Allow to dry. If you have an old worn-out laminate floor, sandless refinishing is for you, particularly the chemical method. It's important to know which you have because not all finishes are compatible. Today, most floors are finished with polyurethane, a durable, moisture-resistant oil … Remove shoe moldings from around the edge of the floor with a pry bar. 1) Don't Use Too Low of a Grit. Sand the floor down to bare wood with medium-grit sandpaper in the floor sander. Sand away the old finish if the floor is badly worn. Professionals such as those from Hardwood Floors Minnesota have the training and experience to avoid errors and ensure your maple floor is refinished with the appearance you expect. The timber is hard so it can hold maple stain extremely well. Sand the floor down to bare wood with medium-grit sandpaper in the floor sander. Allow to dry completely before returning furnishings to the room. If the old and new finish don't mix, you'll have to sand down to bare wood before refinishing. Wear gloves and eye protection when working with the refinisher and open all windows to ventilate the room while you work. Afterward, mop using a micro cloth and concentrated cleaner specially made for hardwood floors. Step 1: Inspect the Floor to See if Complete Refinishing is Needed. Fixing my hardwood floors – Replacing the kitchen & joining old and new flooring. Please call Wade now, as available dates are limited and are filling up quickly. Or a family that bought a new house and found wood flooring under their carpet and … Continue reading "Refinishing" Removing the old finish may remove old filler and varnish down to fresh wood, opening pores that will accept finish or stain unevenly. Floors that once gleamed under a flawless coat of clear finish will inevitably become dirty, scratched, stained, and worn. Stick a maroon buffing pad to the buffer, and put on a dust mask. After the resin stain coat has dried seal your maple floor with one coat of dewaxed shellac sealer, OMU sealer, or … And while a click-lock engineered wood or laminate floor may be considered an upgrade on a new home, it is a definite cold shower to your historic home’s market price. DIY Ideas: Tips For Refinishing Wood Floors. Move the buffer from side to side across the floor in the direction of the grain, overlapping each course by 6 inches. Many mistakes happen as a result of jumping into the refinishing project too hastily without getting a good idea of what is needed regarding material, … Many floors can be restored with a thorough cleaning, some patching with wood putty and applying a protective floor polish made for maple. Refinishing your wood floors will bring them back to life. Allow to dry. Sweep the floor and remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. We are a family business and our employees are our family. Whether you've been admiring your old wood floor for years or you just discovered it hidden under some old carpeting, refinishing it can be a … Refinishing will bring the original color back, but in only a few more years the yellow returns. If your maple hardwood floor’s finish looks scratched, scuffed and dingy, you can restore its color and luster with a new finish. Photo by Reena Bammi. I'm super happy with results as well as all interactions with Dinu (the owner) and Stephan (the crew lead). Remove all furniture, window treatments and wall hangings from the room. Let me show you some before and afters. Overlap passes by an inch. When the Hiltons first moved into their home, they also inherited a 72-year-old wooden floor plagued with discoloration, dents and several scratches. Since retiring from the news business in 2008, Kirchhoff takes care of a 12-acre rural Michigan lakefront property and applies his experience to his vegetable and flower gardens and home repair and renovation projects. If you understand these three factors, you will sand a maple floor very successfully. Cover light fixtures with a trash bag secured with masking tape. However, after just a few years the maple yellows considerably, and loses the nice, bright, new appearance. Unless you plan to sand many floors in your lifetime, random orbital sanders are the best choice for do-it-yourself hardwood floor refinishing. Rinse the pad often in a second pan of refinisher. PETERSON HARDWOOD FLOORS has you covered. I’m not talking about oak floors that have been dinged and scratched up…I mean if your floors have been down for … Follow these directions to refinish your maple hardwood floors effectively. We are equally committed to serving the needs of our customers, and communities. The most common mistakes when refinishing wood furniture are surprisingly easy to prevent, so why do people make so many? Here are some reasons and benefits to getting new hardwood floors. Sand with the grain, moving the sander in a straight line from one end of the room to the other. The old finish turns to powder as you go, so it's easy to see the areas you've covered. Apply stain and floor finish as in Section 1. Put on the respirator, hearing protection and eye protection. Sand the perimeter of the floor with the edge sander, using the same medium grit as the floor sander. Basically what the floors looked like. Granted, we didn’t even know what we … Floors that have been painted may even require you to go tougher and use 24 or 16-grit paper. Allow to dry. Repeat floor and edge sanding with a fine-grit sandpaper. With an exception for workers who provide critical services. I have had customers that lived in a house that has been in their family since the 1800’s and were amazed after refinishing their “original” flooring. But where’s the fun in that? We recommend you use a traditional resin stain over your dye to lock in the color and this will also create good protection from fading. Prepare the room for sanding by removing all furniture, window treatments and wall hangings. Since maple floors can be touchy to finish, it is never a good idea to try anew or different application tool. Refinishing Our Maple Hardwood Flooring. Pull up all the heating grates and any old carpet tacks before you sand. You can prepare the floor for refinishing by using a liquid floor refinisher, which is a type of chemical finish stripper designed to remove hardwood floor finishes. For a 2,000-square-foot house, that can mean a bill as high as $8,000. Sand the repairs smooth with sandpaper attached to a sanding block. How to Refinish a 100-Year-Old Wood Floor. Refinishing Old Maple Floors! Maple does accept a stain, but because the heavily grained areas can create splotches if the stain isn’t applied properly and an even sanding of the existing floor is required, we recommend using experienced professionals to ensure that the job is done correctly. Work carefully to ensure an even stain coat. Continue to Step 2 if you decide to go ahead with the complete refinishing. Maple is also known for its