HPD have manufactured a new complete top mount intercooler to suit both the non intercooled factory turbo TD42 Patrol. Fitting instructions from HPD. ARB Delux Bar Fitting Instructions 13-11-10, 10:02 AM . 29.Slide the intercooler pipes onto the intercooler inlets and outlets. How does a boost controller work? This translates into more efficient cooling and better power delivery from your engine. 31. This one cost $385 plus postage, and HPD’s mail order service will ship their range of products to you speedily and anywhere in the world. By also reducing boost spikes,the risk of 'over-boosting’ is minimised, which can be harmful to the turbo's internals. and associated plumbing, changes to fuel metering and as an option, a high output exhaust system can be fitted. 18. Enlarge the intercooler piping hole on the passenger side to suit the HDi Intercooler Piping ALP-FGXR6-090 Place the O-Ring on ALP-FGXR6-091 and lubricate. E: sales@hpdiesel.com.au. View our Ranger Intercooler . Simple replacement of the OEM part; Also available for the Golf Mk5/6 MLB Platform; Will not fit on cars with O2 sensors fitted without interference on the sensor. HPD Boost Controllers are perfect for those seeking greater control over engine management, are the perfect compliment for those with HPD Intercoolers and Catch Cans. Secure the intercooler air ducts with the factory 10mm bolts and single scrivet. This graph is a run after fitting our sheet metal upgrade intercooler - cooler day & in the rain. This GU Patrol came in with a new High Performance Diesel intercooler that had been fitted by the customer. Landcruiser 100 HZJ 105 Top Mount Intercooler. Landcruiser 105 Ultimate Intercooler. $1,875.00. THIS DOES NOT FIT THE FACTORY INTERCOOLED TD42 ENGINE. HPD Top Mount Intercooler Kit Nissan Patrol GU TD42 Series 2. However, they do lack in some areas: The bracket holding the catch can up rubs on the brake lines unless you bend them over. Place the cover in a safe place. Cheers, Andrew. FOR SALE! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Landcruiser 100 ultimate top mount intercooler. Page 1/10. Intercooler more efficient with 'a natural water spray' evaporative cooling effect ! The HPD direct bolt on separator kits are ideal for 4WDs running an intercooler or turbo kit and they come complete with mounting brackets, rubber hoses and hose clamps. Avoid damaging the metal spring and keep these pipes as you will later need to remove the plastic clip to remove and reuse metal spring in your new PWR intercooler and pipe kit. It is very close but there should be approximately 3mm clearance. Ensure the Intercooler does not rub on the body or air conditioning lines anywhere. MITSUBISHI TRITON. The separators eliminate oil vapour that can contaminate the intake system and therefore helps keep the intercooler clean (internally). The intercooler is fabricated from aluminium and has internal cooling fins, and the kit comes with all the associated hardware needed, including moulded rubber air ducts, all fitting screws and brackets. Top mount intercooler kit suit 99-03 Patrol GUTD42 450x300x76 intercooler includes bonnet scoop, support frame, 10'' thermo fan silicone hoses and clamps. Made from 4 ply high temperature material, it is designed to withstand engine bay temperatures while providing an easy installation. When I fitted a provent 200 the intercooler still got dirty (although not quite as much). “Protect your investment fit HPD’s oil separator kit.” HPD’s Australian made billet CNC machined oil catch can / oil air separators have been designed to reduce the amount of oil from the engines crank case breather entering the intake system. This kit will help reduce inlet temperatures & exhaust gas temperatures by sustaining cooler air temps right through the rev range. Designed from the ground up, the Revo Intercooler has much larger core volume than the OEM part and offers perfect fitment, improving cooling by utilising the full volume of the stock location space as well as cold ambient air from the front of the vehicle. | TOYOTA No switches needed to turn the fan on, it will automaticly start when the intercooler heats up to 50 deg. Use the 2 x M6 socket caps screws and washers provided to fix into place.

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hpd intercooler fitting instructions

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