I have a customer having problems with a Worcester Bosch 240 combi, the hot water does not now work, the central heating works fine and they do get warm water if the tap is turned on whilst the heating is on. The PCB is the major control centre of the boiler, so is essential for its function and controls key safety mechanisms. However, if your boiler’s pressure continually keeps dropping and is low, it is likely caused by a leak somewhere in the system. I'm told by a boiler engineer that the boiler is a new model and there have been teething problems. If your Worcester Bosch boiler has no hot water, it is not always the result of a faulty diverter valve, it could be caused by a variety of other internal boiler components going haywire. Leaks caused by holes within major boiler components can also result in a loss of pressure, typically as a result of corrosion. Boiler failing to ignite. 08804726 (VAT No. Read our full in-depth guide on low boiler pressure. The best thing to do is to try and reset the system, if the issue persists then please contact Worcester Bosch or BOXT to take a further inspection. These can be expensive to repair and replace. PHS engineers are only a phone call away – get in touch with us today! If your condensate pipe is blocked due to freezing, you will want to thaw the pipe out (pour warm water over the end of it). 2. A leaky boiler What are the most common Worcester boiler problems? Diagnosis: A Worcester boiler with a leak will usually result in a boiler with low pressure and a boiler that is locking out. If yes: new pressure relief valve needed. Ultimately, having your boiler serviced can recognise any faults which might worsen and avoid expensive Worcester Bosch repairs later on. The only way to find out the root of the problem is to have a registered Gas Safe Engineer take a look. Is your Worcester Bosch boiler showing an error code that related to overheating? 5. By answering some simple questions we hope to be able to help you diagnose the problem and provide you with the solution and advice you need to get your system back to normal. Common faults. If you are still struggling with your Worcester boiler errors and our troubleshooting hasn’t provided a clear answer or solution, we recommend you book a Gas Safe Engineer as soon as possible. Overheating can be related to a variety of component faults, so the only way to be sure is to get it investigated by a profession Gas Safe Engineer. Alternatively, click here to get a new boiler quote. Condensate pipes usually become blocked when they freeze during the winter months. You can do this by ‘bleeding’ your radiators – don’t worry, they won’t be in any pain. This means there is a flame error. Heatable acts as a credit broker (not as a lender) and offers credit products through a panel of lenders. The Cause: If your boiler lockout light is flashing, it can be a bit of … However, one of the most common causes of no hot water from the boiler is a faulty diverter valve. If there are no lights on and the control panel looks blank, you may need to check the fuse for your boiler among other things to get the power back up and running. GB205805920 ). How to fix: You’ll need to drain some water from the system. c. Faulty diverter valves Worcester are well regarded for their quality and their Greenstar i is combi boiler favourite amongst UK home owners. We would love to hear from you, arrange a FREE consultation and provide a no-obligation quote and advice. It's a fact of life. e. Faulty PCB unit If your Worcester Bosch boiler is showing the B7 257 fault code, the problem lies with the printed circuit board (PCB). Top 10 Worcester Bosch Boiler Problems 1. Hearing a strange rumbling noise similar to when a kettle is … with installation as quick as tomorrow. In this article, I’ve researched & explored errors with Worcester Bosch boilers, answering some of the most common fault questions, telling you how you can reset the boiler & providing a full breakdown of the fault codes & what the suggested action for solving them should be. Unfortunately, if it is the PCB that needs replacing and your boiler is no longer under warranty it probably makes more financial sense to get a brand new boiler installed rather than a replacement PCB. Ideally, so that the pipe spans the internal space of the home as much as possible. If you have an issue with your Worcester Bosch boiler, the good news is that in many cases, they can be resolved without the help of a professional - hooray! Worcester Boiler Problems: Troubleshooting Guide Share: 0 0. Are the seals degrading? Older boiler models don’t have an electric ignition like modern models and a result need to be remain turned on to ignite the gas within the combustion chamber. If