That contact information can be found below. Below are more detailed descriptions of what each of those sections is looking for. ... [Kevin Nguyen] captures beautifully the subtle strains of being disenfranchised, poor and lonely in New York. In the past, we’ve investigated the Federal Communications Commission’s shoddy broadband maps, the opaque moderation rules that shape discourse on social platforms, and a family YouTube channel that turned into a child abuse case. We are looking for stories. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Grantland, The Awl, The Paris Review, The New Republic, and elsewhere. Kevin Nguyen | Greater Boston Area | Manufacturing Engineer at Teleflex Incorporated | 500+ connections | View Kevin's homepage, profile, activity, articles About Kevin Nguyen. The Verge covers the ways that technology and science are changing the way we live. Depending on the focus of your story, it may fall under one of The Verge’s desks: features, tech, science, transportation, film & TV, games, and art. Our stories go through a collaborative and thorough editorial process, and writers are paid at competitive rates. For science pitches, email The more specific you can be about your strengths and interests, the easier it is to pair you with our editorial team. By Kevin Nguyen. By Kevin Nguyen — Last month, the National Football League announced it would cancel the 2021 Pro Bowl game — news that went … Ideal artists can work collaboratively to develop a story concept, meet deadlines, and deliver stellar final results. The Verge - Kevin Nguyen. Everyone needs to get around. Games are vast and varied, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for in our coverage of interactive entertainment. Sure, if you have big scoops about the abusive working conditions of Facebook moderators, we want to hear about it. If your story depends on access to a person or company, you should say whether you have obtained it already (and if not, what your prospects are). The Verge covers the ways that technology and science are changing the way we live. In his new role, Kevin will report to Nilay Patel, Editor-in-Chief of The Verge. The Verge is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2011 to examine how technology will change life in the future for a massive mainstream audience. What we’re looking for is fresh perspectives: opinionated essays, in-depth analyses that help us understand individual films and movies better, and overviews that explore larger trends in entertainment. Details on how to pitch yourself as an illustrator are below. Lucas’s lowly status at Phantom allows Nguyen, who is the features editor at The Verge and previously served as senior editor at GQ, to give readers a ground-floor view of life at a rapidly-growing app, ... Posted in Book Reviews Tagged kevin nguyen Post navigation. That could be an inside look at a company, an investigation of hidden labor behind a popular product, or a diagnosis of how a particular technology is changing society. He was previously Walter E. Hussman Sr. Pitches for written work are usually read by their subject area editor. We love evocative art and illustrations, so we look for work that is bold, clear, and intelligent. Kevin Nguyen is the features editor at The Verge and was previously a senior editor at GQ. The Verge has hired Kevin Nguyen as its features editor.. If you love science, show us your strongest science work. 0% lower than the average critic. For example, a broad overview of CRISPR/Cas9 is less interesting to us than a scientist’s specific work on a gene variant. Chris Roush is the dean of the School of Communications at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. We’ve published stories about a self-driving tech entrepreneur, the allure of “flying cars,” little-known but wild innovations in mass transit, and how big tech companies are reimagining our every move. Nguyen was most recently a senior editor at GQ and is currently working on a novel. Today, Kevin Nguyen, the features editor at The Verge, has raised the bar once again (He even said he had fun doing it!). This website is operated by Chris Roush and team. We have plenty of reviewers! Kevin Nguyen Select another critic » The Verge. On average, this critic grades 26 points higher than other critics. Distinguished Professor in business journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. Subscribe to Talking Biz News to receive updates daily or weekly about new stories. By Julia Alexander, Kevin Nguyen, Andrew Liptak, Jon Porter — Coming in 2020 Contributors: Verge Staff WarnerMedia is about to jump into the streaming video world with HBO Max, its answer to streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV Plus. Kevin Nguyen’s debut novel, New Waves, explores grief not through the prisms of ruminating and loss, but rather through their absence.The book follows Lucas, a Vietnamese customer service rep with alcoholism, who helps Margo, his best friend, drinking buddy, and crush, steal user info from the tech company where she’s the sole Black employee.

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