Gren Maju Da Eiza has one of its few prints in here, and it works in this context. Machina Mayhem is our next Structure Deck and helps support Machines in a fairly big way with a whopping 11 new cards, with more than half of them being only because the TCG had to get the rest of the Machina archetype over here somehow alongside The Big Saturn. Speaking of which, you only get 1 Mystical Shine Ball in here. Felgrand Dragon (1st Edition) Set: Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck Card Number : 005 ... Set: Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck Card Number: 009 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (1st Edition) Set: Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck Card Number: 009 Near Mint 0 item £0.81 Out of stock. Caius is one of the best tribute monsters we’ve ever had in the game, I remember this card being played in several Decks for years. Cyber Dragon was a good Machine at this time still and it didn’t have the many other cards that did the same thing around then as well. Overall, this Structure Deck is for the novelty more than anything, but it has some great reprints inside. Temple of the Kings was basically banned on release for letting you use Traps the turn they were set, needing an errata many years later to make it legal again. Gemini Summoner and Blazewing Butterfly do their job for Geminis, both also useful reprint at this time. It’s playable, but you’d probably need 3 to make it not feel like a Deck of massive bricks. Finally, Karma Cut is a pretty good interruption piece to have. Malevolent Catastrophe feels odd to be a new card for what it does, mostly cause it was a reprint in the OCG from their Marik Structure in 2004, but it’s a good card to make a debut in here. Home / Products tagged “Guardian of Felgrand ... 5D's 2008 Starter Deck; 5D's Starter Deck 2009; Absolute Powerforce; Absolute Powerforce: Special Edition; Abyss Rising; Spirit Reaper was still a nice card in 2008, and it was an actual Zombie. Frontline Base helps you summon some of your Union monsters without using the Normal Summon. TCG Products in December and January! Hannibal Necromancer was fine to get outside a Special Edition. Exiled Force and D.D. Banisher of the Radiance is a good monster to have overall, especially here as a 2-of. Magical Stone Excavation is a good card that was a big reprint from a Champion Pack as Ultra Rare. Monster Reincarnation works here to get a Dragunity you want to equip to grave to retrieve a Dragunity you want to summon. More Buying Choices. Dragunity Aklys is a good Tuner whose Normal Summon lets you summon a Dragunity from hand and equip this card to it and unequipping this card lets you destroy a card. It’s a fine Structure Deck hurt by the fact that Geminis were a concept that could of always been better. In total, there were 7 new cards in this Structure Deck: Felgrand Dragon, Darkblaze Dragon, Herald of Creation, Decoy Dragon, Trade-In, Foolish Burial, and Malevolent Catastrophe. Marik’s Structure Deck is one of the cooler ones giving us cards that remind us of the Battle City days with Marik in the show. Hanewata is good against burn. By Order of the Emperor was the last new card, and it’s a fine card for its time. Scrap Recycler is also useful for many Decks based on Machines in the grave, with it recently seeing its real peak as a card. Burial from a Different Dimension is a very strong reprint from Jaden’s second Duelist Pack and a Champion Pack. Since Felgrand Dragon became a card you can't make a deck around it, Konami wanted to keep it alive and then they release an armored Felgrand version and some support for it. Although the monster Summoned by its effect will have only 0 ATK and DEF, this can trigger the Summon effects of monsters such as "Leyvaten" or "Dragon Spirit", as well as provide a monster to be Summoned back if it is destroyed. The strategy is coherent and you got a great boss monster that many Decks used for a long time in Caius the Shadow Monarch. If a Deck involves a lot of Level 8 Dragons, "Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon" can be used to send 3 Dragons with different names from the Deck to the Graveyard. Cyber Valley was a fine reprint in here. Defender, the Magical Knight was a fine card for its time. Hunter Owl is a good video game promo reprint. Due to the ease of Summoning from the Graveyard, the Deck often utilizes a variety of Spell Cards which allow it to quickly dump Dragons from the hand and Deck to the Graveyard. Dark Valkyria is a solid Gemini monster. Marionette Mite was a decent card against other Zombies, or if you had Zombie World. Now for the reprints. Dark Red Enchanter in here makes up for being a Secret in Phantom Darkness. "Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand", "Arkbrave Dragon", and "Return of the Dragon Lords" can especially help in speeding up these archetypes. for felgrand dragon. This is a 40card Felgrand Deck. Herald of Creation is a pretty neat card for retrieving your high-Level monsters. Cardfight!! Now time to focus on Spell Counters before the Pendulum days. Hard to believe it was this Deck that was retrained into the Monarch Structure Deck, kind of odd, but that’s more points for being the catalyst for another great Structure Deck in the future, but I’ll talk about that when I get to the Structure Deck Retrains. Athena a good Fairy boss reprinted from Premium Pack 2. Exiled Force is a decent staple monster to have at that time. Time Machine is fine in here just to have a Crossroads of Chaos Secret not be the only way to get it at this time. Review, Jinzo – Yu-Gi-Oh! "Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand" banishes a monster from your opponent's field or Graveyard on Summon from the Graveyard, helping the Deck build up advantage. You could actually see Machina Fortress and Gearframe actually being competitively viable, which I’m sure they were in 2010 and still pop up to this day. Marauding Captain always works in Warrior Decks, though preferred in multiples instead of 1 in here. Reprints are weak with a lot of the more poor Dragunities in here, some in between their Duel Terminal and Hidden Arsenal 4 releases. Honest is a good card for anything LIGHT-based and is a solid reprint. Foolish Burial is one of the best cards in the game, as it’s been limited for years due to the power. The first case of a Structure Deck offering somewhat of a competitive strategy outside a single card. This all changed when the Dinosmasher’s Fury Structure Deck was released, suddenly they’re a forced to be feared. The reprints make this a very good Structure Deck overall, though, since most of the Gemini cards are fairly weak. Finally, Dragon Mastery is pretty meh since it just boosts your Dragunities by 500 and lets you equip a Dragon-type Dragunity from hand to a monster you control. YuGiOh Booster Boxes; YuGiOh Booster Packs; YuGiOh Bulk; YuGiOh Collector Tins; YuGiOh Products; YuGiOh Singles. Card Trooper was a strong reprint from the second Jaden Duelist Pack. Card of Safe Return is a very fitting card in here. Your staple reprints give Foolish Burial, Mirror Force, and Bottomless Trap Hole. The main focus for these Warriors were being Geminis and also relying on Equips. "Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres" is also an useful card for this Deck, offering off-turn disruption as well as a way to Summon monsters from the Deck. Dragonic Tactics. Since this is the last Structure Deck of the 5D’s era, this will be the last Structure Deck we look at here. Morphing Jar is a strong reprint to finally have outside a Tournament Pack or a giant set like Dark Beginning 2. Evocator Chevalier is pretty meh as a Gemini just sending an Equip to grave for popping a card, but it does synergize with a new card in here at least. Mystical Beast of Serket is an okay card to banish anything it destroys in battle and gains 500 ATK for destroying monsters, though it’s tied to Temple of the Kings being on the field so it doesn’t destroy itself. The Dark Emperor was good at least for giving us Caius as well alongside other good cards. Soul Taker is a good reprint from a Gladiator’s Assault Secret Rare. Masked Dragon is an important 2-of in here since the Deck is focused on Dragons. I was looking around the web trying to find a deck profile for the new felgrand structure deck coming out this Friday.

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