If my patients still do not understand, I … I explain the concept to my patients, avoiding medical jargon. Doctors told to dispense with confusing medical jargon. Jargon can be very useful for exclusive understanding; however, it can also be a cause for confusion. Medical terms, if not carefully used or explained, can cause patient confusion. PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS: Training about patient knowledge of medical jargon may be a useful addition to communication skills curricula. Introduction. Jargon use in communication with patients does not appear to stem from unrealistic presumptions about patients' understanding or from desensitization to jargon during medical school. Patients often misunderstand medical terminology and healthcare concepts. Speaking slowly is recommended to improve patient comprehension; Avoiding jargon that may be misconstrued our outside of a patient’s general knowledge; Repeating major points to ensure patient understanding; The RCGP also recommends that doctors gauge their patients amount of understanding which may help them explain health related information at a level adequate to the patients … This study assessed patients’ understanding of the jargons used by cardiologists during consultation, and to compare the knowledge of these jargons across three patient age groups. Trois arguments sont défendus. The use of words and phrases that people do not understand will be debated at an annual meeting of the British Medical Association’s consultants group today. Health literacy is basic reading and numerical skills that allow a person to function in the health care environment. 1 ... explain the medical aims of the proposed care to the patient. Methods: Within an overall research agenda to develop and test an educational aid for prenatal prematurity education, we designed the Parental Knowledge of Premature Birth questionnaire. In response to the findings, the royal college is now calling for medical jargon to be toned down, and for GPs to ensure patients fully understand their condition. How skipping industry acronyms and jargon and using simple terminology will eliminate confusion and misinterpretation. Confused by the apparently all the strange words and letters used when talking about health and disease? Here are some examples of commonly heard jargon: Medical jargon – I need a script in order to pick up the medicine. 1.5.6 Avoid using jargon. ObjectiveWith increasing exposure, medical students may forget that technical jargon is unfamiliar to laypeople. Il vient d'être démontré qu'un médecin et son patient peuvent avoir des difficultés de compréhension de par le jargon utilisé par le praticien, pas forcément aussi bien saisi par le malade. Methods. However, the importance of the public's understanding of medical terminology has recently been extended as some ambulance services have now introduced criteria based dispatch systems. I clarify anything my patients did not understand and reassess their understanding. Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association , said it was essential for all patients to be given clear and concise information and called for the NHS to cut out jargon and confusing signs from hospitals and clinics. This may mean finding extra time for communication. I assess my patients’ understanding by asking them to explain the concept in their own words. One of the first things we learn in nursing school is medical terminology, what we often refer to as medicalese . Therefore, jargon should be used with caution in order to avoid confusing people especially when they are not in the same working filed or industry as you. By Mary Gillis, Reuters Health. Introduction. You're not alone! A few months ago, my wife asked me to accompany her on a visit to the doctor to help interpret her test results. Effective communication is known to improve patient satisfaction, 1 and has been correlated with improved health outcomes. Take care to apply the same diagnostic principles you would with other patients. The communication taking place amongst healthcare workers could become confusing if those involved in medical jobs don’t get the right training in the use of medical terminology. There can be misunderstandings between the patient and the professional when it comes to diagnoses and treatment plans due to the communication barrier. Doctors should explain procedures and directions to patients in a manner that they understand. Educational initiatives (verbal, written or through the internet and multimedia) are needed to improve patient knowledge and understanding. 2 It is estimated that the medical student learns up to 10,000 new words during the course of their medical degree. 8 At least … Medical jargon may cloud doctor-patient communication. Writer Diane Mapes and Fred Hutch experts weigh in on the importance of good patient-doctor communication. Medical language is so complicated that nearly half of patients do not understand it, leaving them at risk of serious conditions, the Royal College of General Practitioners has warned. This acronym buster might be helpful alongside our understanding the NHS section. The excessive use of jargon in the NHS is causing confusion to staff and patients, according to the British Medical Association and the Plain English Campaign. Report urges health professionals to use clearer language after finding that many patients … This article is more than 6 years old . To determine whether minimising the use of medical terminology in medical correspondence improved patient understanding and anxiety/depression scores. Medical terminology helps to describe a patient’s medical condition and the treatment requirements so all involved have a common understanding without having to go into great detail. Some technical terms and what they mean in plain English: “myocardial infarction” (heart attack) “hyperlipidemia” (high cholesterol) The medical field is filled with cryptic jargon, including innumerable scientific terms and medical abbreviations. 7 min read. Sometimes, interpreting the doctor's medical jargon can feel like trying to understand the lyrics of the popular rapper, Lil Wayne. Patient understanding of medical jargon: A survey study of U.S. medical students Patients have expressed a strong desire to see the medical jargon in correspondence between specialists and their GPs translated into plain English, a New Zealand study of 60 outpatients found. However, parental understanding of medical jargon commonly used during prematurity counseling is unknown. When you are new to working with the NHS it can be difficult to get used to some of the language and terms that are used. 4 ways to explain medical jargon. “I remind students that most of them possess the same limited understanding of medical language as many of their future patients, and I encourage them to always remember those feelings of confusion, uncertainty and anxiety,” he says. Translating Medical Jargon. W hen one joins a profession it is easy to lose sight of how difficult it can be for the average person to understand the words or phrases we commonly use. But this medical jargon creates a barrier between the healthcare professional and the patient. The professionals commonly use medical terminology to inform the patient of their status and a patient may simply nod their head to be polite. If a patient has difficulty communicating or understanding it's easier to miss things. These systems aim to triage emergency 999 calls and loss of consciousness is one of the criteria used to determine a rapid ambulance response. Use words the patient will understand, define unfamiliar words and confirm understanding by asking questions. À partir d’une enquête portant sur l’expérience du vih aux îles Fidji, cet article examine les raisons qui amènent les personnes séropositives d’origine fidjienne autochtone à cesser la prise en charge médicale de leur condition. Whether its topsy-turvy language or murky medical jargon, most cancer patients run up against a "lost--in-translation" moment with their doctors. Understanding NHS jargon. The study at a New Zealand hospital found that patients had a much better understanding of their chronic disease management when discharge letters had medical jargon replaced with plain English. Ever had these medical terms thrown at you and have no idea what the doctor means? Examples of Medical Jargon.

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medical jargon and patient understanding

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