The brand personality of Nike is also based on the archetypes and what is the particular archetype. Nike is an American brand and the country culture is obvious here. It is clear that Nike has great branding directions and here their brand equity and personality are very important for both their customers and the company. What does the Hero brand archetype represent? As well as their wearings are very prestigious and glamorous sometimes people like to having one just for showing others they wear the latest Nike. By wearing Nike shoes I feel more dependable, and those shoes and other accessories are really very sophisticated. But some brands would catch you and if you have that, eventually you would become a fan of it and Nike is a great example of that. It’s a brand made human by the Dr. Frankenstein of … Personality is a set of human characteristics that brands take and use for their marketing purposes. The trial process is very important for goods. The Social Grabber © 2020. 2. Or they could follow their roads to be a similar superstar. The Branding strategy of Nike are more complicated that its style tactics. We see them in various great videos, just wearing Nike shoes, laughing and speaking loud. A brand persona can be a person, character, mascot or idea. When you visit any sporting event, you can see many athletes sporting with Nike gear. NIKE. The person may be incapable to understand the true meaning behind each shoe. Even both aim is to mystify the client into buying Nike product, marketing are a more obvious strategy to interpolate the client. We can discuss the means and the reasons they used to reach that level. Ilie Nastase was the first athlete to sign for Nike, he was a Romanian tennis player. And here the 12 brand archetypes come for help. Brand personality is a set of human characteristics attributed to a brand name. A brand can serve as a person’s personal statement even if that person were stranded on a desert island. Authenticity. Nike is one of the world’s top brands for a reason. I am definitely part of Nike’s target market. The brand name, Adidas, along with its logo ” impossible is nothing”, always come to people’s mind at the same time and has become a integrity. So we discussed the brand personality and equity presentation of Nike. Nike and Michael Jordan teamed up and in 1984 launched one of the most iconic athlete-endorsed brands of all time: Jordan Brand. A sports brand that great superstars wear. It is confident, competitive, risk-taking and athletic. Nike is a leader in sportswear and shoes. Trial – Here is the time when people recognize the brand and know exactly what it stands for and eventually they try it. And tells us that we should struggle> Prevocational tactics is the way Nike wants us to do something. “Yesterday you said tomorrow” The prevocational slogan makes us act, to go ahead. The factors forming the brand personality of Nike were Logo, User Imagery and Advertisement Style. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The desire of the brand archetype is to prove its worth through difficult actions. This article will discuss Nike’s brand personality and the type of consumer that they are targeting. Some of their products are specially made for that goal, make people surprised with the latest design trend. What do you think about Nike’s personality? SlideShare Explore Search You. Nike — Brand Personality Since the 1980s, Nike has been endorsing the very best athletes across a wide variety of sports. How did Nike manage to become such a huge brand? A lot of novelties and crazy ideas come from the brand. limca representing freshness, Nike as theathlete in all of us,Maggi-2min noodles. SO again we come to their sponsorship programs. Just like other famous brands Nike also has a personality. The opening message of the following archetype is about someone being in need and wants to help him. 1 2 3. Nike’s personality is athletic. The personality of Nike is a sport Period. Nike’s brand journey is one of importance in the world of marketing, branding and advertising. They target athletes, but they don’t focus on a specific age range. Nike has appeal to athletes from adolescence, to adulthood, to parenthood. The customers begin having a high opinion about the brand and would stand for it anytime and anywhere. The brand is recognized by new and creative designs. Founded as an importer of Japanese shoes, NIKE, Inc. (Nike) has grown to be the world's largest marketer of athletic footwear, holding a g lobal market share of approximately 37 percent. Just a complete heroic trait. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, track, and the list goes on and on. He says he runs to prove that there are no limitations. Logo reflects aspects that people strive for: Dominance. Many famous brands like Snickers and Gatorade have the Hero brand personality. A soccer cleat was the first athletic apparel of Nike. The core o f building the brand equity for Nike brand equity is brand association. I own shoes, shirts, jerseys, shorts, pants, and sweatshirts that have the Nike swoosh. This is a clear manifestation of the Hero brand archetype. In the United States, Nike products are sold through about 22,000 retail accounts; worldwi de, the company's products are sold in more than 160 countries. Branding strategies of Nike are that it is a leader in athletic apparel and shoes and they pride themselves in being the best athletic gear. Answer. SO we see that millions of fans get aware of Nike. Niketown, glossy, extravagant stores built in the United States, serves the purpose of making customers think that Nike’s brand is high-end. They have recruited top sportsmen to promote their products. Nike is the leader in athletic performance apparel and shoes. The results indicated that four brand personality dimensions were extracted for Nike sportswear brand named as Competence, Sincerity, Sophistication and Excitement. The nature of their product is tough and outdoorsy and endorses successful products in nearly every sport. The newest technology helps them to be on the top of the quality and give wearings that last a long time. Nike’s brand personality is great, and that is why they are the most popular