So keep on doing massage because it really is great natural medicine! Almost every therapist tells me my neck, shoulders, quads…are very tight and that i have more trigger points then any other client they have. They cannot give us good feedback. We are supposed to remember to offer water and let clients know that. Are they sore where you were massaged or only in some of the areas? Ask if she can give you a soothing massage on your neck and back to help settle them down. A bit of soreness again but bearable. I hope this helps and that you get rid of the dizziness and pain on top of your head soon. You might wish to see someone else. Do you have any idea why those muscles are so sore when you press them? My gut feeling is that muscles were not relaxed in a balanced way and that made it easier for you to sleep or turn possibly in a way that was different than you were used to. It will help them relax. Then do the back side. If i Turn my head to the right there is a small click in my head. You will also enjoy more of the health benefits of massage if you can have a session more frequently. And, as you said, tenderness that may occur after the first massage won’t typically happen again if the client comes in on a regular basis (even once a month.). Most doctors are really out of touch with muscle pain. * Some links do not have any affil­i­a­tion or compensation. I went in for a massage just over two weeks ago. Back to your massage therapists. I’m basing this on the length of time between the start of your discomfort and the massage. Sore After Massage? It can also lead to that day-after tenderness. Massage stretches your muscles to improve blood flow and ensure they function at the highest possible level. Lastly, could using that technique damage anything inside? They can be tender and even feel bruised afterward (or even be bruised sometimes.). If you are having regular massage, after the first few sessions you will probably not have any more soreness. I think your explanation of being slightly off balance makes perfect sense. We should touch and help friends and family more. You can also use essential oils for pain relief. (Tell ’em it was my idea.) I’m sorry for my delay in responding–Internet connection issues–hopefully, by now you are feeling better. However, I was not expecting that she would focus exclusively on these areas. I’m not sure if that makes sense! Whenever you have a massage, please don’t be shy. Working on just backs further weakens the backs (which is why they are usually complaining in the first place.). If you don’t let her know how you are feeling, she has no way to know what she did or how to avoid hurting others. Or, perhaps you are unknowingly tightening a group of muscles during a massage, anticipating pain. you may find more relief from an anti-inflammatory like Aleve than a pain med. It does NOT hurt our feelings. I had a bunch of errands to run today and I’m not sure my feet can hang. Hi Christine, Good information and questions. Within about 3 hours the heels in my feet were extremely sore. That’s not typical. The message therapist mainly focused on following areas: between shoulder blades and mid-back. It should be gone in just a few days. If you haven’t had a massage recently or if it’s your first one, it’s more likely that you will feel sore afterward. Print out this article and send it to her along with a note: “Just wanted you to understand why you were so sore after your last massage. Shari, I never believe that massage, correctly applied, can cause harm. It’s not surprising if someone is sore after a massage because the muscles aren’t used to being manipulated and kneaded or pressed. My other therapist would rub my back, not just press hard on it. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It may of eased, but still not right. To target a small area of the body, you can use a small container of ice. And massage is an awesome natural medicine so I am really glad you are taking care of yourself like that. We most often complain of pain in our backs the the front of the body also needs to be treated. When you get rid of the trigger points and get your muscles back into more balance you may discover that the fibromyalgia is gone! Ice addresses both nerves and muscles so whichever is at fault will settle down. I’m thinking strongly it’s related to posture or position. Perfectionism some people are….. She moved from one spot to another, never rubbing or kneeding. 1. When it is too uncomfortable you, the client, must tell the therapist to lighten up. So, yesterday I tried a new therapist. I couldnt belive it after the pain i was feeling was so intense…, I haven’t heard of this before so I wonder whether the Tiger Balm made your sweat sticky? The first massage usually causes the most soreness (if there will be any.). If you had disclosed your anxiety symptoms to the therapist, he should have been able to do a general relaxation-type massage. Wrap the pack all the way to the notch in your collar bone. Ask her for suggestions. Compression is a good technique, but like the others, one starts gradually and goes deeper slowly. I am not dizzy at all, and felt great as soon as I woke up. That diagnosis means: I acknowledge that you hurt but I don’t know why. I feel very unbalanced. Massage can create a response much like starting a new exercise program and experiencing soreness. So, the more often you can have therapeutic massage, the more water you drink, and more open communication between you and your massage therapist, the less likely you will be to have soreness after massage. It’s your massage so you get to direct it. Cathy, if you can, it would be good to contact this therapist and tell her what is happening with you. You don’t necessarily need the therapist to get the benefits, though. Warm your body up to promote relaxation. We don’t mind. For those