Works around 110%. While it is obviously not required, I also personally prefer to have Mid-Smash Rumble set to “On” (i.e. (~?%), Ledge Trump > B-Air: Good after letting opponent sit on ledge multiple times. Strong combo game, with lots of options for comboing opponents. Take note of their movements beforehand and act when they overcommit. For percents ranging roughly from 60-90, Dash attack Forward air comes online. A sleek, long-last kick in the air (a.k.a. Super Smash Bros. Sheik won’t move Majority, 55%. Tilts Strings: While not as mindless as at low percent, a few tilts may still string together on fast fallers and big targets. A particularly large contributor to this guide was _Tree, who has since retired from Smash Bros content creation. In this state, players try to advance their goals by securing a larger portion of the stage, hitting their opponent, and avoiding getting hit. A stealthy leg-sweep, knocking an opponent upwards while reducing Sheik’s vulnerability. Crouch still seems good and can still low profile many moves, Crawling is still great in the meta and can lead into easy whiff punishes. The addition of Bouncing Fish has completely overhauled her recovery and kill options, and Burst Grenade, while not phenomenal, can serve as a tool for conditioning and tricking her opponents. Very little lag upon landing. At lower percents, she’ll look for her signature combos and overwhelming neutral interactions to pile on damage. Requests are being seeked! Kill potential? Avoid the regrab and trumps at all costs. Unfortunately it involves a good deal of prediction to land correctly. Sheik is easily one of the most adaptive characters in the game, so it follows that she can take advantage of any tournament legal stage. Ultimate, first playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The 20XX for the Ultimate amiibo meta. The flurry of punches is good for shield poking and resetting neutral. Punish attacking opponents with shield or counterattacks. Don’t burn Bouncing Fish immediately at low/mid percents. Take a look at this tier list: This is currently the most agreed upon tier list. It’s just a matter of knowing your options and knowing when to strike. Both the sour spot and sweet spot have utility. Run-Off Buffered Vanish is great. B-Air seems to work the same as in Melee… great hitbox in front, great knockback. Hidden Power Fire: Grounded Vanish Trap upon unsafe approach/getup. Then choose any stage. It drastically aids with movement, stage control, conditioning, and dictating the pace of the match. If the opponent doesn’t intentionally end aggression, this earned disadvantage is often only escaped by air dodging, disruptive attacks, or retreating to the ledge. I proudly play Robin on tournaments and I can say that he is incredibly underrated. Tilt > Aerial: Because her tilts start off with very low-knockback, they can easily link into aerials. Follows up into an aerial or even a tipper U-Smash. That is not to say, however, that she doesn’t have her preferences. When an interaction in the neutral is lost, the loser is repeatedly punished for doing so and is forced to diffuse the opponent’s aggression by any means possible. Side Taunt: Pulls out the tripwire she uses for Burst Grenade and stretches it out, causing a "twang" sound. 6-Needle Hit Throw: ?% x 6 = ?%, Frame ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, FAF ?. A stern backwards kick. Share your Smash 4 knowledge by creating your own blog post now. A few key strategies for her neutral are listed below. Crossing up on shield (maybe with B-Air) is nice for getting a predictable, hasty shield drop. Few kill options outside of smash attacks. Usually a bad option. An astonishing tool for mobility, recovery, killing, gimping, comboing, conditioning, and making reads. Now Sheik joins the battle wearing the Sheikah costume from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. How To Unlock Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters in World of Light. - Reliable dthrow to fair kill confirms! Sheik got some of the coolest buffs to the patch. Once the opponent has been completely pressured offstage, most characters are reduced to using only a small handful of options: double jump, fast aerial attacks, air dodge, and recovery moves. Spike Hitbox. Complete one of the following: 1. is an incredibly underrated tool for improving your approach and evasion. B-Reverse/Rebounding Bouncing Fish when you’re hanging from the ledge can allow you to go as deep as you want without burning your jump or Vanish. The first two punches might still be great for setting up into grabs and other normals. A stealthy leg-sweep, knocking an opponent upwards while reducing Sheik’s vulnerability. Harder to SDI, so this one will likely always kill at high percent. While relatively weak on its own, it has devastating potential when attempting to stage spike, gimp, or kill far off stage. Shielding as an opponent is falling can force them to not attack you. Her superior frame data, mobility, and projectiles incentivize the opponent to approach and allow for an unrivaled neutral game. They appear to be similar/identical to the timings for SSB4. Moves that can be ducked under are listed under “Other” tips in the Match Up section of each character. Sheik’s kit allows for one of the strongest advantage states in the game, offering incredible flexibility, solid damage output, and staggering variety. The angle on Rising Needles is worse (30 degrees below the horizontal instead of 45)... so it may be harder to snipe steep angles. At higher percents, they begin to grant stage control and set up for kill confirms. A series of punches, finished by a strong blow. Up Taunt: Performs the pike, a breakdancing move. The signature attack of the Sheikah clan, utilizing precise strikes to vulnerable areas. F-Tilt > U-Air or Vanish: A 50/50, based upon double jump or air dodge reactions. Among