To read more, visit the company's website via the link below. Event submission; About; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It can be considered reliable and accurate. You can either bring your own bike or hire one at a rental station. Stations are marked at ground level with a large ‘T’ and are dotted around the city centre. If you have to travel between Djurgarden and Sergels Torg, take Tram Line 7. TBD TBD. Description: This map shows streets, roads, points of interest, public transport in Stockholm. Though the route maps and timetable of the bus services is pretty complicated, it is worth studying them as there are a number of useful connections that run down to many of the suburban tourist attractions. Stockholm Transit Maps (PDF) Are you visiting Stockholm and want to have an offline map to view without internet connectivity? On the other hand, Stockholm is a haven for cyclists with an extensive network of cycling paths criss-crossing the city. It is a … Three main metro lines (red, blue and green) serve the entire region around Stockholm, all running north to south. Trains run from roughly 5am–1am each day, and provide one of the best options for getting around Stockholm. If you plan on taking the public transportation in exploring the city of Stockholm, our Stockholm Transport Map can serve as your guide. Comprehensive travel guide - Stockholm on The underground train service is the easiest means of getting around with the city being divided into three distinct … Districts of Stockholm. Slussen, Fridhemsplan, Odenplan and Sergels Torg are among the places from where buses to the inner-city destinations generally radiate. Stockholm transport map Click to see large. More people need to choose to walk, cycle and use public transport. It is sometimes possible to pay cash on trams and some commuter trains. If you provide a transportation service that is open to the public, and operates with fixed schedules and routes, we welcome your participation - it is simple and free. transport. The one operating between Djurgarden and Slussen is likely to be most appealing for the tourists to the city as it covers such tourist attractions as Astrid Lindgren World for children, Grona Lund amusement park and the Skansen big island apart from numerous other museums. Due to the current situation with the new coronavirus Covid-19, SL and The Public Health Agency of Sweden urge everyone to avoid traveling by public... Public transportation - Visitstockholm Visit Stockholm uses cookies to ensure you the best experience on our website. All Stockholm … One of the most usual methods of getting around the city is by means of the Subway system in Stockholm which is also referred to as the T-bana or Tunnelbana service. Moovit has easy-to-download transportation maps in PDF format from around the world. It extends about 50km from central Stockholm. The county council is responsible for the public transport in Stockholm. The Stockholm Public Transit System is comprised of buses, underground trains, commuter trains, trams and designated ferry lines in greater stockholm. If you have to travel on the Stockholm Tramways, it is recommended that you take the one on route number 7. Perfect to print and bring with you or download in your phone. Stockholm . It’s also a unique, free guide to the world-known art of the Stockholm metro. Map of Stockholm Metro showing various lines and stations is below. These lines all travel through Stockholm’s central station “T-Centralen” and transfer to one another at different points marked on the system map, visible within each metro car. Stockholm Public Transport (Swedish: Aktiebolaget Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, lit. ‎This app makes it easier for you to navigate using Stockholm’s public transportation system. Inside Stockholm: Public Transportation - Before you visit Stockholm, visit Tripadvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travellers by travellers. Buses on routes 43 and 65 will be very useful to the hostellers. Public transport at sea. ‎This app makes it easier for you to navigate using Stockholm’s public transportation system. Limited parking spaces, congested streets and small one-way streets are the most notable problems in the region. Write a reviewLeave a review about this route Add to favorites On the map. Even if this is a perfect city to explore by foot, almost everything is within walking distance in the inner city, it can be nice to gain some extra time by using the public transports every once in a while. Stockholm's Trains I did some transit spotting during my Stockholm visit, and will post photos here as I process and upload them to my server. Change the currency: € (EUR), $ (USD), £ (GBP), AU$ (AUD), or This average is based on 10 price points. Up-to-date information about public transport routes. With the efficient and user-friendly SL, Stockholm’s public transportation company, it makes sense that so many Stockholmers take to the metro, buses, and more. Copenhagen, Denmark: maps of the public transport networks, showing routes of buses, metro, s-togs (trains), and boats Maps of all the transit services in Greater Copenhagen and the City of Copenhagen are on the website. Each day in Stockholm, 700,000 trips are made using public transportation. Zoom in or click on a vehicle, to see if real-time data is available.

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