Compared to the existing version, the mass of the new system has been reduced by seven kilograms and total length by 24 millimeters. Now since the automated process is reduced in the iMT, the parts required for the setup are also lessened. Hyundai India is expected to launch the new gearbox with its sub-compact SUV - Venue's 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine. Hyundai Venue with the new iMT gearbox is really the best of both worlds – the convenience of an automatic with the driver engagement of a manual gearbox – find out how it all works. In IMT, Hyundai uses a Transmission Gear Shift (TGS) feature which has a lever with an Intention Sensor. The Dual Clutch Transmission consists of two assemblies. What is a Fully Automatic Transmission & How does it work?>>, Honda SUV e:concept: What you need to know, INEOS Grenadier: The no-nonsense 4 by 4 is here, Hyundai RM20e: Next-generation electric sports car is here, Hyundai IONIQ Concept Cabin is here & its dam cool. The term IMT stands for Intelligent Manual Transmission. But how exactly does the Kia Sonet's IMT transmission work? When the driver touches the Intention Sensor located on the shift lever, the Transmission Control Unit receives a signal that the driver wishes to change gears. At the 2020 Auto Expo, Kia India … The shifts on an AMT are a bit abrupt which can be a bit annoying while driving. It working is a bit complicated but I’ll word it as easy I can. Is it better or worse than the existing transmission techniques? Its members have an experience of over 20 years in the automobile field. The engine is mated to a six-speed iMT gearbox that combines the performance from a manual transmission with the ease of a 2-pedal transmission. Manual or Automatic transmission, the all-new 2020 Corolla handles really well and has styling that belies its $20-25,000 price tag depending on trim levels. In IMT, Hyundai uses a Transmission Gear Shift (TGS) feature which has a lever with an Intention Sensor. A Clutch Tube manages the Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC). While transmission lifespans are determined on a case-by-case basis, your 8 speed transmission can last up to 10,000 miles, while others can last longer- up to 200,000 miles. How Does Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) Work? So, you just need to use brake and accelerator pedals. You only need to change gears with the lever as you normally do. Even if you come to a halt, the system will keep the engine running without you needing to do anything. Images Courtesy: Hyundai, Kiaeval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'carbiketech_com-banner-1','ezslot_13',120,'0','0'])); Read More: What is a Fully Automatic Transmission & How does it work?>>. When the iMT makes its way into the Kia Ceed, Xceed, and Rio, it will be backed by a clutch pedal, but not in the traditional sense. This engages a hydraulic actuator to actuate the clutch. On the other hand, an iMT features a sensor on the clutch pedal, which is connected to a TCU (Transmission Control Unit), which in turn is connected to a clutch actuator, and then to a reservoir and the clutch. However, it is not a conventional automatic transmission. Here we try to answer some of such questions around the new transmission by Hyundai. The system does it automatically. Now let’s tell you what the iMT transmission is. Perfect for buyers looking for high fuel efficiency and low car … Hyundai made headlines last month when they launched the Venue sub-compact SUV with a new iMT … It is basically driving an automatic car. Basically, the system combines the benefits of manual and automatic gearboxes. We were expecting to see the new transmission option will be coming with Kia Sonet which was introduced at the Auto Expo 2020, launched scheduled later this year. It does this by modulating the pressure of the pulley system in the transmission, adjusting pressure based on the input of the driver and driving conditions. But, in a car with intelligent manual transmission, one still needs to shift gears manually, with the help of a gear knob. Hyundai Motors call it the clutchless manual transmission while Kia Motors named it IMT. Saab 9000 even featured a joystick instead of a steering wheel. Saab 900 featured Sensonic transmission also provided a manual shift lever without a clutch pedal. Transmission fluid is leaking A red fluid under the vehicle is a sign that you probably have a transmission fluid leak from one of the cooler lines, a gasket or a seal. The Hyundai Venue’s 120PS 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine is now offered with three transmission options: a 7-speed DCT, a 6-speed manual and a … However, both work on the same principle. An AMT transmission is also popular for it’s ‘jerky’ attributes. Even though the iMT does not require an active clutch, note that it is a form of manual transmission only. The familiarity of a conventional manual transmission. This will be in addition to the existing options of a six-speed manual gearbox and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The only difference here would be the absence of a manual clutch or the third pedal, used for shifting gears in regular manual transmissions. There is an actuator unit that does the job for you. Of which, one is the Dual-clutch module and the other is the transmission assembly with two input shafts. While an automated manual transmission (AMT) and an iMT are both regular manual gearboxes, in an AMT, the actuators and motors change gears and operate the clutch for you. Very similar to a continuously variable transmission, the new IVT performs continuous shifts to provide superior efficiency over automatic transmissions. Dual Clutch Transmission simple diagram. In simple words, it is a ‘clutchless manual’ transmission and it’s as simple as that sounds. With this introduction, the South Korean auto major will be the first one to bring such a technology to this vehicle segment in India. An Automatic Transmission Torque Converter A Torque Converters is a vital component of an automatic transmission. Hyundai is set to debut its much