sports performance brand today. Being sporty is a lifestyle for every Nike user. This is how Nike stays at the top of not just the footwear industry, but the athletic wear industry as well. And here are the messaging levels of the Hero brand archetype. Notice the large display on its landing page featuring basketball-themed clothing, shoes, and more. A really nice presentation describing Brand personality in very simple terms . Brand equity is a term in marketing that describes best the value of the brand. Because of the differences in personalities within cultures, there has been a need to examine the brand personality construct from an international perspective. Brand personality for Nike? One of the reasons that they stay at the top of the industry is because of their brand personality. One of the reasons why they stay at the top of the industry is because of their brand personality. Nike apparel is durable, outdoorsy, and capable of handling almost anything. These are taglines of Nike commercials that were a success. These are just a few examples of astound brand personality and the connection it forms with their consumers. Mar 10, 2019 - This article will discuss Nike's brand personality and the type of consumer that they are targeting. “The purpose of personas is to create reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments for reference. Brand PersonalityBrand personality refers to the set of humancharacteristics associated with a brand (Aaker 1997).Brand Personality provides an emotional identity fora brand and encourages consumers to respond withfeeling and emotions towards the brand.E.g. One of the reasons that they stay at the top of the industry is because of their brand personality. A brand association is a mental connection between a brand and a concept. The goal of the following action is to be noticed. Nike makes you want to get off your butt and move! Commonly associated with “ruggedness” and excitement, Nike has been a leader in the world of athletic performance apparel and shoes for decades. There are different human characteristics like excitement, sincerity or ruggedness. Change ). Loyalty – After a series of good brand experiences, users begin to recommend it to others. go for big challenges, dream big, find your greatness and a lot more. ( Log Out /  The study revealed that Nike had a Social Currency composite score of 120, which comes from the brand’s average score across seven different categories: personal identity, social identity, expression, conversation, affiliation, information and utility. People become liking you when you wear Nike. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The iconic slogan has a fantastic history. Using Aakar’s framework, I clearly fall under the “sincerity” category. Preference – As soon as the consumer has a good experience with the brand, it becomes their first choice. just try Nike and you will become one of their fans. I chose Nike brand for its personality depicting competency and sophistication. This slogan implies that anything can be accomplished if a person just goes out and does it. Nike is a giant brand and its marketing team has developed different strategies to have unique branding tactics. But how do these mental models work? Here we should think about target audiences that the company presents their adds. Relax. They pride themselves on providing the best athletic gear. Period. It varies from aggressiveness to being full of energy. This is an interesting Instagram post about Nike. And get ready to learn all about one of the biggest brands in the world. One of the reasons that they stay at the top of the industry is because of their brand personality. People speak about Nike as something very special as the brand is linked with great superstars, as you become great with their items of clothing. The concept of brand personality originated in human psychology. If you go to any sporting event, chances are you will see multiple athletes sporting Nike gear. The Hero brand archetype could be a perfect personality for your brand if. Just check out other blog posts in and find out more! All Nike products have features of dependability and efficiency. As a result, Nike utilizes of space, color as well as architectural techniques are made to gain profits. For example, Snickers expresses their brand personality through humor, Coca-Cola uses lifestyle appeal, and Nike uses empowerment. Nike. Their logo is an emblem. It is about doing fitness and being sporty, struggling against the extra weight and so on. The Nike brand really believes in physical exercise and how consumers use its products, and this experience proves that. Nike’s brand personality is a Hero that can solve every problem. He/she likes challenges and go for them. I have Nike gear I use for running, baseball, basketball, and exercising. Being a soldier, doing duties for your community and country. Their brand slogan ‘Just Do It’ is provocative and aspirational to everyone who's into achievement. The fourth message is about using strength to make a bigger impact on the world. He does not afraid of an upcoming challenge and waits for more to come. Brand personality is key to connecting with consumers on a more valuable level. Nike speaks about the comfort zones of people. Wear Nike and just do it. Rugged people go out and do whatever they want to in order to conquer their goals. The famous slogan “Just do it” was created in 1988. 2014-06-10 17:15:53 2014-06-10 17:15:53 . Another thing that supports their brand personality is the amount of world class athletes that endorse Nike. Home; Explore; Successfully reported this slideshow. Photo cred via SlideShare Nike is the leader in athletic performance apparel and shoes. Preferring Nike is so simple as it has a great design. Brand personality refers to the human characteristics, emotions, and attributes embodied by a brand. So people eventually become a fan of the product or do not like that at all. Performance. So it is obvious that the name Nike is heard and spoken all over the world. The brand personality of Nike is ruggedness. The following football player is a complete Superstar.

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