In addition to the said modifications, the Government of India has also proposed certain changes to the said Code in the light of COVID-19 Pandemic. Clause 3.—This clause relates to the registration of establishments and specifies the procedure for such registration. 3. The clause also provides regarding the responsibility of a manager. Clause 19.—This clause seeks to notify the research related activities in certain institutions in the field of occupational safety and health to conduct research, experiments and demonstrations relating to occupational safety and health and thereafter to submit their recommendation to the appropriate Government. 122 of 2020. Clause 28.—This clause provide certain provisions relating to night shifts where a worker in an establishment works on a shift which extends beyond midnight relating to the calculation of holiday and the following day for the worker. Do you work with hazardous substances Are there high noise levels in your company Or are you planning changes to workflows soon As part of our occupational health care services, our physicians can inspect work processes and update risk assessments. Clause 47.—This clause contains of the provisions relating to licensing of contractors. Clause 12.—This clause deals with notice of certain diseases specified in the Third Schedule to the proposed Code by the employer to the authorities determined by the appropriate Government by rules and the report to be sent by the medical practitioner to the Chief Inspector-cum-Facilitator, if he believes that the person attended by him has been suffering by such disease. 5. Clause 68.—This clause relates to non-applicability of the certain provision of the Code in certain cases such as excavation in mine being made for prospecting purposes only and not for the purpose of obtaining minerals for use or sale subject to the conditions specified in the clause and in case the mine engaged in the extraction of kankar, murrum, laterite, boulder, gravel, shingle, ordinary sand etc., as specified in the clause. Occupational safety and health (OSH), also commonly referred to as occupational health and safety (OHS), occupational health, or occupational safety, is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people at occupation. These matters, inter alia, include:— (a) the other authority under sub-Clause (iii) of Clause (zs) of sub-section (1) of section 2; (b) the form of certificate of registration, the time within which and the conditions subject to which such certificate shall be issued under sub-section (3) of section 3; (c) the terms and conditions of service of officers and employees of the National Board under sub-section (4) of section 16; (d) the form and manner of collecting, compiling and analyzing occupational safety and health statistics under sub-section (1) of section 21; (e) the health and working conditions under sub-section (1) of section 23; (f) the matters specified in sub-section (2) of section 23; (g) the hours of work for working journalist under sub-section (2) of section 25; (h) the maximum period of accumulating leave under Clause (ii) sub-section (3) of section 25; (i) the conditions and restrictions for entitlement of cash compensation under Clause (iv) of sub-section (3) of section 25; ( j) the requisite qualifications or criteria under sub-section (1) of section 47; (k) the conditions relating to workings, opencast workings and explosives under Clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 68; (l) the authority, the manner of informing such authority and the time limit for making such information under sub-section (3) of section 68; (m) the language of the bye-laws under sub-section (7) of section 139; and (n) any other with which is required to be, or may be, prescribed under this Code. The qualifications and experience of the Chief Inspector-cum-Facilitator shall be determined by rules. This paper examines the scale and dynamic nature of occupational diseases and the challenges associated with their prevention. Best deals on Safety Products Previous page. The special powers of the Inspector-cum-Facilitator have been specified in respect of factory, mine, dock work and building or other construction work in this clause. The employer of a mine is empowered to make bye-laws as specified in the clause. Clause 72.—This clause relates to vocational training and rescue and recovery services for person employed in a mine. Clause 115.—This clause relates to Social Security Fund. Sub-Clause (1) of Clause 133 (1) of the Code empowers the appropriate Government, subject to the condition of previous publication and by notification, to make rules for carrying out the provisions of the proposed Code. Bengaluru, Karnataka, V- 4, 1st Floor, Opposite Corporation Bank, RK Complex, Electronic City, Phase 1, Electronics City, Bengaluru - 560100, Dist. Clause 95.—This clause provides the provision relating to punishment for causing obstruction to Chief Inspector-cum-Facilitator or Inspector-cum-Facilitator, etc. Occupational Safety, Health And Working Conditions Code, 2020 is expected to consolidate and amend the laws regulating the occupational safety, health and working conditions of the persons employed in an establishment and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Such responsibility of the occupier of a factory involving hazardous process relates inter alia to maintaining accurate and up-to-date health records. Clause 112.—This clause provides the provisions relating to jurisdiction of a court for entertaining proceedings, etc., for offence. Such cases relate to event of the occurrence of an accident in an establishment which has caused or had the potentiality to cause serious danger to employees and other persons within, and in the vicinity of the workplace or whether immediate or delayed, or any occupational disease as specified in the third Schedule. It also provides the consultation by the State Government with National Board. Clause 63.—This clause provides the facility of toll free helpline to the inter-State migrant workers as specified in the class. Clause 22.