who will feel some pain in the middle of the massage, then it is best to ask the therapist to stop the massage immediately to prevent having the muscles irritated much further. It also felt very strange what she did to my neck – stroking it over and over so vigorously. This helps flush away toxins or acids that come to the surface during your massage. What would I suggest? Thanks again for your help!! And you might suggest that since you felt and feel so out of balance she might like to consider doing a corrective session with no charge. Take as directed on the bottle unless there is a reason you cannot take it. It’s not uncommon to feel soreness after a massage, especially a deep massage or if you haven’t been massaged in a long time (or ever) but the tingly cold sensation makes me think of a possible nerve response. If you want her to hang around an area longer, tell her that, too. The person who did your massage may have thought your ouches were a sign that the area was tight and that you wanted or needed her to work there. It’s normal to feel sore after a massage. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. The muscles of the chest -- the pectoral, serratus anterior, external and internal obliques, and the rectus abdominis -- are put under strain and pressure during a normal strength workout focusing on the chest. And that is why: Your muscles weren’t used to the movement of the massage. I was saying Och when she was working those spots & she kept at it. Check in with your body and notice where you can release tension. If you would feel comfortable talking with her about your response and sensations during the massage and afterward that mayhelp her do a better job next time for you or the next person. It’s often used in people who have injuries or chronic pain. These may indicate the presence of bruising or injuries underneath the surface of the skin. You may also ice or heat these sore areas to help get rid of the tenderness. I don’t know how old you are or what your posture is like. You can strengthen the muscles in the back of your neck and upper back by gently pressing your head (gently!) If it feels a little worse after heat, that means ice is the drug of choice. Maybe your massage relaxed those muscles a bit too much and so you are slouching more? This would be a medium pressure massage to get ‘into’ the muscles but with no discomfort to you. It might take only one dose of over-the-counter sodium naproxen (Aleve) … Your therapist will check in during the massage, but if you feel uncomfortable or want them to try a different pressure, speak up. When muscles are tight they are tender when massaged. You may already have found yourself lying in bed when suddenly your leg begins to ache, or pushing for that extra mile on the treadmill when you feel something cramp up. Also ask your therapist to relax your iliopsoas muscles. I did go to the doctor and he tol me to get X-Ray of my thorasic spine. It’s also important to let your therapist know if you have any medical concerns or injuries. She did ask if the pressure was too hard, but, as this was my first time with her, I wanted to experience the way she did things and not tell her what to do until I decided if her style was right for me. What should I do? I was tense going in and I feel more tense now than I was. These waste products are being flushed from the soft tissues. Get massages on a consistent basis in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the discomfort. My first was a month ago, half hour relaxation, had it in the early afternoon, a bit of soreness afterwards but slept like a log that night. Thanks. Lower in the spine the nerves serve the legs. My body feels a bit like a back ache and how you feel after a work out (but more painful). A: Experiencing sore or tight muscles is normal after a massage, especially if it has been a while since your last massage or you’ve never had one before. After stimulating muscles that you may not usually use, you might experience delayed onset muscle soreness. I’ve been feeling dizziness and slight pressure on top of my head. The therapist was a little more heavy handed today than last time. Feeling sore or in pain after your massage? Although I feel a little soreness around my neck and shoulders, I feel great. But in the meantime Im going to a new physiotherapist who I will see only every 2 weeks and the first appointment we just dealt with posture. Swedish massage is one of the most common types in the Western world. I read that a massage was good for anxiety to relieve stress. Hi there, Thank you for letting me know. There sure has been a rash of people writing lately with massage complaints. Elevate your feet and legs with pillows and take some time to listen to your favorite music, read a book, or sleep. Sometimes it can last longer. It feels like bees are stinging me. © If you're a That’s really common with most massages (but it doesn’t have to be.). The more clues I have the better I can do with a long-distance assessment. The bruisy feeling is because your muscles were moved and pressed into in ways they weren’t used to. I asked her to concentrate on my back and neck. Certain types of massage, such as deep tissue, are more likely to cause post-massage soreness. Lie on a cushioned mat or bed and listen to a mindfulness recording. Share the same story you shared with me. but this time the massage was very intense and very deep. So I end up going back to physiotherapy about a year ago, but it didnt really help. It could be a bruise. could this be related to the massage since my muscles are still sore from the massage? This is the week of massage complaints! In the same way that your body gets used to working out, your muscles need time to get used to being manipulated in certain ways. They attach your spine to your legs and hip bones. When you think of a massage, I