acclaimed ‘iMT’ or Iintelligent Manual Transmission in India, starting with the existing options on the Venue. As and when the sensor detects the gear being moved out of its current position, it triggers the actuator to engage the clutch, thus allowing the driver to change gears seamlessly. Although the iMT introduces a new clutch-by-wire technology in place of a mechanical link between driver and transmission, it retains the same operation and driver engagement as a conventional manual. Inside the Torque Convertor, there are parts that work in tandem with each other. This means that the users will have to shift the gears just like they do in a manual gearbox. By:Rahul Kapoor Updated: Jun 12, 2020 10:36 AM. But the former does it automatically, while in the latter, the gear actually has to be shifted by the driver, only the clutch part is automated. However, it depends upon your driving style (Average or Aggressive) and driving conditions (Stop & Go Traffic), etc. However, in clutchless manual transmission, the clutch pedal is not there. This actuator is activated for either scenario through sensors in the gear selector that sense whenever the driver is about to change the gear. Unlike conventional design, a car with a clutchless manual transmission does not have the clutch pedal at all. CVT uses different gear ratios while driving. Subscribe to Indiatimes and get handpicked updates based on your interests! Pressing the pedal sends a signal to the TCU, which checks the gear position, the speed of the car, engine revs, etc. It is, however, yet to be seen how it actually transcends into the vehicles and performs on the roads. This engages a hydraulic actuator to actuate the clutch. An AMT in layman terms does the job for you while an iMT allows you to work the gears without the exhaustive clutch depressing. This system totally eliminates the clutch pedal. How IMT Works? How does a CVT transmission work? So, how does it differ from the automated manual transmission (AMT)? The mechanicals of the iMT are similar to those of a regular manual transmission, except that the clutch is now operated automatically. A CVT is a type of automatic transmission that delivers seamless acceleration without interruption for gear shifts. Working in tandem with a couple of sensors, the TCU comprises a hydraulic actuator to engage and disengage the clutch plate.Â. iMT is a transmission system which brings the engagement of the shifting gears while smoothing out the clutch action. CarBikeTech regularly publishes specific technical articles on automotive technology. The clutchless manual transmission uses various sensors to monitor the engine speed as well as the position on the gear lever and automatically engages the clutch when needed. How does it work? According to Kia Motors, the system is “Clutch-less” which means without the clutch-pedal. And both of these things combined change the driving experience quite a lot. The 6MT also offers world-leading transmission efficiency *, while the use of iMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission) controls, which … There is no clutch pedal to be pressed. This means that the users will have to shift the gears just like they do in a manual gearbox. There are some clear differences between AMT and iMT. Shifting gears in the Kia Sonet iMT will work just like a normal manual transmission – minus the clutch. Automated Manual Transmission. AMT in some ways was a technology that it was based on but as usual, technology progresses by adding things to the existing technology, iMT is made by taking out certain things from the AMT transmission. All © Copyrights Reserved CarBikeTech 2020. There’s no need to worry about slipping off a touch sensor on the shifter lever mid-way during a gear change. A similar reduction in parts can also be noted over manual transmissions, due to the lack of an actual clutch pedal. However, it was way ahead of its time and none of them materialized. In an AMT or automated manual transmission, you do not have to operate either the clutch nor do you shift gears manually. IMT is just like any other automatic transmission but without a clutch pedal. The clutchless manual transmission is a new-gen type of gearbox or transmission system developed by automobile manufacturers. With the negated efforts of the driver, it can thus be much more efficient than manual gearboxes. This new transmission is the Intelligent Manual Transmission or iMT. With the clutchless manual transmission, your clutch life will be more or less the same. But what exactly is Intelligent Manual Transmission and how does it work? First, there’s ‘transmission gear shift lever’ or TGS. In essence the iMT is nothing but a manual gearbox without the clutch. This leaves your left foot to rest on the floor. Since there is NO clutch pedal, you don’t need to press clutch manually. Both use an underlying clutch to switch gears. However, this is not the first of its kind technology. Hyundai has dubbed it the iMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission). This is not only bad for the transmission but is also dangerous if the fluid leaks on a hot pipe or other surface. This system will have a traditional H-pattern manual gear lever just like a manual transmission. This makes it one of the world's smallest transmissions *, and its small size contributes to improved fuel efficiency. According to Kia Motors, this system is not an AMT. So how exactly does this work? It does not shift as quickly as a regular manual gearbox when driven enthusiastically, but most of the time, in regular driving conditions, the shifts are seamless. The transmission system uses a pair of two conical pulleys connected via a belt, usually made out of steel. And then, he would move the gear shift stick to the desired gear. To understand the working of the iMT, we’ll have to first know its components. With this new IMT system, the driver can change gears without having to mechanically operate the clutch pedal. Back in the late ’90s, Swedish carmaker, Saab had designed a somewhat similar system.

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