Place the Weed Eater trimmer so it is supported and you can easily access the spool. The 17-in cutting width allows you to trim more grass in less time. How do I remove the assembly head from my straight shaft 25cc 17in Craftsman weedwacker? Replacement heads are available at home improvement centers and at Poulan dealers. You might want take apart your Weed Eater trimmer before placing the unit in storage, shipping it in to a new location or if you need to change some of the removable parts. Eventually you will run out of cutting line and need to replace it. FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY' ON CRAFTSMAN ELECTRIC WEEDWACKER ® UNE TRIMMER Ifthis Craftsman Electric Weedwacker ® Line Trimmer fails to perform properly due to a defect in material or workmanship within (1) one year from the date of purchase, Sears will repair or replace it, free of charge. Pull the old trimmer head off the nut on the bottom of the shaft. I hope this helps. Is it an electric weed wacker? Choose from our lineup of V20* cordless, V60* cordless, gas-powered, and corded string trimmers to … It is equipped with features such as Easy Start technology for simpler pull starts and an Easy winding bump head so you can get to trimming quicker. If it is a bent shaft unit, remove the head by turning counterclockwise. As you use the trimmer and the line wears away, the trimmer feeds more line out so you can continue to work. Diagrams would be a bonus but any help is appreciated. Put a large flat bladed screw driver in the slot and push it in far enough to lock the rotor and then you can unscrew the threaded head off the trimmer. Use the brush to remove any dirt, grass or debris from the spool and tap button. If so, here is how I got mine off: 1) Look straight down at the spool cap. Does it unscrew or is it pressure or what? Craftsman lightweight electric lawn trimmers use a spool of nylon line to perform the cutting. 2) You should see a couple of arrows on opposite sides of the cap. If it is a straight shaft model you will need to turn the head clockwise to remove the head. Removing the head from your Weed Eater is a simple matter of unthreading the head from the end of the shaft. Thanks Allow the trimmer to cool for a few minutes. How to Reload an Echo Weed Trimmer. Weed Eater, a division of Husqvarna AB, is a brand synonymous with electric and gasoline garden string trimmers. Summary of Contents for Craftsman Weedwacker 316.794490 Page 1 CAUTION: Before using this product, • MAINTENANCE read this manual and follow all its Safety Rules and Operating Instructions. Whatever the size of your yard, we’ve got a WEEDWACKER® string trimmer to fit your needs. Step 1. I'm wanting to replace it with a Grass Gator. Craftsman Weedwacker Incredi-Pull C459.51214 CRAFTSMAN C944.514322 CRAFTSMAN WEEDWACKER C944.511561 Install A Weed Eater Line. ... Changing the Line on a Craftsman Weedwacker. How to String a Troy-Bilt TB575SS. Press the engine “On/Stop” switch and release it to stop the trimmer. The trimmer head will probably suffer the most damage because the head makes contact with the ground and other objects while the trimmer is in use. I can't get the head off. Step 2. This warranty does not cover the nylonline. Our CRAFTSMAN® WS210 gas powered WEEDWACKER® trimmer features a 25cc 2-cycle engine that is lightweight and easy to use. Wipe the bottom of the cutting head off with a … Feed one end of the trimmer line into the hole on the inside of the trimmer spool.

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how to take the head off a craftsman weedwacker

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