bet you think of relaxation, soft touch, and cucumbers on your eyes. Not a good massage and I don’t go back to them. That’s why it’s very important to give feedback and let the therapist know about the pressure. This oxygenated blood helps “flush out” toxic waste in your muscles, which is the cause of typical soreness. Sometimes those tight areas are the result of tightness or trigger points in other muscles. I said that’s great and I’m glad you told me and tried to explain if you haven’t had massage long time, and don’t have as frequently its like excercising that you can be more sore afterwards and need to drink more water, and that definitely next time I will use lighter pressure. But sometimes a dose or two of Aleve does wonders with muscle or injury pain. I’m betting it’s just the muscle reacting to the deep manipulation. Sensory nerves all start in the spine. Stay hydrated Drink plenty of water before and after your massage. I suspect this will all pass within just a few days. When the muscles and tissues around the ears are tight, that can cause dizziness. Other options include aromatherapy, shiatsu, and hot stone. The heel also feels like it has a knot where it hurts, there’s like a lump. It’s 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off and place a thin cloth between you and the cold pack so you don’t freeze your skin. Get a massage. I just felt restless and couldn’t settle. It hurts to do anything other than stand, not moving or touching anything and on top of the soreness I’m feeling nauseous as well. Hence, many masseuse experts suggest having regular massages to avoid reverting to the experience of pain. Most therapists don’t spend enough time or depth on the front of body muscles. Deep tissue massage uses stronger pressure and may cause more soreness. Side-lying massage works like this: 1/4 of the time face down; 1/4 on one hip with pillows propping you as needed; 1/4 on your back and the last 1/4 on your opposite hip. Thank you for getting back. (2) Don’t allow him or her to work where it doesn’t feel “right” for you. I do not provide medical advice. It was both his and mine first times to get them done. And deep massage can actually cause bruising but that’s most often in the upper/inner thighs and the upper, outer chest and fronts of arms. Massage stirs things up. My lower back particular hurts which is odd as she only massaged my upper back. I hope you enjoy the varieties of massage. Anyway, the great news is that I feel WONDERFUL today. And acute pain in left shoulder and upper left back. The first 48-72 hours after an event it is better to use cold than heat. I’m so glad you feel better and you are very welcome. Later in the day I began to feel sore and light-headed. And I hope this helps you get rid of the neck pain from your massage. A massage can highlight areas of your body where you’re holding on to tightness. There are several herbs that may stimulate muscle relaxation and reduce inflammation. Post-massage soreness is similar to post-workout soreness. She also worked little bit on the trapezius muscles, the rotator cuff area and the neck. It really does help us do a better job. It’s your massage so you get to direct it. Trigger point, tuina, and sports massage are also options that use stronger pressure. I am normally good with pain and my threshold is high. This helps release muscle tension, improve flexibility, and improve circulation. Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. (2) Ask the client for feedback and establish good communication. She offered me water afterward and I am anxious to schedule my next appointment. This has definitely happened since the massage, and I’ve been having a hot bath each night. Seemingly I have problems in the piriformis and glutes. Working on the muscles all the way around helps balance bodies. Or, it may be at least in part because those areas weren’t treated at all during the massage. Also, be sure to tell the therapist next time how you felt this time. It sounds like a massage that I would not have liked either! If you experience pain that’s severe or long lasting, it could be due to an underlying condition or untreated injury. If not, start now. Im thinking maybe they’re sore from carrying so much? Hi Patricia, Your soreness should be going away by now or maybe tomorrow. I only slept for about an hour. My trapezius muscles have discomfort and soreness. This is my first massage in many years & it was an hour. Would love your thoughts! I have read your recommendations to take Aleve and will do so, but should I do cold or hot therapy for my specific case? on Why Are Your Muscles Sore After Massage, How To Get The Natural Curves Back In Your Spine To Improve Posture And Reduce Neck and Back Pain, SIMPLE PAIN RELIEF with Kathryn Merrow, the Pain Relief Coach,, How to Get a Strong, Flat Belly for Back Pain Relief and Head Pain Relief, #1 in Pain Management — Natural Headache and Migraine Relief. Learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatment. (Ok–so I fall every now and then!) Ive drank a lot of water today but dont know if its too late! It should be about 50-50 back and front. The water instead of the coke would have been a better choice. Ice reduces pain and swelling and it also is the drug of choice for irritated nerves. Gentle massage would also help your muscles. I’m happy you had a great experience with your first massage and plan to have more! And you must always give feedback to your massage therapist. And the therapist is supposed to respect your input and lighten up. Please let me know if your back continues to hurt. I also wonder whether the therapist spent a balanced amount of time on your body. This article reviews how to find a healthy peanut butter and lists 6 of the…, Biotin is an essential vitamin that helps regulate energy metabolism and cellular function. No