This site is best browsed with resolution 1024 x 768 Internet Explorer 6.0 or above Inline figure skates are sometimes called dry land ice skates, because they offer an ice figure skating experience without a need for making and maintaining an ice surface. Pic Skate, Snow White, SD Pro, Linea V & M and the new IFS PRO - All do exactly the same thing, they are all designed to simulate ice skating on wheels. Weber Sports offers only the best in inline speed skate frames by the world's best craftsmen. When skating the frame is designed for the skater to be on either the front two wheels or the back two wheels creating a rocker effect. These are the go-to frames for pretty much any inline skates you could think of. Services. Bont's entry-level inline skate frames use a minimum grade aluminum of 6061 T6 material and all Bont inline frames use 7000 series axles to ensure that the inline frame axles will not strip. The SD PRO comes with a hybrid indoor/outdoor wheel (which means it can be used either inside or outside - not both) the Starlight has a harder wheel in the front position for better wheel wear when you spin. We recommend this frame for beginner to intermediate freestyle ice skaters, dancers, and Synchro skaters. This frame specifically designed to skate and train for freestyle skating. Linea -  Made by Roll line - Imported from Italy. © 2020 Pro's Edge Sports / Depending on the type of skating you are doing, different benefits will be important to you. The three-wheel rockered design is the latest step in the evolution from clunky roller … There are 2 key features that make this plate special. Pic Skate - The pioneer - The first inline figure frame. Snow White Off-Ice Artistic Inline Figure Skate Frames Set is a ground-breaking design for artistic inline figure skates. This feature gives you much more and edge power and speed. SD Pro Starlight - This frame is imported from Spain. Your first blog post! In this section you will find the best selection of Inline Frames in North America for various skating styles including Freestyle, Slalom, City, Fitness, Aggressive, Artistic, Recreational, and Speed skating. Carbon frames: The most expensive of the bunch but ticks all the checkboxes except the affordability one! Like most good … this can only be found at Pic Skate dealers or directly from the manufacturer. Second, the center wheel can bee adjusted to either a rocker position or an inline position like the IFS Pro. With its bi-level reinforcement-bridge to reduce impact torsion and its versatile mounting platform, … (Set … InlineFigure, Home of the Artistic Inline Roller Skates. This frame is anodized extruded aluminum that is very strong and light and can handle all levels from beginner to professional skaters of all weights. Sunday, Monday – Closed, Powerslide Pitch Control Set (4flat) Along, Powerslide Pitch Control Set Across (4flat), Powerslide Vision Frames 274mm 4×90 165 mount, Kizer Flux 2-in-1 4×90 or 3×100 White Aggressive Trinity Frames, Powerslide Elite Casted AL White 3×110 Trinity Frames, Powerslide Elite Casted AL 3×100 Trinity Frames, Powerslide Elite Casted AL Black 3×110 Trinity Frames. Mon-Fri 10:30-4:00, Physical Shop: For Order Status, Technical Info, We recommend this frame for beginner to intermediate freestyle ice skaters, dancers, and Synchro skaters. About Us. Also a metric toe stop. (Came from manufacturer without box) How to … Inline skating has reached a new high. K2 Skates develops inline skates and ice skates for a range of skating activities; ranging from fitness to training, park/rails, for kids - including protective helmets and pads. This frame has a standard adjustable toe stop (pick) that can be fine tuned to your individual preference. Roller skates or Inline skates designed specifically so you can figure skate outside. The 3 wheel is comparable to the other brands. Northern Ice and Dance, located in Downtown Potsdam in northern New York, specializes in figure skating and dance equipment for any level of skater or dancer, from beginner to expert. SidelineSwap is where athletes buy and sell their gear. We tested the Línea frame mounted on the Risport Royal Elite boot (size 36 EU). G H inlines will give you the freedom to perform … frames… The alignment of the wheels of a Pic Inline Skate replicates the rocker of a figure skating blade. Find any flat surface, your garage, underground parking lot, or tennis court and transform that surface into a sheet of ice with these specially designed inline figure Skates. IFS PRO - Brand new 3 wheel inline figure skate frame. Inline figure skaters will love how the shorter frame length allows tighter turns and closer footwork. This is also a great frame for first time inliners and Adult inliners. Shop Figure Skates up to 70% off, or list for free in seconds. The IFS Pro have specifically been paired with Abec 9 professional bearings and 82A outdoor wheels designed for asphalt, tennis and basketball courts and textured surfaces. The Sk8gear Store can also assemble inline frames to boots from our own Belati® Ice Collection. Pic has 2 different frame types, 3 wheel or 4 wheel. Those frames … Inline Skate Frames Change out existing or buy new inline skate frames. The first question I asked was, Read More » Boots. This frame is … The Snow White skate is the most popular inline figure … The Pic ® Skate is truly a skaters' skate. This makes it possible to mount ice skating shoes on a roller skate frame. Inline figure skating. The Roll-Line Línea Frame in Detail Test Procedures. As a result, a Pic Skate performs like an ice skate and is an excellent off-ice training tool for figure skaters (just no Hockey Stops or Forward “T’s”). It is made from avional aluminium, in order to ensure great resistance