-- AK, Yes, yes, we're allowing a cheat on the "utensil" clause here to allow for the little red plastic spreader you use to spread the cheese. And then came Diet Coke in 1982, which pretty quickly sent Tab packing. The perfectly sized flecks of salt that tell your taste buds "it's OK, just one more handful." -- AK, Fruit Roll-Ups have gone through way too many permutations since their introduction in 1983 (Betty Crocker, you sly devil!) I don't need PETA on my back, too. These sugary, fruit-flavored drinks came in soft plastic bottles that could be squished and squeezed to avoid missing a drop. We are due for a serious Bugle renaissance. Designed with one dark side to mimic the skin of the potato, these chips are now sold under the TGI Fridays brand. In the '80s, the Keebler Elves backed up Tato Skins chips in flavors like bacon and cheddar or sour cream and chives. So it was with bacon (the "worst" flavor). Just a delicious shortbread-ish cookie round with a layer of fudge on the bottom and some zebra stripes on top. But it's important to note that, like pizza, a chip is only as good as its base. To take advantage of Smurf-mania, food makers introduced Smurf-Berry Crunch in 1983, followed by Smurf Magic Berries — with marshmallows — a few years later. Have I been enjoying Starburst incorrectly this entire time? It's sweet. The good people at Oreo have really stepped up the innovation in recent years, debuting new limited-edition flavors at a torrid pace that send food internet sites such as this one into a tizzy. They're salty and meaty and scratch a certain snack itch, sure, but how many people do you know who actively crave one of these? Think of Tato Skins as mini baked potatoes, topped just right. But the hole is the real winner here, and if you're an adult who says you never put one on your finger and then eat around it until you have a nice little cookie ring, then pretend that you're engaged to Ernie the Elf and plan to move into his tree house as soon as he has the balls to just tell his parents about us and get it over with… sorry. -- AK, These days, a lot of hip restaurants will serve you artisan corn nuts. No one ever trades their Reese's. That's what I love about you, M&M's. How much do you know about dinosaurs? Fat 59g. Finally, the morsel has to be something you can easily consume, with your hands, right out of the packaging -- eliminating Hot Pockets, Totino's, and Pop-Tarts (which we all know only rule if they're toasted). -- AK, While drinking soda through Twizzlers is the diabetic equivalent of trying to drink a Big Gulp with a crimped coffee stirrer, Red Vines are like taking it down with a beer bong. The understated pleasure of eating an elephant that tastes a little like a graham cracker is in and of itself one of life's simple joys, best consumed while making inappropriate poaching jokes to a toddler who has no idea why you think it's so funny. There are probably even sociopaths somewhere who claim Reese's Sticks are the best Reese's product. Such is the addictive nature of whatever the hell these are supposed to be. Such is the delicious power of these sleeper treats that they convince you they contain chocolate despite just being candy-coated peanut butter. The layer of caramel or peanut butter is the perfect cushion. -- ML, Nothing too complicated here. and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. Every '80s kid remembers commercials showing the Keebler elves hard at work baking cookies in their treehouse kitchen. There's a reason that a bag of Doritos is the first thing opened at a Super Bowl party amid a sea of homemade treats, yet never makes it past first quarter. -- ML, Pie is my favorite food. -- AK, Maybe I was just a boring kid, but these were definitely more of a go-to than Oreos. flavored potato chips / Pringles / Hearty Potato Krunch Twists / Pringles Cheezums / Tato Skins baked potato flavor / Tato Skins sour cream n' chives flavor / Tato Skins cheese n' bacon flavor Lee claims to have peeled back the truth and discovered that the “Cheddar & Bacon,” “Bacon Ranch” and “Sour Cream & Onion” flavors of … We're here to celebrate Goldfish because they're goddamn amazing, a snacking empire unto themselves that exists as a subset of another snacking empire. Truth be told, though, the apple ones were my jam. -- ML, For a foodstuff that was created to repress America's sex drives, graham crackers sure are delightful, even if no one has ever successfully consumed an entire box without shattering several of them accidentally. Plus, it's white cheese, which makes it way easier to conceal the fact that you've wiped your hands on your pants. There were five flavors of these "curiously strong" hard candies: raspberry, lime, tangerine, apple, and mango. But these potato skins… good Lord. Think you remember some of the greatest foods of the '80s? But for real, try the Buffalo.) I don't know who Amos was (Googles). Even that failed. Served in a flexible pouch that somehow stood up, the drink required you to stab it with a straw to access the liquid within. Taken on its own, it would be a great treat. -- AK, The only jelly beans I'm legitimately excited to encounter. 