The wood is durable and useful for posts and railway ties. Dictionary entry details • GLIRICIDIA (noun) Sense 1. Having difficulty in understanding some Basic Kannada Words? Gliricidia is used for mulching and fodder along with drumstick and subabul, others are medicinal plants and nitrogen-fixing trees for vermicomposting. Abstract: Plants have been one of the important sources of medicines since the beginning of human civilization. The botanical name is Gliricidia Maculata and other common names of this tree are Mother of Cocoa and Quickstick belonging to Fabaceae* family. Each leaf is composed of leaflets that are about 2 to 7 cm long and 1 to 3 cm wide. Gliricidia Sepium(Giripushpa) Gliricidia sepium is a medium-sized tree that grows 10 to 12 meters high. Meaning: Any of several small deciduous trees valued for their dark wood and dense racemes of nectar-rich pink flowers grown in great profusion on arching branches; roots and bark and leaves and seeds are poisonous The bark is smooth, and its color can range from a whitish gray to deep red-brown. This plant has the capacity to kill other plants that grows adjacent to it. It has composite leaves that can be 30 cm long. The BMC (Karnaataka) needs to understand that this plant is of no use and is instead killing the environment. He is part of over 22 feature films in different languages including Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, Jatkar is also lauded for his work in education, health and ecological issues. Synonyms: Gliricidia maculata Tree from Mexico and South America that is used both to provide shade to chocolate trees and also enrich the soil; hence the common name meaning "mother of cocoa." Introduction of Green Fodder Production:-Green fodder plays major role in feed of milch animals, thereby providing required nutrients for milk production and health of the dairy animals.Green fodder production provides the better option of feed buying alternative for farmers who are planning to go for sheep farming, goat farming or dairy farming. Gliricidia Sepium Plant. Kannadigas, or Kannada (also called Canarese) speakers, are estimated to number around 40,000,000 worldwide. There is a growing demand for plant based medicines, health products, pharmaceuticals, food supplements and cosmetics.Gliricidia sepium literally meaning “Rat poison”is a multipurpose tree with source one of herbal medicine in primary health care sector. This tree is in full splendor from February to April with lilac or pink flowers. Career. Similarly, moving away from your comfort zone, leaving your family and friends behind, leaving your parents cozy home, this all comes as a challenge for anyone moving to a new strange city with a completely different dialect. Green Fodder. Aniruddha … Dried bark or leaves ground mixed with cooked maize are used as a rat poison in parts of Central America ( Standley, 1922 ; Standley and Steyermark, 1946 ; Glover, 1989 ; Stewart, 1996 ). Moving to a different city is always a challenge for everyone. Subabul trees. including Tamashegagi, Shabari Male Yatre, Ijjodu and latest Raja Simha. As indicated by the generic name Gliricidia, meaning `mouse-killer', the leaves, seeds and bark are poisonous to rats, mice and other rodents as well as dogs. Kannada is a Dravidian language spoken in the state of Karnataka in southern India.

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gliricidia meaning in kannada

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