x��Zmo�8�)���Ӵ��؀���9���n_ZZ�F��& 7�M贲��� (A) True (B) False 2. Workplace Safety Training – We will look at different ways you can improve the safety in your facility and the kind of training needed for employees. This resource is password-protected. 2 0 obj This is the second lowest number of reported deaths since this data collection began in 1992. Answer: C The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) reports that 4,628 workers were killed on the job in 2012. 1 0 obj Costly C. Part of life D. Both A and B 2. All workplaces need to have a written lockout/tag out program in place. Basic Fire Safety Knowledge Test. Use this Workplace Safety Quiz to find out. Workplace Safety PowerPoint Quiz. 8Uè{}sBŸÍ5Ëz~~—ÉuúFãöUêk´ƒõx:êû¤ÓQߧ¼#êû¤ŸïjÂJ¥ò‡üMÑö‚6´vu…€FG ”7˜ÚT¬ÆI°±Of€Õþ鐁šru(q€m˄ ªö~Ä>²D/LÉ. More coming soon… List of quizzes: Fall Protection Food Safety … Test Your Knowledge with a Free Safety Quiz Here’s a collection of 10 – 20 question quizzes that we’ve put together on various workplace safety topics. <> H0`BVw���U^�첫���v��߳����]~�bb�bW��b}z���d2�"`�����/� �������`wx����'�-~e뿝�\�6���(�L�����'��X,}����x��fx)�۟����+x�����Ry�ç��B{iq����nZ�K������2�ʴg ŷ��Gt�.&`�[�|�K�H�X�(��H�5t?����L��Rx��p���~3y0�J\I��n����K�:�}�ڳ���Q��O�?p&�]����]Q{7�l�㢍�c�YhY�S�s��FQ_� Workplace Safety: Safety in the Workplace. The general duty to consult has extended to the contractual arrangement, such as, between a Popular Articles. 4 0 obj endobj %���� Lucky Draw Prizes for the Workplace Safety Quiz Prize No. General Safety 1. www.lohp.org (510) 642-5507 NYCOSH (New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health) Website has internet links and resources on health and safety by industry and topic, as OSHA 2. Who is responsible for your safety at work? Test Your Basic Fire Safety Knowledge – Fire Safety Quiz. Offers assistance and referrals on young workers, workplace violence, hazardous waste, ergonomics, and more. T F workplace(s) has/have a good health and safety culture by putting a “ ” in the appropriate box(es). endobj Fire Safety Exam. 5 | P a g e Quick safety quiz for small business Consultation An employer must consult and cooperate with their employees about safety and health at the workplace, under the general duty of care provision, section 19(1) (c) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (the OSH Act). Workplace Safety and Health Quiz (2) BLM 23 (4.K.5) 6. Which of the following should you not do while lifting a heavy object or moving a patient? Fire Safety Quiz 1. (A) 5 (B) 11 (C) 20 (D) 25 2. stream Workplace Safety Complete Learning PackageThis lessons comes in both Google Doc Format (Worksheets) and PDF format.These three complete lessons cover essential workplace safety concepts that all young workers should learn. Additionally, there were around 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported to OSHA. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS) involves which of … Workplace safety is about getting to the root of musculoskeletal issues, or strains and sprains. Workforce Development Workplace Safety Program . What do you know about safety? a. your employer b. your staffing agency Workplace Safety Quiz: 1.) You can hold weekly or monthly safety meetings and focus on one or two safety topics. Simple changes in workplace design can reduce the likelihood of injury in the first place, eliminating the need for treatment. Different Types Of Hazards. Answer: C The four most commonly cited violations are fall protection, followed by hazard by . Health and safety professionals love our quick, detailed quizzes to help employers increase safety in the workplace. Description Name of Winner 1 Apple iPod shuffle Tan Sok Ying Office of Human Resources 2 Apple iPod shuffle Wong-Tang Wai Keng School of EEE 3 NTUC Vouchers worth $10 Richie Tan Seng Hock Centre for IT Services 4 NTUC Vouchers worth $10 Pek Kian Huat Alex What is the name of the federal agency that protects the health and safety of workers? 1- Hay 4.000.000 de accidentes de trabajo cada año Use them to test your knowledge or share with your employees as a refresher on important health and safety issues. <>>> Safety Quiz - Accident Prevention Name _____ Date _____ Directions: Read each question carefully and choose the most correct answer by completely filling in the box next to the answer 1. Taken 22,133 Times (Correct Answers: 67%) Test Your Basic Fire Safety Knowledge | Fire Safety Quiz. There's a better answer. c,�K&��cCp�6�7r�=����G� �QA����+�`LJ@ahA�O���'���m��G������B�Z�+�; `Jj� ���gb7Y�8����p5u�RW�� PDF Collection, Browse through hundreds of PDF files you can use in your safety training programs. "K�L��_��90�/,�Z͡� �A`����J��D�xI{�#�p���;����;tБ���zE�M�� f�l��8��Ғ�{H ��ǧ4)x����c)[�kU�S �֖ZK�˺����i�÷$b=8`9%�š[V�8��buz�.e���� >ځ?�s7 ����tE]�=y`K:G/����u�E����K ��V/�I0��w&�e(dx%�&8kx%�W�Y�64B�!�s����\��%̳�\-;���%>���X���>���RH��"��!�moA�:��u�X�ZLӧY}R���B?�G1�UH$�P�;�X��g�X��&� Free Fire Safety Quiz. When providing a safe working environment for staff, employers must eliminate all risks to health and safety.

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