I currently have a red tail shark who is bullying my new albino shark. Albino Oscar, Red Tail Shark, Pictus Catfish, Silver Dollar, and Pleco - $5. They are less aggresive when younger but when they get older they are very aggresive. I know they are aggressive so can't really have qualms about it. I got two red tail sharks at the same time, about 6 months ago I believe. Etymology. N. By Nantawat Chotsuwan. From: Josh I have had an albino rainbow shark for years now. I have been taking care of my Albino Oscar (8"), Red Tail Shark (4"), Pictus Catfish (3"), Silver Dollar (2.5"), and 2 Pleco (5") for a year nowWill meet up and transport them safely. The rainbow shark (Epalzeorhynchos frenatum) is a species of Southeast Asian freshwater fish from the family Cyprinidae. Its hard to believe! It requires a large aquarium with driftwood, rocks, and spots of dense vegetation. Epalzeorhynchos: From Epalzeo-, which has an unconfirmed derivation and meaning but is often reported incorrectly to denote ‘curative’ (it may actually mean ‘horn’ in reference to a cone-shaped protuberance on the snout of Epalzeorhynchos spp. He's at least 7 inches long, and almost an inch wide! The Albino Rainbow Shark, also known as the Albino Ruby Shark or Albino Red-Finned Shark, is great for the semi-aggressive community aquarium, as long as they are the sole sharks and the other tankmates are of similar size. I recently purchased an albino red fin shark and it is one of my favorites simply because it's albino. And I feed 'em with taiyo food pellets he seems to come up and try but i think the pellets are too big to fit on his mouth what should i feed ? His name is Duce (after Duce Staley-Philly Eagles). The shape of the body resembles a shark, which is why it is also known as a Red-tailed shark. I want to move my fish to the 20-gal; and there won't be overcrowding. This shark may set up territories around the aquarium. Or at least thats what their called where I'm from. I'm referring to ALBINO RAINBOW SHARK please see link [Broken link] Anyways thanks for the input! He's gotten long and real thick! All for... 9. gumtree.com . The Redtail Shark is a beautiful fish with a jet black body and a bright red tail. Albino shark 6 inch £10 black red tail shark 6 inch £10 cat fish 7 inch £15 plec 7 inch £15 loach 5 inch..... £10 4 silver dollars around 3/4 inch. The red-tailed-shark should not be kept with extremely docile or peaceful fish. and to improve the tank i would get a piece of driftwood. They are with 4 other common carps. I've bought Rainbow redtail, albino rainbow redtail and bala shark, which are about 2.5 inches in length its about a 1.5 weeks now. All the sharks get on fine, i have never lost one shark and they always seem happy and full of life. We have listed the top-rated albino red tail shark trending in 2020. The Redtail Shark is a beautiful fish with a jet black body and a bright red tail. Rainbow Shark Appearance. They were the same size at time of purchase. Some fish-keepers have had great luck with their red tail shark, so it all depends on the individual fish. In the beginning, he got along fine in a 40g tank with danios, a tinfoil barb, loaches, a catfish, some tetras, and a couple of gouramis. red tailed sharks are aggressive towards other fish that look similar - the albino red tailed shark DEFINITELY fits that bill. It’s quite unusual and not demanding fish that attracts attention with its rare body coloring – contrasting combination of almost black and red colors. It is also known as the ruby shark, red-fin shark, red-finned shark, rainbow sharkminnow, green fringelip labeo, whitefin shark and whitetail sharkminnow. Albino red-tail shark. Labeo bicolor) is a carp species in Cyprinidae family. Epalzeorhynchos bicolor (SMITH, 1931) Red-Tailed Black Shark SynonymsTop ↑. Variants. for some reason it keeps my red-tail and my tiger barbs alive longer. I couldnt keep up. Red Tail Shark with Albino Shark. I am trying to merge my 10-gallon tank with a 20-gallon tank somebody wants to get rid of, and need to know if a Red Tailed Shark is compatible with a Corydoras Catfish. The rainbow shark is a brightly colored fish from Southeast Asia and a favorite for fish owners. I have a red tail shark and an albino shark that seem to be breeding, is that normal? No need to register, buy now! Rainbow Shark, Albino Rainbow Shark, Red Tail Black Shark, Albino Red Tail Black Shark : Fish Category: Angle Barb Betta Brackish Catfish Cichlid Cichlid-African Danio Discus Eel Goby Goldfish Gourami Guppy Killifish Koi Loach Molly Platy Rasbora Sharks Swordtail Tetras Miscellaneous fish. The Redtail Shark will become very aggressive towards its own species when mature. Photos of Shark aquarium fish in Thailand, Bala Shark, Albino Red Tail Shark, Albino Rainbow Shark, Red Tail Shark. We are here to help you in answering not all but many questions that would come into your mind before purchasing the best albino red tail shark . At first the male Red Tail earned the name Hitler chasing the others around, making them play dead - until the little albino catfish was introduced. Labeo bicolor Smith, 1931. Find the perfect albino catfish stock photo. By poldoco, 2 years ago on Stocking & Compatibility. The red tail shark is a territorial fish that will chase other fish away from their territory or become aggressive during feeding. 148 148. Regular red tail is at least 2x larger at this point. my rainbow shark was chasing my albinos. Well this explains the confusion. well the red-tailed shark would get along with the tiger barbs and the pleco. I'm probably going to go get one tomorrow to introduce to my current tank with the 3 electric yellow, 4 johannis and 4 scoffolli's. If you are willing to bend the truth a little bit, you can claim to be the proud owner of a shark. The regular red tail has grown tremendously and is quite the jerk. The red-tailed black shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor; syn. Related keywords. It's favorite place in the tank is behind a lava rock (or in it), and it is territorial about it. id feed the fish half a cube of blood-worms each night. I added the 2 albinos mainly because they're beautiful, but also with the reasonable excuse of trying to pacify the brown Red-Fin Shark that was bullying my black Red-Tail Shark (and it worked). The body of the fish is black, velvety, and the tail is bright red. The shark you guys are talking about are called Red tail sharks. In another tank i have 2 red fin sharks, a red tail shark and 2 silver sharks as well as various tetras, mollies, barbs and loaches. Red Tail Shark with Albino Shark. It is a popular, semi-aggressive aquarium fish. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. I have a tank with two Red Tails, a male and a female, as well as two Tiger Barbs, two Electric Yellow Cichlids, and two catfish. THEY ARE FAST ! Rainbow Shark owes its popularity with aquarists to its appearance. The red tail shark has gotten tired of chasing the carp and is focusing on the albino. The Redtail Shark will become very aggressive towards its own species when mature. Red tail shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor; syn. The Rainbow Shark is a beautifully colored fish which is a pink with bright red fins, and red eyes.

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