7 Min, TRIVIA Planters came close with its canned curls, only to fall into the annuls of discontinuation. You'll also see large non-branded tubs of these suckers at many a local grocer. It sold well for a few years, but even the addition of a layer of caramel in 1993 couldn't save this candy from extinction. But check in with me in, like, 30 years, because they are delightful when paired with a game of bridge, I hear. In the past, potato skins were peeled prior to cooking with the idea that the potato would be cleaner, and therefore healthier; however, it has been discovered that leaving the potato skins intact can add nutrients to a meal. That seems like it should have happened (*does quick research to make sure it hasn't happened yet What?! So, there are many fine varieties of gummy candy given to us by the good German folks at Haribo, but we're mostly going to discuss the bears here, because come on. Boom. Nutritional Info. -- ML, These aren't necessarily my favorite work Little Debbie's ever done (she's a big girl now, she can take it), but they have enough devotion that I'll undoubtedly receive some pointed messages from Zebra Cake truthers. Cheez-Its always tasted more, for lack of a better word, "real" to me than most of your mass-produced snack foods, and that isn't just me being persuaded by the "100% Real Cheese" marketing. The enterprising owners decided to capitalize on the waste by tossing those crunchy nubs in a bag with rye chips, pretzels, and seasoning... and voila! For those of us who still malign the death of the Keebler Tato Skin (RIP, you elven beauty), here's the only chance to … But if you miss him, snap into one and you might know what it was like to taste his sweat as he dropped from the top rope onto your face. Oh, right. 5 from 1 vote. -- ML, Fact: I have a huge collection of Pez dispensers currently in the care of my goddaughter, who has no idea why her godfather is such a dork, or why adults would want to partake in a candy that's served from the gaping hole in Yoda's neck. I know I've made many jokes in this space about compulsive eating and finishing entire bags of stuff, but seriously, I think it's possible that Flavor Blasted Goldfish are too potent to be handled by the general public. Pro tip: Put a handful in your mouth, chomp once, then take a quick swig of milk. Just kidding. Producers instead turned to the lesser-known Reese's Pieces, which became a huge seller when the film was released, as everyone wanted to try the adorable alien's favorite treat. Where have I been? Meanwhile, the widespread use of microwave ovens drew unprecedented demand for frozen foods that could quickly be nuked to create a tasty meal, from frost-it-yourself strudels to sandwich fixings packed into layer of flaky crust. The McDonald's Lettuce and Tomato, or McDLT, was a burger sold in a special foam tray with a separate compartment to keep the toppings cool and fresh. If you live outside of the U.S., you might know these as Cool America flavor, because ranch dressing isn't as common outside the states. Good. I bring them up only because, generally speaking, I tend toward being a snack originalist, believing that, more often than not, the original version of something is the purest expression of its essence. Featuring crunchy bits shaped like the letter "T," the cereal came with a pack of stickers to woo young shoppers and their parents. Typically in school I had one or the other at all times. Tato Skins Tato Skins - Potato Chips. Bake the skins at 375 degrees for 7 minutes faced down. Tato Skins In the '80s, the Keebler Elves backed up Tato Skins chips in flavors like bacon and cheddar or sour cream and chives. But with respect to Cool Ranch (I know I'm an outlier in my ambivalence toward ranch everything), there's only one flavor that truly matters, and that flavor is Nacho Cheese, the single greatest mass-produced snack in America. It's the quarter-life crisis of candy-coated jelly snacks. I can't choose. Look, let's talk about it over a box of Wheat Thins, shall we? -- AK, Going through every single flavor of Lays plays out like a somehow tastier/less boring version of that scene from Forrest Gump where Bubba rattles off on shrimp. Tato Skins Elves possess a remarkable frugality, it appears... as evidenced by Keebler's addictive treat, potato skins. -- ML, It's as if somebody got a box of Goobers and realized that popping chocolate-covered nuts in your mouth is a waste of time when you can roll those suckers up in nougat and caramel and gnaw on 'em. -- AK. Have you ever had the ones with the peanut butter inside? Naturally you eat a few, and then it's time to put the bag away for later. -- ML. -- AK, This upstart brand is more addictive than anything marketing itself as a healthful snack option has a right to be. -- ML, Thanks to those ads boasting that "a cookie is just a