the fastest dash speeds in the game. Have Ganondorf join the player's party in World of Light.With the exception of the third method, Ganondorf must then be defeated on Bridge of Eldin. Weak N-Air or Weak B-Air > Bouncing Fish: Sheik’s second-most satisfying kill confirm. VoiD has expressed interest in mainly using solo Sheik and plans to do so. It’s primarily about understanding what your opponent wants to do, has wanted to do, and will want to do… and finding ways to snag hits while maximizing rewards and minimizing risks. Sheik, the alter ego of Princess Zelda, is a fierce, nimble, and mysterious warrior from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In this guide, you will be provided with every bit of information that you’ll need to become a competent Sheik player. There is a suction effect prior to detonation. Wavelanding may be viable in certain instances. sheik combos and kill confirms + drag down loops combos might make sheik viable again (testing) Speculation Hello everyone, I am as new as can be to this subreddit and would like to share some info with you about sheik, a character that was once fun and that people loved to play as. Corner Pressure is the process of containing the opponent on the far side of the stage. Lamak Sheik, 56, filmed the young lion as it stood surrounded by a herd of water buffalo in Nairobi National Park in Kenya. ... Just getting into playing Sheik in Smash Ultimate, and I am not very good at Smash but I hope to get better. Has very strong combo potentials. Lag , AC ,>. This is best utilized as a DI mix-up or a way to finalize stage control, occasionally resulting in Reverse Bouncing Fishes and edge guards. creating your own blog Since grounded spikes can't be teched anymore, it seems that this may give a new kill option. Even though her moves don’t do a lot of individual damage, they work together to become truly terrifying. Sheik’s fastest aerial. When Super Smash Bros. As for why it's called a kill confirm and not just calling it a KO is because it's guaranteed so long as you don't mess up. Looks largely unchanged? When unlocked, she is fought at Gerudo Valley. When an interaction in the neutral is won, the aggressor is given a state of advantage that allows progress towards their main objectives. Ledge trumps and two-framing are potentially good mix-ups, though their effectiveness in Ultimate are unknown. Her only true flaws are her lack of easy kill options, relative proneness to trading damage, light weight, and tendency to be “combo food”. FH Rising Needles > DJ Bouncing Fish: Can work at weird percentages if you’re lucky. If they don’t get off the stage quickly enough, they’ll lose invincibility and be at their most vulnerable on-stage position. Her aggression relies on a variety of situational combos, option coverage, mind games, and thinking on your feet… so knowing when to continue aggression, when to cover multiple options, and when to drop a combo for a hard punish is absolutely crucial. You will usually have multiple types of options at your disposal, so it’s important to weigh the risk and reward of each type of aggression. A Synthesized Guide to Sheik in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It was a character reveal completely out of the left field, and it set quite the bar for the rest of Ultimate's DLC fighters.. RELATED: Top 10 Zelda Characters We Want in Smash Ultimate, Ranked Fox has so many confirms to get the kill he needs, but why is it that he can have such a hard time to kill, especially heavier characters. post, A Comprehensive TO Guide to Online Tournaments, Smash Ultimate: How to play Banjo & Kazooie, Report This works particularly well out of a dash cancel. Might be safe on shield from max distance? The circumstances of the match and the most optimal possible punishes are constantly in flux and must be continually reassessed. 2. Charge: Adds Needles on Frame: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. Ultimate's release, the protagonist from Persona 5 shocked just about every single Smash fan. At high percents, she’ll look into finishing the stock with her tilt and aerial kill confirms or amazing edge guarding. She was confirmed to return on June 12, 2018 during E3 2018. League of Legends; LoL Tier list 10.19. ?% Per Needle, Frame ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. In this position, the opponent is on a timer to return back to the stage. This may finally be a good move for edge guarding and won’t insta-kill you anymore. Early Hit: %, Frame, FAF . (?%), N-Air/F-Air/B-Air > Tipper U-Smash: Kills earlier than Bouncing Fish, but strict. The first strike has a spiking effect on Sheik’s body, while the second strike is purely disruptive. The meta in Super Smash Bros. At a fundamental level, neutral involves the act of avoiding the opponent’s “threat bubble” to bait forth overcommitments and punish them. Seems a to kill pretty early but is a bit slower… this is good! Ledge-Cancelled Multi-jab can combo into D-Air or Grenade, depending on position. Ideal punishes usually take the form of true combos (attack strings that are guaranteed just by inputting them correctly), but can also take the form of frame traps (combos that are guaranteed when covering all possible escape options), mix-ups (combos that are only “guaranteed” when reading a particular escape option), and raw attacks. Amazing with the new dodge mechanics, as it can truly punish landings. Undetonated Throw Hit: ?%, Frames ?