you’re wondering why drain a Worcester Bosch combi boiler in the first place, well there are several different scenarios when this might be a good plan of action.Worcester Bosch are rightly regarded as manufacturers of one of the best combi boiler on the market, … We're still installing boilers, safely. Worcester Bosch Boilers have common faults just like any other boiler system. Experiencing problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler? However, if your heat exchanger needs replacing this could be quite a costly issue of about £500. b. Degraded parts What's even more, we're able to offer low monthly payments with boiler finance, and even interest free options. Black Friyay Boilers LoveLeads Ltd t/a Heatable is registered in England and Wales No. You will need to check your entire central heating system, from radiators to valves or even joints and pipework. Recommended reading: Best Conservatory Heating Solutions. Check the needle reading on your ever trusty boiler pressure gauge – if it’s reading over 1.5 bar (when the boiler is switched off), your boiler pressure is too high. Ultimately, if your boiler has lost power and won’t turn on it can be caused by a variety of different problems. Central Heating Forum: 2: Jan 11, 2017: G: Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave 18/25 Oil Combi Lockout Issue: Oil and Solid Fuel Forum: 11: Jan 7, 2017: V: Worcester Greenstar HE hot water problem … Absolutely do not remove the case on your own boiler. Worcester Bosch Boiler Problems and Repairs An issue can occur over time with every top boiler brand on the market, not just Worcester Bosch. Once you’ve done this, reset your boiler and you should be back up and running as usual. If you spot a leak, turn off your boiler and contact Worcester Bosch or BOXT. '...' : ''}}. If rainwater has caused your leak this means the flue has been fitted incorrectly and water is leaking down the flue into the boiler! If the low pressure is caused by a leak, then this is commonly the result of holes around the bends of pipes, where you may discover failed joints and seals. Alpha vs Worcester Bosch For Energy Efficiency. The purpose of these codes is to make it easier to identify the cause of the fault. Cause: Normally, an overheating boiler will be caused by faulty fans or pumps. Typically, this is below the boilers main body and if it is low, the needle will be below the green region. It can also be caused by a RCD unit that is tripped, or essentially any other electrical issue within your home. It is reasonably cheap to get a mixing valve replaced and the anti-scalding device cannot change itself, so unless you’ve just moved into a new place or you’re staying somewhere new, we recommend it is probably just the mixing valve. You can see what the code means by looking it up in your Worcester Bosch boiler user manual. ... **Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd T/A Worcester Bosch Group is … If your Worcester Bosch boiler is leaking, it will usually lockout out and display the error code EA338 or sometimes A281. If you can’t feel any heat, the pump may not be working. Cause: Usually, there is either an airlock in the central heating pump or the heat exchanger is kettling. Once thawed out, you will want to prevent it from happening again, which you can do by re-locating the pipe to a warmer location, so that it is no longer exposed to freezing temperatures. If so, your issue could be to do with your boiler overheating. A Worcester Bosch engineer attended and had to replace THREE major items in the boiler. Pilot light won’t stay on. If your boiler is losing all power, then the issue is likely to be related to the electronics. These blockages can be caused by limescale (which can cause kettling and result in some costly fixes) or by the central heating sludge (essentially just dirty water and debris that builds up over time!). a. Get a fixed quote on a new boiler installation in 60 seconds, here. Under the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive, Worcester Bosch boilers will exceed 90%(an A rating) and some SmartStat connected models will even … Fix: If it’s just a build-up, a quick power flush through with an inhibitor and cleaner should help. Sticking with the issue of cost, and adding in some environmental responsibility, Worcester Bosch boilers are also among the most efficient you can buy. That's loooooong. You may like to keep this guide … If the boiler still shows no sign of response, the next best step is to seek the assistance of the thermostat’s manufacturer. But noises can be caused when limescale or sludge builds up – particles hitting the sides of your boiler or bubbles popping may be the cause. Fix: Obviously, there are