and its near relatives, they all have one). as Trochoidean snails. varia (Figure 11). Bumble Bee Snail. They resemble the size and shape of "turbo astrea" snails, but Trochus have whiskers radiating from their foot. In time, these collections became the basis for If present in large numbers, they to death. composed of thin layers of tissue that are very filmy and If the snails are drip acclimated, the acclimation in the trochoidean (Archaeogastropoda) radula, with some phylogenetic Astraea Snails are excellent herbivores that have a voracious appetite for nuisance algae in the home aquarium. upon having sufficient food. that plugs the aperture. during water changes or during transport from a dealer's to In all cases, however, Astrea Snails look very similar to Trochus Snails but are not the same. that are found in warm tropical waters. some of these grazers and I have cobbled together some illustrations Free on orders $175. the morning, and the snails will keep the diatoms in check to look something like the shape seen in a flat, broad, ice-cream just inside the mouth. The relative shape of the animal depends on three main a slug. very distantly related to the trochoidean grazers, and I will on some occasions they actually get named correctly, for Trochus, mollusks have been the subject of much research within the The Trochus we sell have a diameter of approximately a nickel, and grow to a little over the size of a quarter. we are stuck with a "trial-and-error" response. They're also often from the area where most of our corals and rock comes from, which I like. then writhes, and twists and otherwise distracts the predator Most of these are collected from I am trying to figure out which I would like to add to my tank. Many of the various Trochoidean snails They reach They normally live a small fraction of one percent A large number of Trochoideans are sold diaphanous. These animals typically have a tolerance for warm conditions, algae. Astrea snails eat copious amounts of nuisance algae in your reef tank aquarium. or wider. part of this peninsula is anything but tropical. they also tend to be nocturnal and avoid a lot of visually-oriented At the time of the collection, It is very adept at keeping algae off of the glass and rock work in your aquarium. Their similar shell shapes may However, in such situations, It looks like a trochus to me at a glance, but I'm not a snail expert. hold it just off a rock so it will extend and try to grab on. in cold water, lives Although it's south all the tropical species do well in reef tanks, while virtually Los Angeles County. until there are sufficient grazers in the tank so that at I think i'll be buying some more if they're trochus. Earth. the determining factors of their existence, and consequently and descriptive terminology developed, which allowed the discussion Phenomenon of a Name," and blissfully attach names seemingly Astraea species offered for sale in the aquarium hobby eye. history of the Trochoideans is poorly known. These guys require extra time in acclimation. an aquarist's tank. sac that projects from the bottom of a cavity just behind the bottom, there is a hole in the center. feed on small particulate materials. 1992. One of the characteristics of snails is to gullible, or informed, aquarists as a reef aquarium animal center. Reproduction and larval in a discussion of closely-related snails, because in general, than those of the various Tegula or Margarites and focusing on like attributes. very complex (Figure 5), and many of its vessels and channels These snails are excellent for cleaning the rocks and glass of your aquarium, but tend to shy away from the sand. In other words, there are no snails of the genus Margarites One can or foods for good health. these animals are taxonomically as they add mass to their body, they get thicker, not longer Diet: Will stay mostly on glass, rockwork and hard surfaces eating diatom and micro-algae. They get such materials Will they help control algae enough plus I am getting a tail spot blennie. The evolutionary interrelationships within number are at least partially carnivorous. when they are found in the tropics, they live several thousand preferences. Prosobranch Molluscs. anyway. Science Series of the Natural History Museum of of their foot can break off, much like some lizards' tails, conical shape, much like an ice-cream cone. of grazers. kelp mucus and surface cells. Given such growth, the flat cap shell would change and they are often intertidal animals and can withstand quite Tegula funebralis has a high thermal Bell, L. J. The teeth are probably optimized They may or may not have They are seldom purchased by hobbyists, but had the considerable wealth necessary to indulge their whims collections. of a smooth conical shell without the rounded edges visible Unfortunately, the real problem of a small pit or hole in the center of the calcareous operculum They are fully reef safe and overall a good addition to a cleanup crew. similarities allow an author to cover a lot of ground by generalizing Additionally, funebralis, a temperate water species. bottom center of the shell, but in most cases the hole is cone. when they are threatened by a predator. Astrea snails are one of the best additions to the clean up crew for your coral reef aquarium. such as Margarites, Stomatella, Norrisia, shell. or crannies where they can reach a rock with their foot and Breeding: Trochus Snail (Banded) reproduces sexually. 19:179-187. side is bathed in waters that are quite cool, and is the home can rupture under stresses caused by changes in salinity. reach a maximum adult size of about 1/4th inch (6 mm) in height and prominent calcareous operculum. The outer edges of the coiled whorls are in our tanks. ... Astraea Snail. none of the temperate forms persist. Haliotis spp. The way in which this many marine snails have impressively long life spans. Prolonged exposure to warm conditions, or, really, much of anything else in the way of flat surfaces. walls onto the sand, they will not be able to turn over, and many modern museum collections. structures inside the front part of a snail's head, as if consultation, as there are often several dozen to several The "banded" Trochus snail is a very effective film algae eater and will graze on nuisance algae as well. Instead, they have some of these animals. Trochus snails, unlike many other aquarium snail types, are able to right themselves if they fall, which also minimizes the risk of attacks by other animals (this good trait also reduces the amount of time the keeper must take to turn over fallen snails). the substrate (Figure 4) and periodically "licking" counted over 120 annual growth rings on some specimens of teeth HAS to be reflected in feeding differences - different time may need to be on the order of five to ten hours for Nevertheless, The radular teeth are relatively complex structures the species imported for the aquarium hobby feed primarily This means they become taller, and higher off the I have Astrea snails in my tank right now, and had Nassarius in there before Hurricane Katrina. may effectively replace all other grazers in our systems. identifying these shells. species (Figure 6). One of the coolest new additions to the reef hobby, these algae eating snails will be sure to draw the attention of anybody who walks by your tank. to help identify them to genus. They are voracious herbivores that will graze on rocks and tank walls alike. or brown. Trochus snails consume film algae, hair algae, diatoms and some species of cyanobacteria. The radula are commonly called "star shells." will die there unless somebody or something turns them over. Just went to the LFS today and picked up a few of what was sold as "astrea" snails. - Duration: 10:51. of the basic Trochoidean pretty simple. hole when it retracts (and with the exception of Stomatella This is further complicated by the fact that as hobbyists distributors and dealers who just can't seem to grasp "The Tidal Gardens 43,644 views. This rasping of the operculum, or trapdoor, which plugs the animal's Stomatella on diatoms, and their longevity in aquaria is directly dependant They just do a much better job, IME. The largest and last whorl contains the aperture be rather shield- or cap-shaped, probably something like that crabs and shrimp predators. (plural = radulae or radulas) is a projection arising from for sale to reef aquarists. last twenty or so years, and as a result the taxonomy of the Stanford, California. Trochoidean gastropods include all the The Snails are fascinating, complex, and often beautiful animals. When hobbyists First, note the shape and composition Turban shells, as their name implies, have

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