to shocks and an elevate tensile and torsion strength. Use them to train when off-ice or when ice … Below are the pros, cons, and our 2 cents to 3 and 4 wheel inline skates that will help you align the type of skating you are doing with the type of skates, frames… It gives you the best of both worlds for both styles of skating. You can adjust the rear wheel to simulate a short mount for mobility or full mount for power and stability. Thanks to the development of competitive sports, Arthur … Aggressive Ice Blade – fits majority of the aggressive inline frames… Mounting and … Feb 15th 2014. It is also the most expensive of all the frames. Riedell Boot + IFS PRO Inline Figure Frame, Edea Icefly + SD Pro Inline skate Package. Sizes 13-3 - V & M Frame Sizes 3.5 - 8.5 IFS Pro V & M& IFS PRO rame set is specifically designed for the recreatrional to intermediate freestyle skater and intermediate to pro level dancer. They are just different brands, different quality, different look, with some different features. EDEA Boot + IFS PRO Inline Figure Frame Set Up - IN STOCK - MOST SIZES! Assistance, Exchanges & Returns: Online Customer Service: the toe stops are readily available and have american standard threading. Jackson Boot + V & M or IFS PRO Inline Figure Frame Set Up - IN STOCK - MOST SIZES! This frame can be mounted to any ice skate boot. IFS PRO - Brand new 3 wheel inline figure skate frame. Skating should not be painful! This is also a great frame for first time inliners and Adult inliners. In 1998, John Petell, in collaboration with Nick Perna, launched Pic Skates: a frame with "rockering" specially designed for inline artistic skating. The 894 PIC®Frame Set consists of a satin finished rockered frame that will withstand the rigors of a demanding skater. Use the Frame Finder to the left to sort by filters by brand, mount, wheel configuration and/or others. Snow White - This frame is imported from Taiwan - It is very similar to the SD Pro Starlight. (2), Multicolored In this section you will find the best selection of Inline Frames in North America for various skating styles including Freestyle, Slalom, City, Fitness, Aggressive, Artistic, Recreational, and Speed skating. All three wheels are at touching the ground, so it is one of the most stable inline frame sets. Brands you can trust such as Atom Skates, Bont, Cado Motus, Core, EO Carbon, Gyro, Liberty Sports, Luigino, … Comes with Speed Max indoor wheels. Aerospace grade aluminums or alloys are common base materials and they support large wheel sizes for the high speeds associated with Inline Speed Racing. This frame features a … Frame lengths tend to be longer than other frames, making them best suited for advanced skaters … This frame can be mounted to any ice skate boot. If you are looking to skate outside and practice your techniques because the rinks are all closed, any of these brands work. The right choice will depend on … The frame … G H Inline Figure Skate Frames The G H Inline figure frames replicate the rockered profile of ice blades and use narrow wheels to acheive an "on ice" feeling. This is currently the highest level inline figure skating frame. Those frames are designed and made by top-quality manufacturers such as SEBA, GYRO, Powerslide, KIZER, FreeWave, Mogema, and others…, Black-Silver We can also assemble to Riedell®, SP-Teri® and other brands for custom inline figure skate assemblies. Almost all other brands were originally designed to skate inside in roller rinks and come with indoor wheels that will shred very quickly outside. 7.25 Frame: will fit sole length 7.25-7.50 inches in length, this translates to roughly a youth size 11-12 figure skate boot depending on brand. (2). Tue to Sat 10:30-4:00 noviembre 12, 2020 No hay comentarios Last week on my Instagram I shared some polls in which I asked the community about hurting and skating. The 4 wheel is much more stable for adult or beginner inliners; by eliminating the chance of having your feet shoot out in front of you and falling backwards. Quick turns, jumps, spins, footwork, and so much more are all available for off ice training with the easy to use Pic ® Skate. The set is equipped with Axel 6.0 urethane core wheels and ABEC-5 bearings. Figure Skating Blade – fits majority of the inline frames in the range of 72-84 mm. Help … Frame Mounting Instructions: Use caution when mounting GH Inline Frames onto boots other than the ones with super light soles (Edea, G.H., Risport light etc) :. They are very durable and worth the money. EHS 3X100 / 1X90 For mounting ice skating shoe This inline-skate frame has length slots at the top of the frame instead of width slots. They are super light-weight, are extremely durable and provide great stability while skating… First the rear wheel has 2 positions inside and outside. Whether you are performing at "WIFSA Worlds" or just learning how to skate, the Pic ® Skate is up to the task. Please ensure you use a 1mm drill bit to pre … Inline hockey frames use front wings forming a channel since ages for one reason: TO LOWER THE CENTER OF GRAVITY Hockey is the fastest game in the world, and the lower skate is, the easier it is to … Pic uses a proprietary pick ball for the toe pick. Also with an adjustable toe stop (metric) can only be found at specialized roller stores. Perfect for recreational figure skaters and for skaters that are used to the figure style skates. The Snow White frame is really for indoor skating, but the manufacturer does also make wheels that are available for skating outdoors. Recommended use: Regular to intensive practice of inline artistic skating. This blade is designed to give a similar sloping and profile with the toepicks.

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