cookie but a Newton is fruit and cake," I felt slightly superior in grade school whenever I had a few of them in my lunchbox. Which is great, because that thing's probably been sitting on the shelf for half a decade. Introduced in 1987, and known as the Temptations bar in Canada, BarNone was a delicious combination of chocolate cream-filled wafers topped with finely chopped peanuts and coated in chocolate. And holy shit are they fantastic. … You're good where you are, Grape-Nuts. No, I'm talking the curls, those mighty, crunchy, perfectly coated corn crisps that come in shapes ranging from "log" to "Harambe." ), this was the absolute best Frankenbar out there. When you think about it, Handi-Snacks can really teach kids values like restraint and resource management. I can't really comment on any flavor of SunChips other than Harvest Cheddar, but I don't think that's necessary. Probably because jerky is oddly expensive when you consider it's just a big-ass bag of dried meat, and the Arby's is another exit away. With him pushing the chocolate, vanilla and swirled Jell-O pudding pops, kids were eager to try the treat. Passed out on the couch and awoke to find a slice of the pizza you ordered still lukewarm in the box? Call it charisma. hot dogs! These were potato chips that came in 2 types: Criss-cross [chips cut so they look like grids] and Tato Skins [exactly like the chips of the same name]. Fortunately for me, those are readily available here. She probably wonders why that bag is significantly lighter whenever I happen to have been over. I even ate a little spoonful. Yeah, I know I should go pretzel-heavy early to avoid such predicament, but sometimes life is hard and you just want what you want, OK? By plopping cheese and sauce on a bagel, the humble pizza became a food that would work as well for breakfast as it would for dinner. I lived on Tato Skins in high school and usually had a bag with me in every class. Quite simply I cannot picture a world without handfuls of crunchy little Cheddar Goldfish. However you're getting your fix, if you're eating brownies by the handful, you're living right. Of course, now there are so many damn varieties (Sweet n' Salty Salted Caramel Chunk?!?!?!) -- AK, When I think of the original Fritos flavor, it seems pretty unremarkable. And the cookie… hoo-boy, that cookie. My opinons are not for sale. You have the opportunity to pretend you have really long, delicious fingernails. Not the Flamin' Hot ones or the Steakhouse version, mind you. I don't think I'm overstating it when I say these all paled in comparison to Gushers completely changing the fruit snack game. Actually, it's possible they didn't even need Double Stuf, because regular Oreos are a giant among snack foods. Hips don't lie! Snack! And while there are some who claim that the banana is the weakest of the fake-fruit basket, there are entire vending machines dedicated to the little yellow bastards. Ingredients . By the 2010s, Powerade owned about a third of the U.S. sports beverage market, according to NBC News. to address them all here. Don't believe me? Sad! I'm also pretty sure this is the only format in which I ingested figs until, like, age 27. -- ML, We're just gonna put this right here, and also note that the Ritz Bits line has helped the world realize the value of putting peanut butter and/or fake cheese on a tiny, tiny cracker without making us endure the crippling frustration of actually putting peanut butter and/or fake cheese on a cracker the size of your pinky nub. "Heath Bar. Sadly, the PB Max was short-lived, just like Planters PB Crisps, which came out a few years later and were quickly discontinued. -- and often rolled in enough sugar to coat a house. While these cookies are no longer made, Pepperidge Farm Milano Melts offer a similar experience if you're feeling nostalgic. When was the last time you thought, "You know what, I'd really like a Hershey's bar." -- AK, I've always wanted to know what this nougat-heavy confection had to do with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. The only reason why we even gave these potato crisps an additional 3/4’s of a rating, was simply because their flavor wasn’t necessarily off-putting, and the crisps did crunch in our mouths like they were supposed to. -- ML, They're $2 a bag and contain enough sodium to give a deer a stroke. -- AK, 1991 was a big year. 1 candy back when I had a less refined palate and things like "nuts" frightened me. The brand expanded with the acquisition of other brands and the introduction of new products. They look kinda like that. Mars turned down an offer to have M&M's appear in the 1982 mega-hit "E.T." They sounded like fancy grown-up food, but I figured why not give 'em a shot. How has that not happened yet? Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. I don't know what kind of devil alchemy happens when you combine an Oreo with milk, but I know the first time I ingested said combination my world was never the same. These days, though, Pringles makes dozens and dozens of flavors. -- ML, They're tasty enough, but the gel-to-candy ratio is a little extreme. Kettle makes a damn fine chip, but it's also one that's afraid of commitment, which is why sometimes flavors like Sweet Onion become an instant favorite then totally disappear, leaving a hole in your heart that no amount of Cheddar Beer chips can fill. Do You Remember These Foods From the ’80s. Wait, did you know it originally came in three pieces? Fruit Roll-Ups are an early '80s product featuring sheets of sugary fruit-leather rolled with a layer of cellophane to prevent sticking. A year or two back Cheez-Its rolled out an "Extra Toasty" variety and they were a revelation, not only in their own right, but in how they made me see a food that had always been near the top of my snack list in an entirely new light. -- ML, Fun fact: Gardetto's started as a way to reduce waste in a restaurant that served crackery breadsticks. That's largely due to the fact that it's very easy to hork down an entire can of whole cashews and suddenly realize -- again! Source: FatSecret Platform API. On the one hand, the regular Oreos started it all, and the heavier cookie ratio yields better results when dipped in milk, which is indisputably the best manner in which to consume Oreos. The Reese's Cup is perfect: a two-pack of pleasure possessing the exact right ratio of sugary peanut goodness and also-sugary chocolate, with the ridged edge providing the entry point to a flavor-and-texture party that's been the subject of many a Halloween candy-trading argument. I had a friend in college who was sure he had a peanut allergy. I've tried them all of them. -- ML, Look, there are many fine candy bars in the world, but there is only one that Bart Simpson wielded to make poor Milhouse depressed about the state of his lunch. By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our Though, Pretzel Crisps people, if you ARE offering, I'll take some of the Buffalo ones. I sprinkled it on steaks. I get it. -- AK, Keebler's iconic sandwich cookie is particularly convenient for those who want a sandwich cookie that separates easily for unobstructed access to the filling. Or at least it tries to when you force it upon an unsuspecting teenage relative who is obliged to roll her eyes and agree that it's delicious. They're also a little more oily than other chips, which is dangerous for a dress shirt. Push Pops solved this problem by putting the candy into a tube, where it could be easily tucked away and saved for later. It's like, you get me. Hell, yes! Some of its more recent sweet-salty experiments are the work of some kind of evil genius. Then again, my favorite cake is "plain vanilla" and I find the works of EL James very risqué. Peanut butter? In fact, I'm not sure that's a real thing. Today, that number has grown to more than a 100, including pizza, pasta and other once-forbidden favorites. DAMN. Call it one of the more underrated theme songs in cartoon history. -- AK, I still remember the first time my mom mysteriously came back from the grocery stores with these. Added to that, these suckers pack more saturated fat than a White Castle Crave Case. So for the first years of my life, I thought Pringles only came in two flavors: "meh" and "ouch.". On the other hand, the filling is the best part of the Oreo, and Double Stuff provides both more of it, and easier access to it (regular Oreos are much more prone to breakage when you try the twist-and-scrape maneuver). 3 % 1g Protein. Today, you can get this treat at Dairy Queen, which bought the brand in 1987. It was as though they'd taken a special order just for me. You get America. Jan 18, 2015 - Explore Jason Parkinson's board "Soft Drink 70s - 80s" on Pinterest. These days I find all the smoothness and sweetness a little one-note, but that wouldn't stop me from gleefully inhaling one if you handed it to me. The more kinds of Oreos the better! It's a chip that's as good straight out of the bag as it is with dip or next to a deli sandwich. Course Appetizer. And he was in an episode of The Office?! Trick question. Named for the University of Florida's football team, Gatorade dominated the sports drink market when it came out in the '60s. Resting Time 10 mins. Of course, the real star of the '80s food market was the snacks. Wild Cherry Pepsi came out in 1988, adding a fruity twist to this beloved cola. It's like Cheetos are the president of snacks or something… -- AK. -- ML, Yup, those are some pretzels alright! Like it tastes exactly how it smells. Cinnamon! cookies were the subject of many a heated argument surrounding the virtues of the crunchier originals versus the chewy variety (I'm an originalist). I don't know what kind of dark flavor magic they put in that yellow sheen that soaks up every bit of exposed pretzel interior, but hot damn. Once this fruity juice blend hit the States, however, kids everywhere were ready to pack it in their lunchboxes. These people are to be avoided. It still often ends up being crumpled