump feed trimmer is its simplified system. In many cases, you’ll be able to figure the problem and solve it … Video: how to avoid line-feed problems. BUMPING FRESH LINE: How to Change Line on a Bump Feed String Trimmer. Overtime the spring can also get worn out or damaged from excessive tapping. And the high-efficiency brushless motor runs on a powerful 56-volt rechargeable battery for outstanding power output and cutting speed. Keep the head of your trimmer clean - dirt build-up can clog up the line-feed mechanism. Pre-wound spools are more expensive than a bulk roll of line, but the time needed to rewind the spool each use may deter you from purchasing a bump-feeding trimmer. When you “bump” the head against the ground, it automatically feeds a short section of line out and trims it to length. Relevance. And a bump-feed head allows you to quickly feed more cutting line while you work. The trimmer head has a blade that will cut off any excess so it's the optimum length. 99. Bump Feed Head Design – BestHomeGear.Com . The Black & Decker weed eater uses a spring and a bump spool to automatically feed out more line when you tap the head onto the ground. If the trimmer line is too thick or too thin for the trimmer head, the trimmer line won’t feed. Use either two pieces of .095 string trimmer line, or you can use a twin-strand split line. Instead of struggling with big, tangled spools, just lock short lengths into a special replacement head. This bump feed string head makes reloading faster and easier. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. How does a bump feed on a grass strimmer work? If the line is worn down too short between bumps, advancing additional line may become difficult. You can use any generic line at .080" in diameter to rewind the trimmer head. How Does It Work? If the spring has lost its flex or the spool isn’t wound properly, the string will stop feeding out properly. You can get an Automatic line feeding or Bump Feed string trimmer. With bump-feed trimmers, you have to tap the bottom of the trimmer on the ground to release more line as needed. Changing weed trimmer line can be a frustrating experience, but there's an easier way. force it carries, and spools more out depending on the force. Top tips to avoid grass trimmer line-feed problems. Here … see more Hello T.J. Hickman, No, this is a single line auto-feed spool replacement. Bump-feed systems allow you to remove the spool and rewind the line whenever it runs out. It is a common complaint that the auto-feed doesn't work, or works too well (feeds too fast). Answer Save. When you bump the head during operation this spring pushes on the spool to feed out more string. How Does A String Trimmer Work? It can clear the places that a lawnmower can not reach. You don't have to be overly fussy about this. However, because of the large volume of the line used in a bump head, the trimmer line for bump head trimmers is usually a .065 lightweight trimmer line vs. the heavyweight .80 or .95 trimmer line. M8 x 1.25 LH Bump and Feed Trimmer Head The Makita quick loading Bump and Feed Trimmer The Makita quick loading Bump and Feed Trimmer Head offers quick and simple line loading and removal without opening the trimmer head. Black and Decker automatic feed spool problems may include a jammed or tangled line, clogs from trimming heavy weeds, or an overheated motor in the trimmer itself. A self tapping trimmer head is spring loaded and uses centrifugal force to lengthen the trimmer cord. 4.2 out of 5 stars 28. Everything else seems to work okay, I can click the button which will manually feed a little bit of line (for each button click). Allow the string to … Most wound trimmer heads have a bumper, or bump knob, that can be tapped on the ground to feed additional line out of the head as the line is worn down, although newer models have an “auto-feed” feature. The auto feed senses how much cord is out spinning around, and the centrifugal (sp?) It is practical, easy to use, and less time-consuming. Neat winding helps to ensure that line feeds out ok and doesn't bind. If the line is wound slackly, excess line will feed out of the spool during an auto feed, or when you bump the cutting head to release line, and just end up getting snapped off by the knife on the guard of the trimmer. These are older feed designs and can be a little tricky to operate. Be sure to bump the head often enough to keep the line at least 50% of the total maximum cutting length. Newer models "auto-feed", where a small cutter ensures the exposed length does not … The motor is the powerhouse of a trimmer. Solution 1: Trimmer Head. I have to take the head off to re-thread the cutting line?

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