Over time, the spark arrestor can become clogged with soot. I have followed manual instructions but still can't get my NEW Husqvarna 445 to start, just one short sputter (per day). By adjustment i mean 1/8 of a turn each time (not an 1/8 of an inch). Simple fix, burn carbon off or pay $3 for one. To provide the utmost service in your outdoor activities, Husqvarna has been contributing remarkably. However, if the Husqvarna is running poorly or won't start at all, something is interrupting the flow of fuel, air and spark. I went to start it and it would not start. frustrations? a challenge, perhaps? If your Husqvarna mower starts and then shuts off after 5 to 10 minutes or so, the problem is likely fuel related. This is only for a few seconds and if I let up and then accelerate slowly it is fine. If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. Husqvarna 128LD Recoil Starter. Questions and answers about CNC machines, tooling, best practices, and projects. The 128CD has a curved shaft while the new and improved version of it, the 128LD has a long, straight shaft and interchangeable cutting head, proving that there’s more to this helpful product that make it a top choice of most customers worldwide. When you pull the starter rope, tabs extending from the pulley and cam should grab the hub on the engine, causing the engine to turn. Needless to say, when you pay over $200 for a piece of equipment, you expect it to last more than 40 hours worth of operation. It would start right back up and then within 2-3 minutes, die again. Mine sounded like it was under water (only way I can describe it!) You must log in or register to reply here. This forum is for scrollsawers: share your tips, ask questions... Have a question? Start Right Here Find appliance parts, ... Common solutions for: Husqvarna String trimmer starts then stalls. I just bought a new Husqvarna weed eater a little over a month ago from Lowe's.Its been cranking and running fine with no problems until yesterday. My brand new MS261CM doesn't like to start after running out of gas. It recoiled fine but obviously did not engage the engine in the slightest. So i checked the spark plug and it sparks when i pull the rope, the carb appears to be clean, the air filter is clean, i put fresh mixed gas in it and it still wont start. 128LD 28-cc 2-Cycle 17-in Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer with Attachment Capability Trim like a pro with this lightweight, multipurpose string trimmer from Husqvarna. Using a jig is like having a couple extra hands helping out. ... 128CD/2009-01 128CD/2009-08 128DJ 128DJX 128LD/2009-08 128LD/2010-03. So, I bought the canned fuel that already premixed. or Best Offer +$6.40 shipping. It has a different appearance than what I usually use because its clear. I just picked it up this morning. Shut down engine and try to restart it. Sometimes bumping up the idle speed helps with starting too. 01 - Spark Arrestor. Share your "joinery" discussion here. I have a husqvarna 128LD weed eater that has about 50 hrs on it, it runs fine at idle but won't run at full power. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! I’ve owned a lot of 2 strokes over the years, so it’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m doing everything right, according to the manual. Remove the spark plug from the cylinder, and insert it into the rubber boot on the end of the wire. There should be something in your manual about carb adjustment. Have a 2 stroke Husqvarna 128LD trimmer. The spring seemed tightly wound around the part connected to … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you are a carver or want... Intarsia, fretwork, intricate design cutting and more! I have the Husqvarna 223L and today the recoil came loose somehow and won't grip the engine turner. If I set the carburetor high speed jet rich it will run continuously, but if I lean it out to bring the engine up to full power it quits, just like it ran out of gas it will only run for about 5 - 10 sec. | Husqvarna's new battery-powered chainsaws, T540i XP® and 540i XP® deliver power on par with a professional 40cc petrol chainsaws, as well as unparalleled convenience, precision and durability. Trim like a pro with this lightweight, multipurpose string trimmer from Husqvarna. Never had a problem with equipment until now, Starts easy, runs nice in mid range but move to go, Masters Degree in Thinking Out Side Of The Box. Eyes, ears, fingers, and... Are you looking for or do you have tips to share regarding the workshop? Have you had to compromise your project... On the lathe, by the lathe: do you have questions? The strong, braided wire cable drive can handle hard work, and the T25 semiautomatic trimmer head is ready for quick and easy loading. If it does not start, move forward with the diagnostic procedure. Hello there. Share your tips and challenges ... Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! General Product Question posted August 16, 2011 by Mark Carlson, last edited February 10, 2012 . From China. Remove the starter assembly and inspect it to determine... if it is working properly. yes ther is fuel with tank, already did the work, you - Answered by a verified Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Husqvarna 128ld string trimmer wont start new gas lines and carb. Wood, your hand tools, you and a little know-how. Ive got a Stihl that only likes to be choked for the first pull, then half choke until it starts. I've had this trimmer about 3 yrs & haven't had any problems, until now. If the recoil starter assembly is defective, the engine won't start. For some reason it floods very easy. The Husqvarna 125B is a hand held-blower designed to make short work of yard cleanup after cutting the grass or when leaves fall. I have the Husqvarna 41, about 15 years old and it has always been tough to start – runs great…but you almost had to snap your arm off starting the thing. Manage Consent. If your Husqvarna weed eater won’t stay running, it has a problem with either carb kit or coil of the engine. A perfect straight shaft trimmer for homeowners, the 128LD offers easy starting thanks to the Smart Start® recoil system and fuel pump. I live practically at sea level and every thing I bought with a small two stroke is tuned too rich for sea level and it only gets worse from there as the elevation goes up. How to Troubleshoot the Husqvarna 125B. The 128LD is slightly similar to Husqvarna 128CD. If it’s clogged no need to buy a new one just burn it off or use some carb clean and a brush to clean it up, or like all my trimmers just leave it out. Last year it towards the end of summer it got to here it would only run for about 2 to 3 minutes, then die. Without a spark, the fuel is unable to ignite, and the chainsaw won’t be able to start up. ... Husqvarna Model YTH24K48, won't move forward or reverse. and that was it. Graduate of the MacGyver Institute of Ingenuity. You get the power of a commercial weed eater, smooth performance, 11 convertible yard care tools and at an amazing price. Just a quick squirt of fluid into the plug hole….put back the plug and boom…starts right off. Different wood requires different woodworking strategies - from cutting to finishing. The manual (linked below) states that the prime is simply gone and needs to reestablish. The finish, whether paint, wax, stain, or something else, can make or break a project. -- I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was. My 235 chainsaw is brand new and won't start Answered escalated. Latest Projects | Thread starter Largebore; Start date May 30, 2018; ... I’d start with pulling the cover and having a look at the spark arrestor first. Looking for information on designing your projects? Step 1 Move the ignition switch on the Husqvarna into the "Off" position. OEM fuel lines ? Relief, 3D, chip-carving, whittling; carving knives, chisels, pocket-knives, power tools. a tip/strategy to share? There are several other minors yet important factors/parts that may cause your weed eater to shut down. I have wood to cut, and I’d hate to have to take it back and deal with the hassle.Thanks all! -- Woodworking.....My small slice of heaven! I have had my Husqvarna 128LD for 4 years. LJ will not be held liable for the actions of any user. This forum is for all the woodturners out there. I have a can of starting fluid and a spark plug wrench near mine (I don’t use it enough anymore to keep the engine starting easy – when I was running it everyday it would start in 1-2 pulls). The spark arrestor is a small screen that prevents the engine from emitting sparks. The Husqvarna 128LD is truly excellent. Terms of Service However, 128LD beats it in terms of design. Apparently the solution is to talk smack about it, as right after I posted this it started up and ran like a champ. I believe this is normal on a saw that does not have a primer bulb (such as Stihl M-tronic). Unhook the rubber wire from the end of the spark plug. Got me a brand new chainsaw, but damned if I can get the thing to run. JavaScript is disabled. | Privacy Policy Start the engine and let it run until it gets hot. Having difficulties reading project plans? I opened up and nothing was broken or loose from these parts that I could see. $16.08. Then open the choke and cut. O' the Joy! I found these youtube videos regarding repairs on Husqvarna 128LD trimmer. It will start after a few pulls then die, start after a few pulls then die, then be fine. Latest Blog Entries | Someone told me to not use the gas we buy from gas stations because of the ethanol content. 