-?, FAF. There are many grabs in Super Smash Bros Ultimate that are extremely useful tools in various manners. If she ever wants to sit back and observe or maintain the lead, she is free to camp with needles or turtle, walling out the opponent out with aerials. ... Sheik score: 30 82.61 % upvotes Jigglypuff score: 30 75.00 % upvotes Wolf ... Or get easy kill confirms into your play like nair -> upsmash / dsmash. Because they are on a timer and forced to expend resources, it is in your best interest to remain patient, condition their responses, and punish them on reaction. Damage? The war of attrition is not kind to Sheik. If the opponent is already in the air and focused on not getting poked with Needles after their initial jump trajectory, they might try to jump again to avoid the hit; as such, you can hit them with a full clip of Needles (or something more aggressive) as they land. Super Smash Bros. While she has few strong kill-moves, she can rack up damage insanely quickly, damage enemies without substantial risk, move incredibly quickly, and recover very effectively. While playing Sheik again, VoiD has placed 9th at Glitch 7 - Minus World, defeating players such as Yeti and LeoN (albeit defeating LeoN using mainly Pichu) and 5th at Mainstage, defeating MVD, Muteace, and most notably Salem, while also taking MKLeo to game 5. Intangible: Frame -. A set-up for kill confirms and a great spacing option. If they fail to correctly return to stage enough times, they will be completely unable to grab the ledge and fall to their death. Fast falling speed makes her susceptible to combos and juggling. This might finally be a kill throw at very high percents! Sheik’s glorious combo game is almost entirely the result of her aerial moves. Combo Setups? The future of Sheik’s grab game might just hinge on frame trapping air dodges. Drop Down Vanish: Surprising, strong, and has a good change to stage spike or outright kill. Tilt Strings: F-Tilt, D-Tilt, and (sometimes) U-Tilt will easily combo into themselves and other grounded options at low percent, especially when combined with dash cancels. Do not be predictable. Clear Classic Mode with Yoshi or any character in his unlock tree, being the 4th character unlocked after Ryu. VoiD has also said that Sheik is still a high tier character, and he is the only notable NA Sheik player with plentiful results. Retreating SH N-Air beats Jump and Standard Get-Up, as well as allowing a FF into boost grab on the Roll. Two strong overhead strikes meet together at the tipper for devastating knock back. incorrect info. Safe on shield hit. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me via Twitter (@HL_Contrary). Edge Guarding is the act of preventing an airborne recovery from returning to the stage altogether. As many of Sheik’s moves are both pressure tools and combo tools, any victory in the neutral has the potential to snowball into something more. Full Hop Rising Needles will still combo into aerials and Bouncing Fish, and allows for an aerial before landing. Might be useful for getting the opponent in a bad position and un-staling U-Throw. Sheik has one of the best recoveries in the game. But the herd was soon chased away by two nearby lionesses. You can view the source Google Document, Can still be mixed up into a tilt or grab, The hits of jab appear to link together better. Additionally, I prefer to have a D-Pad Shield Button to serve as an emergency Shield/Tech/Dodge button if I accidentally lose my preferred grip on the controller. When utilizing the late hit, it becomes a deadly setup into Bouncing Fish. Offensively, Sheik is a fast, agile character, boasting superior movement, zoning, and combo abilities. If they expect that you're going to unload on them, take advantage of that. Keep the pressure on your opponent by using his speedy dash to quickly close in on (or get away from) your opponent! Example: Retreating can be soft-punished by simply regaining stage control, medium-punished with Needles, or hard-punished by running in and grabbing, dash-cancel attacking, or using Bouncing Fish. Will likely just be used for throwing offstage. Spike Hitbox. Good for punishing landing and spot-dodges. Amazing for edge guarding, getting in stray hits, and setting up a deadly Reverse Bouncing Fish. F-Throw > Bouncing Fish or Aerial: An amazing, easy tool for damage and stage control. She has less landing lag with her needles, which opens up some cool combos and kill confirms now that she can land and chase down an opponent. F-Air > U-Smash: While this is still being explored, it has been seen repeatedly in the demo. Close. A swift kick, covering a great amount of space. I think it is important to have an analog-only shoulder button for Short Hops, and I’d argue that L Button + C-Stick is the most consistent way to C-Bounce without contorting your hands. 2. It’s important to recognize that there is rarely one tried-and-true flow chart for dissecting an opponent’s gameplay. Forcing opponents to burn these options prematurely is the essence of edge guarding. The best way to spend advantage depends on a lot of variables, including character selections, stages, mentality, skill level, stage position, and damage. With this in mind, Sheik has arguably the most threatening neutral game out of the entire cast, as she possesses both the strengths of rushdown and zoning characters. If you remember ancient history (a few days ago), I was the guy who made Defensively, she may be the safest character in the game. (~?%), Offstage D-Air (Sheikahcide). Ledge Trump: Used to punish hesitation. Only use when up one stock. Wall out jumping opponents with aerials or U-Smash. Frame Data? Once completed, this resource should provide up-to-date, in-depth information on Sheik’s character properties, moveset, combos, movement options, advanced tech, neutral game, advantage/disadvantage states, ledge-guarding options, kill set-ups, stage preferences, and character match-ups. There are reports of killing midweight characters while on platforms. Might no longer have invincibility, but it still kills very early. Matthew Pittard, who claims he worked for Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani for 10 months, says he was ordered to kill two people - one man and one woman - in Los Angeles in 2017.

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