into a ball and devoured in a single go. Flat chips for salsa. -- ML, Basically, these things taste like a long weekend at your grandma's spent watching old movies she used to love. The flavor of garlic is tasted in every bite. Oh, and also you want pizza. Available in green apple and cinnamon, the thin, translucent sticks could be enjoyed for much longer than the average chocolate bar. We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. Try Cheddar Cheese n' Bacon, Sour Cream n' Onion, or tasty Baked Potato. The McChicken was a 1980 McDonald's creation consisting of a breaded chicken patty, mayo and shredded lettuce. Gum got exciting in the '80s thanks to a line of soda-inspired products. Oh, quite I see. Honestly, they could have stopped there and they'd STILL check in at No. Have you ever looked closely at Teddy Grahams, tiny cookie bears that came out in '88? No chips. See more ideas about soda pop, soft drinks, my childhood memories. -- ML, I'm not a fan of Fridays to begin with, so this is a little odd, especially since it has a whole line of snacks modeled after its endless apps selection, among them "mozz sticks" that taste like some sort of accident occurred at the Cheetos factory. My Roll-Up-consuming heydey definitely came before SpongeBob got involved. Period. Maybe this should be higher? -- AK, Yeah, they're a little plain. A damn fine chip with a touch of class! Crispy? True, the Original and Cheddar are standouts, but like Lays, Pringles messes with a ton of different flavors and gets most of them right. Serving Size : 16 chips. Playing quizzes is free! Also, there's a Sour Cream & Onion flavor, which… look, I get that you can't always have a jar of French onion dip around, but if you're eating Ruffles, maybe you should. And I'm all for it! I keep wanting to compare them to Tato Skins, but I don't think that would be fair. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. -- AK, Remember back in the day when officially branded RKTs came out, and some asshole kid came to your birthday party and told your mom they were better than the ones she spent half a day pouring into a casserole dish to serve to a bunch of ungrateful kids? Print Recipe Pin Recipe. It should be obvious by now that nutritional virtuousness was in no way factored into performance on this list, and yet here Goldfish are in the top five. Cuisine American. -- ML, I'm a bit of an expert here, having once sat down with bags of every single flavor and ranked them based on my own personal bias (this happens a lot). Mr.T became a larger-than-life persona in the '80s after starring in "The A-Team" and "Rocky III." Cheeseburger! Yo, Combo empire, hit me up! It takes longer to unroll. But here's the rub: You're gonna be tempted to get the mixed nuts, because then you get the whole variety. Animal crackers in all their forms are among the most delightful rediscoveries. Few candy bars are quite as perfectly constructed: the nougat, caramel, and peanut playing in perfect concert with one another, the chocolate serving as the shell keeping it all together. Fill each skin with cheese. It's happening in May?! There's a reason that Doritos Locos Tacos became Taco Bell's biggest-selling item nearly immediately, and it sure as hell wasn't what was inside the shell, after all. Salt. They are all wrong. Remove from oven. Plus they're better than their cousins, Better Swiss, and way better than bullshit Cheese Nips. And they make you poop a little more regularly! Do you see any vending machines offering a handful of lime Runts? Thanks a lot, Bill Murray. And only one piece was chocolate, while the other two were strawberry and vanilla? But technically, snack! -- ML, I love Chex Mix, but my esteemed colleague Khushbu Shah loves it more and is incensed that it's not in the top five, and is even placed below Gardetto's. And each one was delicious. It's a slight advantage, but in a call this close, it's an important one. Each color has a part to play. Also, how come Twinkies always get such high billing when it comes to carnival deep-fryer creativity, and yet I don't think I've ever seen a deep-fried Ho Ho? Still, my favorite Skittles-related memory remains hearing a camp counselor from London with a super-heavy accent pronounce them "Skih-uls." Well, we confirmed that there's no crack involved. Over in the beverage market, kid's drinks packed with sugar and "fruit" took on diet sodas that would soon dominate soft drink sales. I mean, in a lot of ways it's just the next logical step in the evolution of the Baby Ruth. Instant milkshake. Purchase one of the comically large tubs at Costco and your entire family will be able to enjoy them for… not nearly as long as you'd think. It wasn't as glorious as having a cardboard boat full of soon-to-be-soggy nachos, but it wasn't half bad, either. Lollipops are yummy, but they take time to enjoy all the way down to the stick. Cholesterol 300g--/ 300g left. I recall enjoying the Wild Berry and Tropical varieties in similar fashion. Tri-color