—This clause provides the provisions relating to constitution of Safety Committee in the establishment or class of establishment and the responsibility of the employer to appoint safety officers. The 2019 Bill permitted the appropriate government to exempt any establishment or class of establishment from any provisions of the Code. In view of this, the Government of India has decided to withdraw pending the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2019 and to introduce the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020. 50 of 1978); England Master of Public Health (Occupational Health) MPH, Postgraduate Certificate - PgCert, Postgraduate Diploma - … Responsibility for worker health and safety is a tough job that demands you know the facts. Bengaluru, Karnataka. Clause 128.—This clause deals with power to exempt during public emergency as specified in the clause. Clause 18.—This clause empower the Central Government to declare standards on occupational safety and health for work places relating to factories, mines, dock work, building and other construction work and other establishments and other details relating thereto. The responsibilities of the owner and agent are joint and several. Clause 76.—This clause relates to permission to work by employees outside industrial premises. From helping to prevent work-related illness and stress to understanding how... Read more. No. Clause 109.—This clause deals with offences by companies, etc., under the circumstances specified in the clause every person who, at the time the offence was committed, was in charge of, and was responsible to, the company for the conduct of the business of the company, as well as the company, shall be deemed to be guilty of the offence and shall be liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly. Copyright © 1996-2020 IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. All rights reserved. Occupational Health is a diverse science applied by occupational health professionals engineers, environmental health practitioners, chemists, toxicologists, doctors, nurses, safety professionals and others who have an interest in the protection of the health of workers in the workplace. MEMORANDUM REGARDING DELEGATED LEGISLATION. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Bengaluru University of Manchester Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. The details regarding the information have been specified in the clause. Occupational Health and safety measures are for the employees by the government. Clause 96.—This clause provides the provisions relating to penalty for non-maintenance of register, records and non-filing of returns, etc. SA 302, Sri Ram Vandana Apartment, Saladatta, Near, Golf Link Park, Saladatta, Bengaluru - 560037, Dist. Thank You. Clause 93.—This clause deals with the safety in plantation. Clause 127.—This clause deals with power to exempt in special cases as specified in the clause. Clause 56.—This clause relates to experience certificate to be given by the concerned contractor of the establishment concerned to the contract labour as and when demanded giving details therein of the work performed by the contract labour. Clause 90.—This clause provides the provisions relating to appeal against the order of Inspector-cum-Facilitator in case of factory. 29, Empire Infanry, Bengaluru - 560001, Dist. It also provides enhanced punishment in case of repetition of such offences after conviction. The duties of the Inspector-cum-Facilitator and the powers of the Chief Inspector-cum-Facilitator have been specified in the clause. The provision of part VII of chapter XI of the proposed Code shall apply to any place wherein manufacturing process is carried on with or without the aid of power irrespective of the number of workers working in the factory by the appropriate government by notification. The appointment of the manager shall be made by the owner or the agent. The Cine Workers and Cinema Theatre Workers Act, 1981; 12. 60/3, Konappana Agrahara, Electronic City, Hosur Main Road, Bengaluru - 560100, Dist. Clause 142.—This clause relating to laying of rules made by State Government before the State Legislature. Bengaluru, Karnataka. IAOH is committed to enable occupational health professionals to make India's work places healthy, safe and green — free from the ill effects of hazards, by evolving effective solutions; To be the nodal nongovernmental organization committed to attend highest standards of health in India by enabling stake holders, influencing policy makers and creating … An occupational health assessment is a useful addition to a doctor’s medical report because it’s more focused on: how the employee does their job; how the job might affect the employee’s health; The employer should consider the recommendations of both the occupational health and doctor’s reports. Clause 124.—This clause contains the provisions relating to general restriction on disclosure of information. occupational health service to be responsible for the total of worker and, if possible, his or her family. Clause 134.—This clause deals with power of the Central Government to make rules subject to condition of previous publication and by notification, for carrying out the purposes of the proposed Code. Clause 38.—This clause relates to special powers of Inspector-cum-Facilitator in respect of factory, mines and dock work and building and other construction work. However, regarding applicability of the provisions of the Code to a mine, the Central Government has powers as specified in this clause and in case of non-fulfilment of certain conditions; the provisions of the Code shall apply to a mine as specified in the clause. Under the provision the compoundable offences are specified. The employment of women worker shall be made by the employer in all kinds of occupation subject to the conditions relating inter alia to safety, holidays and working hours as specified in the rules and with the consent of such women before 6 a.m. and beyond 7 p.m.. The provision of the clause also specifies the content of the licence. The appropriate Government has powered to exempt the workers from the provision under this clause. Indian Association of Occupational Health. 37 of 2020 Clause 14.—This clause deals with rights of employee to obtain from the employer information relating to employee’s health and safety at work,to represent employer directly or through a member of the Safety Committee, to give information regarding the imminent danger, etc., to the employer.

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