But Schlichtmann's poor judgment and pride were a big part of the problem. Now the federal Center for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency began to take notice. Woburn, Massachusetts; Serves: 38,120; Data available: 2012—2017; Source: Purchased surface water; Contaminants Detected. Thanks to the community members that stepped forward, countless lives were saved. Activity 2: New Opportunities in Education, Lesson D: The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850: A Case Study of Resistance, Activity 1: Analyzing the Fugitive Slave Act, Activity 2: Comparing and Contrasting Two Points of View in Newspaper Reports, Activity 3: Anthony Burns—Slave-Catchers Come to Boston for the Last Time, HS Unit II: Women's Struggle for Equal Rights, 1825 - 1930, Activity 1: The 1840s—How Things Stood for Women, Activity 2: Advocates for Female Education, Activity 1: Nineteenth-Century Women Activists, Activity 2: The Difference One Individual Can Make, Activity 3: Fifty Years’ Worth of Gains, Activity 4: The “Anti’s’” Efforts, Activity 2: The Work of a Nobel Peace Prizewinner, HS Unit III: Voices of Labor - Working People Organize, 1925-1930, Activity 1: Early Years in the Lowell Mills, E/MS Unit I: Two Cultures Collide: Early Relations Between English Settlers and Indigenous People in Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies, Lesson A: Native American Tribes and English Colonists in Early Massachusetts, Activity 1: Mapping Native American Tribes and English Settlements, Activity 2: Reading Early Settlers’ Accounts, Activity 4: Examining Historic Maps for Information, Activity 5: Creative Extension - County Maps, Activity 1: Examining the Puritans’ Goals in Relation to Native Peoples, Activity 2: Establishing "Praying Towns" and Educating Indian Youth, Activity 1: Accounts of King Philip’s War, Activity 2: The Fate of Indian “Praying Towns”, Lesson D: William Apess and the “Mashpee Revolt”, Activity 1: The Rev. Uncontaminated drinking water is an essential component to human health and survival. The wells were used during periods of peak demand even after residents on the east side of Woburn complained that the water smelled and tasted bad, and that it corroded pipes. In 1850 the Woburn Chemical Works began operation in north Wob… This Mass Moment occurred in the Greater Boston region of Massachusetts. The safety of Woburn's drinking water had long been a contentious issue. NUS Data. According to MassMoments.org, in 1973, a little boy named Jimmy Anderson who lived in Woburn Massachusetts was diagnosed with leukemia. The risks of congenital abnormalities and birth defects were also pretty high during that period. Schlichtmann disregarded his partners' advice; his small, under-funded firm would take the case, challenging Grace and Beatrice and the elite Boston lawyers who represented them. Second, he was moved by the plight of the victims' families; they had suffered so grievously that he felt compelled to help them. This page was created as a data resource to anyone working with, or just curious about, the Woburn Massachusetts ground water contamination site featured in the best-selling book "A Civil Action" by … Installing a water filtration system is a great way to be proactive when it comes to water safety. You may notice that about once a year you might receive a little test tube with instructions to fill the tube with water and mail it back in to the city. On this day in 1984, lawyer Jan Schlichtmann filed the first motion in the case made famous by the book and film "A Civil Action." At that time the area included present day towns of Woburn, Winchester, Burlington, and parts of Stoneham and Wilmington. A Civil Action is a 1995 non-fiction book by Jonathan Harr about a water contamination case in Woburn, Massachusetts, in the 1980s.The book became a best-seller and won the National Book Critics Circle Award for nonfiction.. During the same time people, a handful of other children became very ill. Thankfully, they survived. [1] Complaint Filed on Toxic Pollution in Woburn - May 14, 1984 [click to view] [2] Wells G & H Fact Sheet. Anne Anderson, the mother of one of these children, was the first to notice that too many children in her neighborhood were being diagnosed with leukemia. The wells were immediately closed. Woburn, Massachusetts was first settled in 1640 and was incorporated as a town two years later. Test Results After Treatment 2 ... MRDLGs do not reflect the benefits of the use of disinfectants to control microbial contamination. At first … Woburn, Massachusetts By Charles F. Myette, Julio C. Olimpio, and David G. Johnson ABSTRACT Ground-water contamination by chlorinated volatile organic compounds detected by the Mas­ sachusetts Department of Environmental Quality Engineering in 1979 forced the closing of wells G and H--public-supply wells in the City of Woburn, Massachusetts. #1, and Wilbraham Water Division Your Drinking Water . But on a visit to the site, Schlichtmann discovered two things. It was the beginning of a landmark trial; it was also the beginning of a new era of concern and accountability about the effects of toxic waste. GeoTrans. Water contamination and environmental liabilities from chemical companies, Woburn (Mass), USA: Country: United States of America: State or province: Massachusetts : Location of conflict: Woburn : Accuracy of location: HIGH (Local level) Source of Conflict. “Woburn made people see the profound health effects that can occur from contaminated sites,” says Schlichtmann, who settled the 1982 case for $8 million. In 1982, eight families from Woburn, Massachusetts filed a lawsuit against W.R. Grace Co, Unifirst Corporation and Beatrice Foods. Tanneries used toxic compounds to cure leather, and other factories sent what one reporter called "a toxic brew" down the local Aberjona River. Groundwater contamination incident. This landmark case centered on the alleged contamination of two municipal supply wells (G and H) in Woburn, Massachusetts, by three local industries. And the illness seemed concentrated among families that had drawn most heavily from the two polluted wells. The city can produce 4.07 million gallons per day and through the course of the year produces two-thirds of the city’s water supply. They said they did not want money; they wanted to have someone take responsibility for the pollution, apologize, and clean up the water. Since … Contamination of municipal wells G and H was discovered in 1979 and was statistically linked by epidemiological studies to leukemia cases that occurred in Woburn, Massachusetts in the late 1960’s through the early 1980’s.

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