pasta salad, or tricolore, was all the rage in the '80s. Also these are among the rare bagged snacks that get better as you get to the bottom and the pieces get tinier and proportionally more flavor-fied. It's like pastry and menthol all together. Anyway, the Extra Toasty rendition had that extra-dark hue and depth of flavor on it that you get when you order a pizza well-done. Well, maybe there's an exception when Peeps are involved. Go ahead and read me the terrifyingly long list of ingredients that go into making that unmistakably… Combo-y inner filling. Double Stuf. Also the actual edible part has a slightly softer, more gentle texture than its forefather. Turn over, spray with olive oil spray and bake for another 7 minutes. Planters finally caved to demand in 2018, restoring this beloved food to store shelves. Throw some jelly on these bad boys and blow some minds! I'm not sure how to evaluate original Oreos vs. All that said, they're quite enjoyable, with the chocolaty stripes providing just enough zip to zest up a potentially monotonous white icing/white cake/cream filling trio. One flavor was sour cream and onion: the chip itself was shaped like a Combo (cracker- or pretzel-snack), and inside the chip was a sour cream and onion filling. Even more curious, these are generally considered the classiest of American-made snack crackers intended to be loaded with cheese, yet they are at their best when bought at a gas station in an eight-pack of sandwich crackers filled with super-fake cheese. I myself love me some coconut, so I like to have Mounds in the candy bar rotation. They also stay softer and impart more fake strawberry flavor into your mouth. And how do you use a proper noun? The first line included 10 meals of 300 calories or less. Between this and Bubble Tape the '90s were a real heydey for introducing snacks that would be at home in the packing section of a hardware store. And while there remains a special place in my heart for original Goldfish… man, the high-octane version is really something. If it is, I want to go. Before you know it, another row has vanished, and the vicious cycle continues until all you have is an empty Milanos bag and regrets. And while some might argue the virtues of the spicier varieties (like Cheddar jalapeño and Flamin' Hot), it's the original "made with real cheese though we haven't really figured out which kind of cheese that is" flavor that will forever be king. Eighties kids might remember Bagel Bites commercials, which promised, "When pizza's on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime!". If we were giving out points for dippability, Tostitos would reign supreme. A blend of orange juice, sugar, milk, vanilla and egg whites or bananas, the Orange Julius is a frothy classic found in countless mall food courts of the '80s. There are those who obsess over the higher peanut butter quotient of the springtime treat that is the Reese's Egg. Prep Time 5 mins. audience is more fragmented. He went on a weeks-long peanut butter 'n chocolate-eating binge the likes of which no one had ever seen, but it all started with a bag of miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. -- ML, Wheat Thins probably seem like they're too high here. The only thing that slows me down is the one or two leaky ones that are inevitably trapped at the bottom, necessitating that that side of the box be torn open as well, causing the old guy next to me to be visibly irritated by the noisy jostling. So it is constantly with Cheddar. These are pretty good. It tastes like meat because it is meat, and it comes in little bags or by the pound, just in case your road trip hasn't made you constipated enough. that the Chips Ahoy! Each came in various flavors. At the start of the '80s, Tab ruled the diet soda market. From fun quizzes that bring joy to your day, to compelling photography and fascinating lists, HowStuffWorks Play offers something for everyone. Throw those other layers up top, though, and you've got not one, but two of the best candy bars on the market… both in the same wrapper. Like Lays and Pringles, there are seemingly 400 flavors of Ruffles on the shelf at any given point, but only Cheddar & Sour Cream are worth your time -- Lord knows why some monsters keep buying the cheeseburger ones! Jack Link's bags, though, split the difference, landing in the middle zone between "too cheap to be actual meat" and "shot in the owner's backyard." -- AK. I pop them like an NFL linebacker with a Vicodin prescription. The PB Max was a truly unique sweet, made by layering peanut butter and oats over a crunchy cookie, then coating the whole thing in chocolate. You were camping, weren't you? But hey, when you're the only legit potato skin on the market, you go big or you go to Applebee's. Would 100% purchase. Tato Wilds are a brand of potato chips that were introduced in Eruowood in 1993. Weirdly, nobody gets them right, probably because they're not sure what they are.

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