caffeine late in the day or anything like that. The last one I had was about 2 yrs ago. Letting her know your response will help her do a better job with other clients. I need help…please provide some advice. If they are too warm for you be sure to tell the therapist. I’m sharing this post with a new client who felt “worked over” after her first massage in a long time. Hi Kathryn Go to one who will work on the back side and the front side of your body rather than just the back. Some massage to your back muscles may feel helpful but the bulk of the massage should be to the short, tight muscles in the front of your body that are pulling your head forward. A dermatome chart shows the areas that are served by sensory nerves. A type of massage therapy, deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles). Thank you for your informative website! It’s your body and you are in charge. Diaper rash creams can help soothe your baby when diaper rash strikes. I hope this helps. Those may be clues for me to help you also. And whenever you have a massage, remember that you are the one in charge. It’s important that she understand what she did and try to rectify it. I had my first whole body massage today, and it was for one hour. You can take them as a capsule, tincture, or tea. They just block sensation sometimes. Don’t be grossed out; apparently your body was doing its own magical healing. Or, take an ice bath to relieve inflammation, alleviate soreness, and boost blood flow. I wonder whether she spent most of the time working on your back rather than doing a general, all over massage? Dear Mary, I am so sorry to hear of your experience. It’s perfectly fine that your friend who is not a professional therapist gave you a massage. Stretching can also significantly aid in loosening up any tensed muscles within the targeted massage area that may have become sore as a result of compressed nerves and pressure buildup. The pain was so intense i nearly jumped off the table. I don’t suspect it was the massage. A couple of days later I had a sore right shoulder and neck. But I wonder whether your question is how long does it take for muscles to get rid of the original symptoms? But a 6 or 7 on the discomfort scale allows muscles to relax without too much discomfort. Best ever….. This is a physical response to the inflammation as your body heals. A deeper “therapeutic” massage is more likely to cause soreness than a really light massage. Dear Kathryn, Discover the truth about why you hurt and the "secrets" to becoming pain free! Each kind of pain, sore quads, ache, and the individual will have different reactions for each massage. This feels counterproductive! Well she dug in deep in my hips & the 2 dimples in the butt. She did a great job on my extremities, but during the massage on my back, she just used her palms and pushed really hard. . Ice is probably the best self-care treatment to help the backs of your arms feel better. That’s so sad to me. I’m glad you have another appointment. How to Relieve Sore Muscles After a Massage It’s that time of year when everyone is rushing around trying to do everything at once, including using up the last of those oh-so-precious extended benefits. I suggest this because of your ‘heavy head.’. Some use the stones as wonderful therapeutic tools and some just do a routine–rub a few seconds and place the stone and go on to the next stone. Well here it is 8 days later & it still hurts in those 2 dimples. Please help! No, I don’t suspect she did any internal damage; you would know by now. The thing is I due recall the therapist working on my feet towards the end of the massage and it felt great. Sore muscles can occur during or immediately after a workout known as acute muscle soreness or can occur after 12-24 hours of workout that lasts up to 2-3 days … A little intensity here and there is more easily tolerated than wringing out most of the body. If you feel relaxed, refreshed and a little drowsy, I’d think evenings would be okay for the next time. Right? And a cold sensation if you can imagine someone rubbing you in Vicks vapour rub! You can spend a few minutes applying the ointment while giving yourself a mini-massage in the process. If you do decide to apply some massage, keep it gentle to encourage healing. i drank lots of water..should i be concerned and go to a doctor, I’m sorry to hear of your experience. I hope this helps and I hope you will feel better soon. Exactly where your nerve sensations are determines where to apply the ice. You could feel the knots and almost hear them whilst she was moving them around and then apply pushing pressure on them. I will NEVER go for a massage again. I wonder whether your second massage was also 1/2 hour? If a massage is too light (just rubbing skin, not muscle) it may be a pleasant hour but won’t create relaxation. I was fine that evening but yesterday I woke up in a lot of pain and today I was even worse, even a bit sick. I wear heels 5 days a week at work, so I do notice my lower back, gluts and quads tend to have a lot of trigger points. Way too many massage practitioners make that error. In the end, we will be able to respond to the question of whether you are supposed to feel sore after a message. It sounds like the therapist worked more deeply than your body wanted right then. Perhaps a muscle was worked on too hard, too fast. And that is why: Your muscles weren’t used to the movement of the massage. Ice is the drug of choice that I’d suggest. It’s great for your immune system! There was a lot of creaking or cracking of my bones, it did hurt to begin with but then was fine. This time you might ask him to work a bit less deeply. Thank you for writing. my back is still stiff. If you are still sore, cold packs will probably help the most. If, when you lay on your back, you usually put your knees up and feet flat on the bed because it’s more comfortable for your back, then your psoas muscles are involved. Tell her I suggested that if you wish. I went to local doctor, who gave me an injection and medicine. Sometimes it doesn’t come on for a day or two. I appreciate any input you have about this. any suggestions? A very firm or very fast massage can be more corrective or energizing. And you are the one in charge of your massage. This site is very helpful and I’ll send it along with clients to get questions and answers. Today, my lower left back is very sore and I have pain in the lower left front of my body as well (between my belly button and hip). I would suggest calling him and letting him know how you are feeling. Most folks with FM complain about their backs and necks. 