consistent grain pattern and has fewer imperfections that other wood types. At Peterson Hardwood Floors we are committed to the health and well-being of our employees and the safety of our customers. Vacuum up the dust and grit. Herb Kirchhoff has more than three decades of hands-on experience as an avid garden hobbyist and home handyman. Even when you seal the maple and apply a stain, the color may be more uneven than you'd prefer -- and there's an easy way to remedy that. Or you can prepare the floor by sanding away the old finish with a power floor sander. Seal the door closed with masking tape or hang a sheet of plastic over the door opening and secure with masking tape. Polyurethane. Smooth the filler with a putty knife and clean off any excess putty around the damage. Pour liquid refinisher into a shallow pan. Another reason maple floors are refinished is that the smooth grain can make a scratch show, particularly a large scratch. – If your floors are REALLY OLD and have been refinished many times, it may be time for a new floor. Hardwood Floor Refinishing Bring back your old wood floor to its original shine! Rent a floor sander and edge sander. Before you refinish it, you will want to make sure it is clean – sweep and mop well before you get started. Whether you use a brush, roller, lambswool or T-bar, the key to a good finish job is an even, uniform coating. I had never restored old wood floors before and had only a slight notion of the process from watching HGTV. It won't get out deep scratches or stains and it won't help repair cupping or crowning. Governor Tim Walz has issued a “stay at home” order, effective March 27 – April 10th. [recaptcha size:compact]. Vacuum the floor and wipe with a dry cloth. You can leave the baseboards in place unless you're planning to replace them. If the room includes a closet, remove the closet contents. When refinishing floors, study the floor and existing finish first. If you are trying to search for concepts for 20 Awesome How to Refinish Maple Hardwood Floors after that this is the area to be. You will need to get on your hands and knees with a light so that your eyes are only a few inches away from the floor. Another reason maple floors are refinished is that the smooth grain can make a scratch show, particularly a large scratch. Needless to say, the flooring conditions were not acceptable for the young couple. The typical buyer of an old or historic home is expecting hardwood floors. Cover electric outlets, light switches and vent ducts with masking tape. Refinishing Maple Floors. » Refinishing Maple Floors Maple hardwood floors are an interesting type of floor since a maple floor is one of the most durable and long lasting hardwood floors on the market. After removing a vinyl & a linoleum floor, we came to a maple floor, with a … We understand that many people have been furloughed or laid off during this time and expenses for installing or refinishing your hardwood floors may not be a high priority right now. a company always at your service - hardwood floors specialist in Chicago hardwood floor installation : all types of hardwood floors ,oak -maple.... refinishing hardwood floors NEW DUSTLESS refinishing options repair old floor, sand hardwood floors (see pictures and videos) waxing-cleaning hardwood floors remodeling kitchen, bath, tile, painting This is 1.5 inch maple hardwood floors in a 1920s two story home in Minneapolis MN. ... It’s a good idea to vacuum the floors and anything else nearby to prepare the perfect refinishing environment. Apply the floor finish with an applicator pad. Hard maple floors offer a nice, light, bright look to a room, and are often paired with matching cabinetry when the home is built. Related Videos. Keep in mind steam, water, vinegar and cleaners like Murphy's Oil Soap that produces suds should never be used to … For various dimension of floorings in different locations there are various ideas that I can share to you. Sandless isn't always a good idea for wood floors, though. We're doing a kitchen remodel on our 100 year old American foursquare. Some even get so hard they feel like you're sanding concrete, causing your paper to dull out extremely fast. Open all windows for ventilation. Inspect the stripped floor for gouges. You can still get the work done on your floors you need and we are willing to give you a discount for booking a date that falls after the April 10th,  the day the stay at home order expires. Go grab some clean shoes and clothes while you’re at it too. But as every old-house owner has learned, hardwood floors are subject to a great deal of use and abuse. One element of maple to understand is that humidity can cause the planks to rise and fall and shift, which can create an uneven look and feel to the planks. Nevertheless we thought long and hard about whether to install a new floor or simply refinish the old one. Apply maple stain to the floor with an applicator pad to highlight the grain of the wood. We could have hired a pro, they would have done a good job, and the floors would have looked great. Call 763-286-1839 today to discuss your project and receive a free in-home estimate. You should first look and see if you need to refinish the entire floor. Its warmth and brightness makes it an ideal accompaniment for any color chosen for a room. Wipe the floor with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits to get up any remaining dust. It was a project I was looking forward to tackling. This has two coats of finish on the floors. ABC were great to deal with and made the project much easier that we thought it would be. We look forward to serving you! Recoating Finished Hardwood Floors Without Sanding. “Maintenance-free” tile is not a selling point for these kind of houses. Many times on these old maple floors, there is a type of coating that tends to gum up the sandpaper. We are about to buff … Remove the old finish from one small area at a time until you completely strip the floor. Since Wrecking Ball showcases some of the scary sides of remodeling, I thought I would share with you the most challenging part of our remodel – our maple hardwood flooring. 319 Views. 1. The kitchen was hidden behind a wall. Vacuum the floor to remove dust and debris. Apply a coat of finish, and then tone the wood by spraying pigment on the dried finish or wiping on a gel stain. Refinishing maple furniture is more environmentally friendly than buying new maple. Fill damaged areas with wood filler. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Took over not completed project of refinishing pre-finished birch hardwood floor, delivered earlier than promised, valued my time, were super clean, punctual, efficient and professional. Here are a few things I've found that will help you in your sanding process if you find yourself having to sand one of these old maple floors.

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