9001 Views, 4 Comments. I am at sea level, I’ll try leaning out the mix.The manual had carb adjustment listed as “don’t do it”, they want you to take it the dealer. :P. I have a couple of Husky’s and both like to be fully choked, a few pulls till it fires, then open or take the choke almost off, and then they fire and run on one more pull. Really? A perfect straight shaft trimmer for homeowners, the 128LD offers easy starting thanks to the Smart Start recoil system and fuel pump. The 128CD and 128LD … Husqvarna 55 Rancher no spark, even after new coil. Each Husqvarna weed eater is designed to save energy. I’m sure I can figure it out if I need to. Blade Off The blade on/off button must be set to off, other Husqvarna mowers will have a lever, they must also be set to off. Place the Husqvarna chain saw on a hard level surface. I can still use it thou it is just not mine anymore. If the Husqvarna has gas but still isn't starting, it may have a faulty spark plug or wiring. Lately it has started to bog down when I give it gas to accelerate. I’ve owned a lot of 2 strokes over the years, so it’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing. Got me a brand new chainsaw, but damned if I can get the thing to run. While the battery-operated models are the most eco-friendly, the brand’s X-Torq engines are efficient and made to put out minimal emissions. ©2020 Verticalscope Inc. All Rights Reserved. After about 5 attempts and 100 pulls, I got the thing to run for about a minute.I’m doing everything right, according to the manual. tips? A perfect straight shaft trimmer for homeowners, the 128LD offers easy | Copyright Runs great at speed and idles fine though I did have to adjust idle today to slow it down some, trimmer would not stop turning at idle. Shop Husqvarna 128LD 28-cc 2-Cycle 17-in Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer with Attachment Capable in the Gas String Trimmers department at Lowe's.com. Husqvarna weed eater prices. Fuel line might be sucking air, see if it comes off the carb easy, has any pin holes in it, spray a little carb cleaner while it is idling, just a toot between the carb and the cylinder, the insulator spacer might be warped or gaskets gone bad, you will hear a change in the idle, check to see if your fuel filter is on.... Look, did ya pull the spark arrestor screen and see if clogged ? Pre-Owned. Is this the sign of a bad coil (even though its brand new)? Hydro-static (Auto) transmissions won't start if you press on the forward or reverse pedals, and should also be in (N). hi i gut a new husqvarna 372xp and its wont start spark ok tunning screws ok fuel ok i put a small amount of fuel direct to the cilinder still wont start need help thx The only draw back is my dad made me sell my Echo Trimmer, to him lol. Husqvarna weed eaters vary in price, from about $160 to $480, depending on the model and features you need. Any hints from anyone with experience with this machine? As cj’s and big fish stated, I’d start with pulling the cover and having a look at the spark arrestor first. Husqvarna 128L string trimmer stalls at full throttle. Brand New. MY RATING: 94% Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! ... husqvarna 128ld recoil Pull Start. only a Husqvarna rep would suspect that could be the problem. $13.00. ... and pull it over...if there's any spark at all, it'll fart. Looking for help with ... Are you unsure of which tools, or hardware, you need, or which brands to buy? DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Latest Forum Topics. Chat with your Forum Friends about their projects, their life, thei... Seeking books and advice for getting started, Need solution for swinging bookcase hinges. | Do Not Sell My Data After about 5 attempts and 100 pulls, I got the thing to run for about a minute. -- Its not a crack, its a casting imperfection. ... mr. Carlson, of course you know how to start a chainsaw. What elevation do you live in? Your woodworking skills are displayed for several lifetimes in each project. Took a tug on the old recoil starter last weekend (after 3-4 years of use) and got no resistance, no start, nothing but an extended cord in my hand. Set the weed eater on a level workspace. Get the best deals for husqvarna 128ld parts at eBay.com. Need a break from all the standing and wood dust?

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