Regardless of what your schedule looks like, there is a house plant for everyone! Browse through our collection and easily order your air purifying plant online! Buy Decorative Indoor Plants Online from and glam up your living areas, bedrooms or study with ease and let them look glamorous like never before. Tall / … We have received this accreditation following our determination to supply our beautiful plants … Contrary to popular belief, some plant species thrive in low light settings. Pump up the humidity surrounding your tropicals by occasionally misting them with water and wiping off the dust that accumulates on the leaves. Once a friend makes their first $50 purchase with your personal referral link, you’ll get $10 off your next online order. Here are a few of our favorites: Certain air-purifying plants clean the air in your home by removing pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and more! To find out which stores deliver the best indoor plants, we ordered houseplants from seven popular brands like Amazon, The Sill, Bloomscape, Etsy, … Why it's great: … 1-24 of over 20,000 results for Outdoor Living: Plants, Seeds & Bulbs: Indoor Plants. Buy plants online from Pakistan's #1 online plant nursery offering trees, shrubs & plants at cheap prices, delivered to all major cities e.g. The nursery experts at Garden Goods Direct have put together a robust collection of indoor plants for sale, so you’re sure to find a plant that matches your unique style. Shop all indoor plants. House plants are an easy way to add instant charm and life to your home. Shop our vast selection of quality indoor plants for sale below: Indoor house plants provide people and their homes with many different benefits. Our pothos arrived in messy packaging and with almost no … Greenery NYC. You can accomplish the same thing in your home! Sansevieria Indoor Plant. There are so many different indoor house plants to choose from ranging from a variety of sizes. BLACKFRIDAY2020. Get 1 Free Product Today 6000+ Gardening Products All India Delivery. Fast Shipping. Send joy this holiday season with a houseplant. The addition of house plants to your home is a natural way to reduce air pollution and increase oxygen levels. If you’re not sure, stick your finger into the soil to see if it’s dry or moist. Pot & plant combinations. Indoor. Teleflora. You might also consider how the color of the plant will interact with the rest of your interior decorations. Plant of the month. Welcome to a real plant family. It’s also a good idea to check your plants for signs of insect infestations and diseases since these can kill a houseplant quickly if left unchecked. Today, it has 3 physical storefronts and … All these indoor plants can be bought at a reasonable price; run for OkDam online shopping to buy variety of indoor plants at low price without even breaking a sweat at all. As America’s number one online plant nursery… Large indoor plants help boost the style factor of your home and office, bringing some colour and feel good factor to your home or work space. Where to Buy Rare Indoor Plants Online. Indoor plants increase air quality and wellbeing. This often escapes our thought process when shopping for house plants, but the consequences can be severe for your cat or dog. Are you looking for a colorful focal point for your room or something more discreet to place on a windowsill? We’ll ship it to your door unscathed and in quality condition. Aglaonema Manila Beauty Plant ₹1250. Hirts Gardens and Costa Farms are two of my favorite plants growers and they sell quite a bit through … If it’s moist, you won’t need to water it. Currency. Add a rugged flare to your home with a potted cactus plant. If you’re looking to freshen up the air in your home, we have the perfect houseplants for you! Indoor trees instantly add life and elegance to any home with their size and beauty. Large and tall indoor plants to create impact from Hortology. Before you buy, check our Auckland plant delivery map. We offer a large selection of hardy ornamental plants, trees and vines that can be grown year round indoors as houseplants or in the office. Online Plants is Australia’s first and largest online nursery, selling plants online at the cheapest prices. Plan this out ahead of time because you don’t want to neglect an indoor plant that requires a lot of maintenance. Note: This was originally posted on 6/29/2019. Another specialty store we love, Greenery NYC is fairly new … Tropical Plant Empire is an online plant boutique that specializes in rare, hard to find and the most sought-after tropical indoor plants, especially aroids.Our main priority is to provide unique and unusual foliage plants of the best quality.Our professional growers carefully hand-pick plants to ensure that each individual plant … In addition to that, house plants generally need a steady temperature to successfully grow in. Care instructions are sent with each tree to ensure that you’re able to care for the tree for years to come. Find beautiful indoor plants at PlantsDirect. Garden Goods Direct has a robust collection of low light houseplants for sale waiting to find a forever home. 9GreenBox Bonsai Juniper Tree - Japanese Art Live House Plants for Indoor and Outdoor Garden - Dwarf Trees in Container Pot for Home and Office Decor - Best Gift for Mothers Day, Christmas - 4 Pounds … Some indoor house plants are better for air purifying than other indoor plants. Indoor or Office Plants Not only do houseplants increase the feel-good factor by having some greenery about, but many (like spider plants, philodendron or mother-in-law's tongue) will also help purify the air we breathe. When you buy your houseplant online with Garden Goods Direct, have confidence knowing that each plant has received Woodie’s Seal of Approval. Follow our simple and clear maintenance instructions to keep your indoor plants thriving for years to come! What makes this online shop stand out to us is the mix-and-match capability—you can select a plant and then choose a unique planter to go with it that suits the aesthetic of your home. