Ground Attacks Aerial Attacks Special Attacks Grabs Throws Dodges/Rolls. 29 Total Frames. When he uses Flame Choke on the ground, he sweeps and grabs an opponent before slamming them into the ground. Smash Attacks. Close. Posted by 27 days ago. This attack has extremely long startup, but deals a lot of damage and extremely high knockback when it connects. Up Tilt. Ganondorf (SSBB)/Up tilt. Ganondorf’s ledge attack deals 10 damage while both faceup and facedown Wake-up attacks deal 7 damage each. … Tilts. Posted by. Dash Attack: Dive- A dive forward. Close. Close. I wish you could disable up-tilt just for Ganondorf. In that title, he looks more beast than human, making him a sharp contrast to Ganondorf. Smashes. Again, Zelda's greatest villain is not the fastest or even the easiest character to play as in the Super Smash Bros. series, but he nevertheless has a lot of hidden power available to those willing to go for it. Up tilt: Electric stomp: Ganondorf lifts his leg and does a powerful stomp. Has vacuum properties, and has huge damage and knockback if it connects, and it does very high damage on shields. Do Ganondorf Amiibos still have up tilt problems? Joined Oct 12, 2008 Messages 1,983 Location San Diego, CA. Changed Ganondorf's up tilt to the beamsword forward tilt, and equipped his sword. Volcano Kick: Ganondorf lifts his leg up then holds it in place until smashing it down in an explosion; it has an explosion effect and does 17%. 4%, 12% Dash Attack Gerudo Dragon: Ganondorf slides forward stretching his hand. He kicks forwards to hit with the flat of his foot. 1 Overview; 2 Hitboxes; 3 Timing. This makes Ganondorf a quite easy character to pick-up and play in general, but it will take some time to optimize his gameplay. Do Ganondorf Amiibos still have up tilt problems? But Ganon already has enough options for that. Then here's a video full of up tilt KOs. Jab. Ganondorf punches into the ground while crouching. It combos from his Down Throw, serves as a juggle move at mid percentages, and becomes a KO move when the percentages increase. Dash Attack. Posted by 1 year ago. It’s a little awkward, but quite useful once you get the hang of it! Mobile-friendly Frame Data for Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros. Up Tilt: Upwards Punch- An upwards punch swing over his head. Down Tilt. Daily Discussion. The stomp can meteor smash opponents. 3 Frame Startup . Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ganondorf Players: How satisfied are you when you land an Up Tilt? As Ganondorf, if … His Warlock Punch deals massive damage and knockback after it charges up, and can also be reversed shortly after its initiation. Ganondorf can perform three Tilt attacks. Up Tilt - Volcano Kick: Ganondorf lifts his leg for a very long time before smashing it down in an explosion. Down tilt 12%: Ganondorf does a quick low sweep kick while crouching. Ultimate execution, strategy guide, tips and tricks. 1 month ago. Unfortunately, putting Ganondorf in … 4% (first hit), 24% (second hit) Up smash: Above kick: Ganondorf does a diagonal upwards kick. We have detailed them below. User account menu. Down smash is the same move. Up Tilt Attack, None, Attack , up plus a move for Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros. 26% Down Tilt- Sword Sting: Ganondorf stabs the sword forwards. But he does have his famous up-tilt Volcano Kick, which is still just as brutal as it has ever been. Play 80 matches or beat Classic Mode at level 5.0 or higher with Link. Damage %: 27 Aerials: Neutral Air (Nair): Ganondorf performs two kicks. Perfect uses of Up Tilt Up Tilt in Ultimate isn't that great of a move, but it can be used in some situations. Ground Attacks; Aerial Attacks; Special Attacks; Grabs / Throws; Dodges / Rolls; Misc Info; Hitbox Images: Choose Another Character ; Ground Attacks. F-Tilt: Kick, a kick like Smash's Ganondorf. Strong Attacks Forward Strong: Big Slap- A single backhanded slap. Uses for Up Tilt: - Abusing the windbox … 806. SaltyKracka Smash Lord. Ultimate Marlin move demonstration. 17. Volcano Kick, his up tilt, has a vacuum effect, has 81 frames start-up instead of 88, has an incredibly long disjointed range and completely cancels knockback if knocked close to it (can act like a spike on aerial characters, for example being great for punishing Snake's C4 jump) but has slightly less killing power and purely vertical knockback if hit from afar. Try not to get hit by your FP’s up tilts, and don’t use them (even if you’re playing as another character), and you’ll be able to minimize the chance that your amiibo uses up tilt. Daily Discussion. When the opponent is off-stage, any of Ganondorf’s aerials can be fatal, and that can condition an opponent into rushing for the ledge, which Ganondorf can cover with a properly timed up-tilt (which is admittedly punishable if timed poorly). Down Tilt: Slide Kick- Dashes forward while slide kicking like Cloud or Joker. Archived. For Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Wii U, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Ganondorf's up tilt useful for anything? His up tilt, commonly referred to as the Volcano Kick, has an even slower start-up of 81 frames. Up Tilt. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki < Ganondorf (SSBB) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Poor grab game, barely being able to deal enough damage and knockback to kill at reliable percentages. Is there really a use for this move in a 1 vs. 1 setting? For Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ganondorf's up tilt". Can be used as a KO move, but you will need to make a great prediction to actually use this well. A very slow move, but with great power. Notes - also has a 12% damage hitbox . I want to see just how good he’d be!! The first hit does 4% then 12%; dealing 16% total. Apex 2015, Bizzaro being Bizzaro. Ground Attacks. I decided to upload this because I'm pretty sure on the stream you could only see it from the back. It is a two-hit attack and has a dark effect. This article or section may require competitive expertise. Meme/Funny. If the victim's damage is higher than around 200%, a Reverse Warlock Punch will have higher knockback than a Home-run Bat, which makes this move very useful in the Home-Run Contest. Active Frames 9-11. Ganondorf is a veteran fighter in Super Smash Bros. All of Ganondorf's Smash attacks have been changed to now have him utilize his sword. It's a cool, flashy finisher. Down Tilt (Leg Sweep): Ganondorf kicks low to the ground. His Up Tilt is now a slowed down version of his Gerudo Dragon Side Special. 3.1 Attack; Overview Hitboxes. Meme/Funny. 806. Ultimate. It's the Sparta kick, then ganondorf swings his sword forward. 9 Frame Startup. The first one is the easiest to hit with, but the second one does the most damage. 13.0 / 11.0 % Base Damage. I wish you could disable up-tilt just for Ganondorf. 16% (uncharged) 25% (fully charged) Down tilt: Crouching kick: Ganondorf does a crouching kick. Up Tilt (U-tilt): Ganondorf lifts his lag up high, and creates a wind tunnel. Forward Tilt. Up tilt 27%: Ganondorf lifts his leg and charges up before unleashing a downward kick that produces an explosion. I’m starting to grow a lot more as a Ganondorf main, and I’m considering purchasing a Ganondorf amiibo to pass my knowledge onto by trying to train him. It deals 14 damage. Flame Choke and Wizard's Foot can lead into suicides if … My muscle memory is used to up tilts being solid neutral for any other character (I hope I'm using the term neutral correctly). Thread starter Deleted member; Start date Jan 11, 2017; D. Deleted member Guest. When Ganondorf uses up tilt. ". Up Tilt- Volcano Cleave: Lifts the sword up over his head and holds it there, charging up magic. The fourth most powerful down tilt in the game, along with Bowser's. His up-tilt was an explosion on his hand, faster than the ganon up-tilt, but no extra shield damage. He then slams the sword down, creating an explosion on the ground. ". IASA Frame 19 . If fully charged, it will be louder. Even though this attack has obscene start-up lag, it isn't the slowest attack in Ganondorf's arsenal. 81 … Enemies are knocked back. 8.0 / 7.0% Base Damage. 16 Powerful: Ganondorf - Up Tilt. Shield Stun 7 Frames. Ganondorf will use his leg to deliver a powerful kick right in front of him. Smash 4 - Ganondorf: Up Tilt & Warlock Punch Showcase Areas I cover: 1. Side special can combo into down tilt, but it can also be teched by the opponent (Pressing the dodge button as soon as you touch the stage). Active Frames 3-5. I was harshly told there wasn't. Ganondorf doesn't have any viable or consistent combos except for landing Neutral Air into a Grab or a Down Tilt. log in sign up. For Super Smash Bros. Wizard's Foot - Ganondorf rushes forwards with his leg extended. Contents. Up Tilt (Volcano Kick): Ganondorf raises one leg, and then after some time slams his leg down to the ground, causing an explosion; has windboxes that pull nearby opponents in range of the kick. Down tilt is a blast into the ground and functionally same with his normal down tilt. Down Tilt - Doing a quick breakdance kick. When used in the air, he and the victim both plummet towards … Deals electric damage at the second hit, which is the stomp. Up Tilt Mix Ups: 2:13 3. He does have a great advantage state, since he has a lot of quick moves with big disjoints, so when he gets in there, he is able to do massive damage. Super Smash Bros. 64 doesn’t have side-B special moves, and so you can’t perform Ganondorf’s Flame Choke attack. He did it twice before the Salty Suite and I … Once the attack connects with an enemy, he launches them into the air with an uppercut. HOW TO UNLOCK IN 3DS? Jan 11, 2017 #1 The one where he charges for a second and then unleashes a powerful Volcano Kick. Looks like side smash had more range, it covers a lot of ganon's back. Dash Attack: Ganondorf rams forth with his shoulder. 20. 20% Forward Tilt- Kick Attack: Based off of the kicking attack Ganondorf uses in Twilight Princess. 21 Total Frames. Overview - Up Tilt: 0:06 Overview - Warlock Punch: 1:06 2. ganondorf Menu. Ganondorf's Up Tilt. Shield Stun 5 Frames. Side Tilt. When Ganondorf uses up tilt. Smash Attacks . Enjoy seeing people panic and getting hit by Ganondorf's up tilt? GANONDORF. Ganondorf’s AI is hard-coded to use its up tilt way more often than it should, and no matter how far you stray from up tilt, the FP will still use it at the wrong time every once in a while. Jan 11, 2017 … You can discuss this issue on the talk page or edit this page to improve it. Up Tilt Volcano Kick: Ganondorf lifts his leg up then holds it in place until smashing it down in an explosion; it has an explosion effect and does 18% Down Tilt Ganondorf punches into the ground while crouching.

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