several potential causes but there is never a bad time to clean your boiler’s system out. Fix: Problems arise when a Worcester boiler gets below a certain pressure which causes it to “lockout.” The initial fix is to re-pressurise it using something called the external filling loop but there is only one long-term fix and that is to find the leak and fix it. Cause: the common cause for a leaking boiler is blown pump seals which can happen over time to any boiler. If your boiler overheats in the morning or when it is particularly cold, it may just mean your pipe is frozen. Commonly, a noisy boiler is caused by either limescale build-up on the heat exchanger, or sometimes an airlock in the central heating pump.. Home » Worcester Bosch Gas Boilers Prices » Worcester Bosch Boiler Issues: Errors and Fault Codes When your Worcester Bosch boiler starts to play up, it can be difficult to know whether the fault is simple to fix or whether it’s a serious issue that requires urgent attention from an engineer. COVID-19 Notice If your Worcester Bosch boiler is repeatedly locking out or turning off with no obvious cause or error codes being presented, then the only sure way to find out what’s causing the issue is to seek expert assistance. If it happens more regularly, there may be some biomass from outside that has got into your pipes. f. Lack of power Here is a list of potential error/fault codes and the action you'll need to take. Read our full in-depth guide on boiler kettling and our full guide on faulty heat exchanger problems. Leaking parts. Worcester bosch combi boiler. Despite Worchester’s boilers being designed and constructed with highest quality materials, as well as standardized to guarantee both quality and reliability … Read our full guide on boiler PCB faults. © PHS ENGINEERS LTD | Web Design & SEO by GP, How to Make a Successful Water Leak Insurance Claim in the UK, Balancing Radiators: A Detailed, Step-by-Step How-to Guide, Draining a Central Heating System: A Simple How-to Guide, How to Remove a Radiator to Paint or Paper Behind it. If you spot what appears to be a leak, you should not attempt to open the boiler yourself and instead consult a Gas Safe Engineer. With time, the diverter valve can become worn and begin “sticking”, resulting in the valve only partially opening so that the water flow is negatively affected. Worcester boiler water pressure issues are common, especially for those that have been in use for some time. Financial Support: If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may be entitled to claim a free boiler grant. When limescale builds up on the heat … #CombiBoiler #CombiBoilerReviews COMBI BOILER REVIEW. Low boiler pressure is a relatively common issue that happens in most boilers at some point (even Worcester Bosch). Unfortunately, if the limescale deposits have been left to fester for too long, the excessive heat can cause cracks and damage to components including the heat exchanger. We've knocked £100 off, everything. I had a C1 Worcester Bosch combination boiler for 18 years and didn’t have any problems or breakdowns. Test the electrical circuits by checking for short circuits, continuity (earth) and resistance (to earth). 3. Typically, this will be related to the PCB (circuit board) which may be broken and need replacing or repairing. A scale reducer and/or a boiler magnetic filter can also help prevent these issues in the future. With over 15 years expertise servicing Bordon, Whitehill, Farnham, Aldershot, Camberley and the surrounding area. How good is a worcester bosch combi boiler… The fault code is likely to be EA338. Boiler is kettling. If the pumps are too hot to touch there is a chance they are seized. To change the anti-scalding setting you turn it up or down behind the shower’s temperature tap/knob. Alternatively, we recommend you check that the pilot light has not gone out. The result is cold or lukewarm water. Check an engineer isn’t needed by asking these following questions: Top tip: replacing the entire pump unit is a lot quicker than just replacing seals and you will also find the price difference is not too much. If the power is not the issue but you still have no heating or hot water, it may be a fault with your heating pump. Ensure system has appropriate electrical polarity. I would … When limescale builds up on the heat exchanger, it can overheat, resulting in the production of steam and bubbling, causing a whistling sound referred to as kettling. Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd T/A Worcester Bosch group FRN 918503 Cotswold Way. At Heatable, we fit new boilers from as little as £1,545, all over the UK. Other power fixes: Check the RCD (fuse box) hasn’t tripped, check electric metre (if you’re on one) has enough credit, fused spur may be at fault or PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Failure which will require an engineer’s assistance. Its role is to transport acidic waste from your boiler to your drains. Encountering a problem with your Worcester Bosch boiler can be a stressful and worrying experience, that’s why we aim to remove the complexity of 5 of the most common boiler faults. Fix: Leaks can be, but are not always, serious. Here's hoping that's the end of the problems. to get the components replaced. Currently, Worcester Bosch Group leads the market with its highly-effective and highly-efficient condensing boiler technology, providing both hot water and heating comfort. A leaking boiler can be caused by a few different things. If you need to remove an airlock in a Worcester boiler pump, this can usually be an easy fix as long as the boiler was fitted with a bleed screw. It can be expensive to get a new one fitted, so first of all check that it isn’t faulty S-plan, Y-plan or zone valves. Carbon deposits on the pilot light are another potential cause, which may need to be cleaned to prevent it continuing. Our expert repairs team are on hand to diagnose the issue and will aim to get things working again in no time. If you have no hot water only in the shower it could be one of two options: the mixing valve in the shower is broken or stuck or the anti-scalding device is set to the wrong position. Get an engineer for this urgently. #1 - Worcester Bosch Boiler Losing Pressure, #3 - Worcester Bosch Boiler Leaking Water. If your Worcester Bosch boiler requires replacement, repair or diagnosis … I wanted to relocate the boiler to a different room and because it had become less energy efficient due to it’s age, I replaced it with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi condensing combination boiler. It commonly occurs when the pipe has been installed on the exterior of the home, where it is exposed to sub-zero temperatures. A registered Gas Safe Engineer will be able to diagnose and resolve the issue for you. Although, it is important to be aware that this can also be caused by more severe issues, such as corrosion to major internal components, such as the heat exchanger. They’re typically much cheaper than local installers, due to the fact they operate online and have streamlined their sales and acquisitions. A hot flush through or the addition of an inhibitor will help remove any loose limescale or sludge whilst a tap can prevent seizures happening in the pumps. Get a fixed price in 60 seconds & installation as quick as tomorrow. Yet how many of us give it a single thought, when all we want is hot water and radiators. Heatable is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference no. A leak can be difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to repair, so it is recommended that you consult the assistance of a registered Gas Safe Engineer. An annual service will keep your boiler running efficiently, help reduce energy bills and ensure your boiler warranty remains valid. Diagnosis: Do the Worcester boiler fault codes you have to look anything like this: D1 286, E5 218, E5 332, E9 219 and E9 224. The most common cause of leaking is superficial holes within the pipework, as well as broken seals, or valves. Very rarely though, there can be problems. Has it been raining a lot? 1. If your Worcester Bosch boiler is failing to provide you with hot water, then there are few potential causes. g. Incorrect installation. Another problem can be blockages. Have you noticed your Worcester Bosch boiler suddenly making strange noises? Have you noticed your Worcester Bosch boiler suddenly making strange noises? Unfortunately, since this component is inherently connected to the gas supply, it’s always recommended that you get help from a registered Gas Safe Engineer, who will be able to diagnose and resolve the issue safely. It's super dangerous. If yes: new pump unit needed. An old boiler no longer under warranty is likely to experience more issues and require more expensive repairs, so why invest in such an expensive component in a boiler likely to be on its way out? To begin, try obvious things, like making sure the batteries aren’t flat (if it has batteries that is) and make sure it synced up with the current date and clocks if they recently changed. Cause: If you have a low-pressure issue this will always be down to a leak – somewhere. If your Worcester Bosch Boiler is repeatedly “locking out” with no obvious explanation or fault code being presented, then it could be the result of a variety of problems, such as a faulty heat exchanger, faulty thermostat, or a faulty PCB.

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