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Adiantum sp. Our ceramic planters are designed by our team to complement a range of styles, and are manufactured by a women-owned pottery company focused on limiting their environmental impact. If you’re not sure which house plant will thrive in your home or where you live, contact our nursery experts today and they will be able to guide you in the right direction. Find specimens priced as low as $2 on the online superstore, but you'll get what you pay for. Our list of indoor trees for sale range from delicate palms to the ever popular Fiddle Leaf Fig. If you decide to repot the plant entirely, be sure to use a pot that’s large enough to give your plant room to grow. They need correct moisture, water, light levels, temperature & soil mixture to survive. As an added benefit, some will even clean the air in your home helping you breathe better. FlowerAura … Indoor palms require a good deal of natural light and a healthy dose of water when the potting soil begins getting dry. Primrose only labels the most effective pollutant absorbing houseplants … Buy a tropical plant for sale from our collection and transform your home into a warm and inviting space for you and your guests. Tillandsia Melanocrater Air Plants. Buying plants online can sometimes be pricier than buying them in person, so do some price comparison to make sure that what you’re paying online is, in fact, a good deal. Shop All Plants. At Garden Goods Direct, our collection of indoor plants for sale are produced from the highest quality stock plants available. category /Plants/Indoor Plants 150 120 … That’s okay, you can still grow beautiful indoor plants! Large plants . View the full list of benefits that indoor houseplants have in your home! Conveniently order one (or several) online and have it shipped directly to your door! Nearly all foliage plants are within a few genera: codiaeum, dracaena, ficus and monstera. The indoor plants help fight against several illnesses, boost your mood and keep the mental issues like stress, anxiety, and depression at a bay. Use our plants to create an unique Urban Jungle. Indoor plants add lush, natural beauty to living spaces while asking little in return. Whether you are looking for hanging foliage, tall plants, or simple succulents, here are the best indoor plants to make your space greener and more lively! Indoor & outdoor garden plants online. There are a variety of houseplants to choose from and each one serves a different purpose. Tropical plants may sound exotic, but they’re actually quite easy to grow. Ceramic houseplant pots, indoor planters, and indoor gardening supplies. More Options. Order your favorite plants! Excitingly, we are proud to be what we believe is the first online indoor plant supplier to ship to WA, TAS & NT. Buy indoor plants online, either nude or paired with a pot or planter. Indoor palm tree leaves may turn brown at the tip when they get too dry or receive too much fertilizer. Whether you're gaga for Alocasias or your searching for the perfect Peperomia room-mate, our range is large enough to satisfy even the most hardcore plant … Shop Indoor Plants. We all miss the days when we had gardens with our homes. Air plants are small indoor house plants … Thrive & Co is a boutique plant store that sells lush and beautiful indoor plants, like succulents, palms, air plants and more, as well as a variety of planter arrangements and terrarium gifts. You can buy indoor plants online in India at our website to enhance the interior decor of your home or to gift your friends or family members at festivals and other special occasions. Add to Cart. However, we recommend potting the plant in a more decorative container and lining the bottom with rocks to facilitate better drainage. 2410 N. Crain Hwy, BOWIE, Maryland, United States, © 2020 Garden Goods Direct. Bring the outdoors inside with a houseplant! Plants delivered to your door with easy care instructions. You can also send indoor plants online in India to your friends and family and promote greenery. Shipping and taxes calculated at checkout. Design by Unleaded.Digital, indoor plants can positively impact both your mood and productivity, benefits that indoor houseplants have in your home. Pilea Peperomioides & Grant. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. All you need to do is put the house plant in your favorite pot and find it a cozy space in your home. And under the right conditions, you might even see pink flower blossoms! We are an online plant shop offering a wide range of cheap and trendy plants. Deliveries to VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD & SA. Sometimes, purchasing your plants online is the easiest, smartest option, but there are a few things to remember. All Houseplants Indoor plants add lush, natural beauty to living spaces while asking little in return. Indoor Garden. Especially if you live in a part of the country that does not get as much sunlight and warm weather. Once you have a good sense of what type of plant is right for you, the next priority is to find one that suits your aesthetic preferences. Snake Plants are a chic addition and one of the most low-maintenance varieties. Transporting a large house plant from a nursery or shop into your car and then getting it into your home can be quite a struggle. Find the best-suited foliage plant for your space, via the collections low light level, beginner plants … Easily order online from the comfort of your home and we’ll handle the rest! Plants take care of us, too. Shop early for holiday delivery | Learn more about shipping timelines. Clean air plants have different needs for light and water depending on the plant choice. Another thing to consider is how often you’ll be home to water and care for your plant — some plants require more care and attention than others. House plants in the home are good for you. However, be sure not to overwater your plant — one of the leading causes of houseplant death is overwatering, as this causes a plant’s roots to rot. As nursery experts, our team is ready to answer any questions you might have about caring for your new clean air plant. The most effective way to reduce indoor air pollution is to reduce the use of chemicals indoors and regularly air out interiors. Buying your plants online. Do you prefer a minimalist style? All Rights Reserved. We offer a large selection of hardy ornamental plants, trees and vines that can be grown year round indoors as houseplants or in the office. Indoor Plants Sort by: Sort by Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. Buy Indoor Plants: 349 products online at Nurserylive. What’s your go-to site for purchasing indoor plants online? Green Plants: The Gift Idea called Life Sort By. Whatever your need, our collection of house plants for sale will check off all the boxes. Latest News. Air Plant Trio. Prayer Plant. Regularly clean your plants to get rid of any built-up dust, and groom them to avoid branch crowding. Backed by 5 generations of Grow-How™. Of course, these plants also look gorgeous and add a subtle decorative touch to your interior. Product Type. Orders over $35 ship for free. In addition to adding beauty to your home, indoor plants can actually help to purify the air. Regardless of whether you live in a large home or have a cozier space, there is a house plant that can fit your home perfectly. Accessories 8 Bundles 9 Plants 101 Pots 14 Vouchers 1 Light. With many bright colors, including vibrant greens and reds that complement any color scheme, or flowering plants with colors ranging from warm burgundies to soft lilacs, a tropical house plant is an easy solution for creating a focal point in your home.

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