2020 SIMPLE PAIN RELIEF with Kathryn Merrow, the Pain Relief Coach. A few days after the massage I started experiencing pain and soreness between the shoulder blades, below the shoulder blades (rib area), around kidney area, abdominal pain. If you ever go back to him again, be sure to let him know at that time also. Also, where did the doctor do the injection and where did the physiotherapist focus? Not painful by its self but hurts when I touch it. Just because we have extensive training doesn’t mean we always use the correct pressure. Add a few drops to your bath or shower or use a diffuser. Some people have soreness following therapeutic massage and others never do. Have any more questions? A “10” is too much and you are tightening your muscles against the pain so the massage is not productive. We cannot read minds too well and new or inexperienced or not highly skilled therapists especially need feedback. Here are some of the best bassinets for travel, co-sleeping, small spaces, and…. How can I stop this? I suspect your therapist was unnecessarily rough and worked more deeply than she needed to. Having moved Ive gone to a new doctor who thinks I may have fibromyalgia as also have many trigger points and referred pain and pain other places, so awaiting to see a rheumatologist. I’ve been up at night and have had lots of pain all over the body – in the hips, lower back, hamstrings. Cold packs on your neck and upper back will help. Cold is a great therapy for BOTH muscle soreness and nerve inflammation. And speaking of drugs, (I am not a doctor!!!) It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. Using cold therapy or cold packs on the areas of most intensity will also help. Today the pain was just as bad. The problem is often those tight front muscles. yesterday i had a swedish massage but he really got in there and especially up and down ,y legs… well 5 hours later cant walk my right leg is painful and couldnt sleep i was so achy and now i still liming this morning and forget steps It’s been little over two weeks since the massage. And do use cold therapy or moving ice on your heel for now. When you get your next massage be sure to tell that therapist about areas that are uncomfortable as she works. I got a massage tuesday– now friday. Here’s a question we get often: If massage is supposed to make you feel better, why am I sore the day after my session? Help what could it be? The pain is much better than before but now I have another problem. Did she also do your legs or upper chest muscles or your neck? Sometimes that happens working over bony areas or areas of very tight muscle or tissue. He may offer to have you come in again at no cost to do a lighter massage. I thought about getting a pedicure today to see if the pampering would help. It sounds like they all have a lot of misinformation about knots and trigger points. A massage to relieve deep muscle knots will be quite different from a massage to stimulate relaxation, so keep this in mind. Soreness can be an area of the body that after receiving the massage feels tender to the touch, swollen, or sometimes even bruised. Those are places with a lot of blood vessels so sometimes some bruising will occur. Maybe your boyfriends massage was lighter or he drank more water afterward. This morning I am still a little dizzy and light-headed and the soreness in my muscles is almost unbearable. I asked my doctor if i could have a pinced nerve from the massage but he said pinched nerve would send pain down the leg and arms. The therapist worked mostly on my back and legs today. What are your thoughts on Hot Stone Massage and Reflexology? If you’re feeling pain in a certain part of your body, you may unconsciously ignore this spot, which can cause tension. This has been going on for 4 days now. It is good to give feedback–it helps us provide a better massage. Kathryn, I’ve had several massages over the years, though I’m not a regular. That means that the therapist and YOU must direct the massage in the way that is most beneficial for you. Some practitoners mistake any tight area for a place to work. Hi, I have been getting massages for years. Thank you for writing and for taking care of yourself. However, as part of the healing process, you may feel some degree of muscle soreness or tightness afterward. Thanks. Thank you for writing. That’s why I know first hand that cold therapy works. Especially if you did not have complaints of low back, hip, foot or leg pain there was probably no reason for her to work so deeply there. She or he may offer to have you come back without a fee to do a gentle type of corrective, balancing massage. What’s really going on in your lower back is muscle strain from the shoes and maybe the way you sit, too. So the let us begin… Types of massage There are so many types of massage, most of them depending on the goal or the desired outcome. They feel like (and kind of look like) they have bruises. I had my first-ever massage yesterday afternoon and it felt wonderful. How long have I got to go through this!

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