This page explains how to successfully counterpick the champion donkey_kong in the game Super Smash Bros. You can also land this on airborne enemies who will plummet to the ground in a powerful smash. With this guide, you will get to know Donkey Kong’s strengths and weaknesses. Despite looking like a weird attack, this attack has good reach and decent damage output to anyone unlucky enough to receive the leg in his face at the back. Donkey Kong Super Smash Bros. If performed on the ground, it will deal 5, 1.4×5 and 4 damage and if performed in the air it will deal 5, 1×11 and 2 damage to the enemies. The arc will cover the entire area in front of Donkey Kong. We have detailed Donkey Kong’s moves below. Ultimate Donkey Kong Guide. It deals 10 damage. Donkey Kong Guide - True Combos, Kill Confirms and Tech. We have curated this Super Smash Bros. All of the opponents are the eight starter characters of the "perfect-attendance crew" from Super Smash Bros. 2. If that lands, DK will follow up with a flurry of faster punches before launching the opponent with one final smack. It also deals good damage to enemy shields. Then, by the time of the Wii U, the series went back to its roots and new Donkey Kong Country games were produced by Retro Studios. Strengths & Weaknesses. Charge in pieces and then unleash in one mighty punch. Character I’m Sure Everyone Will Be Happy With is Coming Tomorrow, With Min Min in Smash, ARMS Deserves a Second Chance, Min Min is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Social Distancing Queen, How Shovel Knight Became The Stan Lee of Indie Game Cameos, Smash Trophy Controller Leaves Sakurai’s Hands, Is Promptly Dropped, Sure, Fine, We’ll Take Byleth In Smash Ultimate, I Guess, 10 Video Game Music Tracks to Boost Your Run (Or Any Exercise), A Smash Tournament Brought in Therapy Dogs to Help Players Destress, Someone Put a Wasp in a GameCube Controller, Late Lunch September 6, 2019: The Nintendoo, They Did It, They Put Sans Undertale in Smash Ultimate, Terry Bogard Is the Fourth Smash Ultimate DLC Character, Arrives in November. A complete breakdown and guide for how to play Donkey Kong in Super Smash Bros. Donkey Kong will stretch both his hands to the side and clap anything there including enemies inside his big hands. 1. He’s… not all that different from his incarnations previous to Smash Ultimate. I also have a Wario guide if that interest any of you. Klaptraps can also fall into, occupy, and use the Barrel Cannonin Kongo Jungle. We have detailed all of Kong’s air supremacy attacks below. The higher it is, t… It deals 17.2-25.2 damage. His best grab move is called Kong Karry which acts like holding something over his shoulder and then throwing it away. If you have ever wanted to literally clap fools, Donkey Kong is your boy. Archived. Set Pitfalls to high and choose a fighter with multiple jumps like Kirby. Ultimate, but there are still two big glitches holding the super heavyweight fighter back from reaching his true potential. We have detailed all of Donkey Kong’s attacks below which can be performed while Donkey Kong is on the ground. Required fields are marked *. Down Smash: 21.3 % (28.5 %) Raising his fists up and then downward, Donkey Kong smashes the ground to his sides. Side Smash: 26.4 % (36.9 %) Donkey Kong spreads his arms open wide and claps his giant hands to the side. We stand before you with the knowledge of nearly 10 years of Melee's metagame advancement in reference to DK and a plethora of other characters. All-Star Battle: Regulars: Donkey Kong is one of the opponents fought in this event. Smash Ultimate contains 74 different playable fighters at launch. On the ground he can only be moved in a forward direction. By Riparo, Guest Contributor Imagine training a Donkey Kong amiibo in a joke-like way, and it somehow starts winning tournaments. His design is slightly changed, and so are his attacks. The other is Bowser who faces Mario (before transforming into Metal Mario upon defeat). The first hit will deal 4 damage while the second one will deal 6 damage. Ultimate Characters Guide, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Donkey Kong is one of the original Smash 64 characters in Ultimate. Our Super Smash Bros. So the players are curious to know about the Smash tier list. Ultimate Diddy Kong Guide, we will guide you on how you can play with Diddy Kong in Super Smash Bros. Close. Enemies are sometimes turned around to face Donkey Kong if they are looking the other way and sometimes the enemies are also tripped making them fall to the ground and giving you a combo opportunity.

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donkey kong smash ultimate guide

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