Featuring a 1.25HP soft-start motor and electronic feedback to maintain motor speed through each cut, the Porter is capable of 1/64” incremental adjustments for high precision routing. We’ve been building tools right here in the U.S. for over 40 years. 80% lowers are OK but they really aren't any better than the Modulus or 5D tactical lowers . 3/8 Drill Bit. You should wear safety glasses and hearing protection while operating your power tools and working on your 80% lower. While Lowers are typically aluminum, it is usually best to replace a bit every three jobs at the vert least just to ensure that they remain sharp and don’t start to wander in holes. 80% Forged AR15 Lower Anodized- You pick the marking. Once you have used these three tools to complete your lower to its drilled and finished state, you are going to have to insert locking features. Select options. Your email address will not be published. I suggest buying these 80 lower bits from companies that actually sell 80% lowers. The remaining length of the end mill, including the cutting surface, is 5/16". Seating these requires the use of precision roll-pin punches to ensure that they seat squarely and parallel to the rest of the receiver. However, using any old end mill is not a wise idea. But for completing an 80 percent lower AR build, you’ll need a few pieces of machinery on hand. Terms and Conditions 80 Percent Lower Receiver Blog. Premium 80% Forged AR15 Lower. – 5/32″ HSS Drill Bit ZR9 Replacement Mag Catch $ 25.00. Reasons Our 80% Lower Tool Kits are the best. $ 61.99. Read more. We take great pride in delivering the best product you can get on the market. Using dull, over-worked bits will produce a sub-par receiver that hangs triggers, sticks magazines and fails to fire consistently. We promise not to spam! Most companies compromise the quality of the end mill and drill bits with low quality, overseas sourced parts. Tools Custom designed end mill, drill bits, and more for finishing your 80% lower. – 1/4″    3-Flute Carbide End Mill. No foreign crap in our Tool Kit! 40 Years Reputation. 80 Percent Arms Easy Jig Gen-2 Compatible Premium Upgrade AR-15 Lower Jig "TiN" Drill Bit Kit $ 25.99 CNC Tooling Kit for Milling the Firing Pocket of a AR15-AR10 .308 Lower Receiver 80% Lowers is a premier retailer and YOUR source for 80 percent lowers, 80% lower jigs, build kits and more. This receiver has been designed to mil-spec standards and is made in the USA, guaranteeing high quality. Sitemap Once you have installed parts into your lower, you will most definitely need an Armorers wrench to be able to install parts like your upper’s barrel nut, and you’ll also need the wrench to install your buffer tube’s castle nut. However, If you must use a drill press, borrow a friend's or buy something a bit stiffer and larger. Really the Andersons are much better lowers for constant Mil spec lowers . Replacement bits are cheap compared to potentially making a mess of your receiver, so keep a good stock. Lasts 4X longer! THIS KIT DOES NOT COME WITH DRILL BITS OR END MILLS. 5D Tactical supplies essential equipment for building your own AR-15, AR-9 or AR-308/AR-10 firearms, including upper receivers and 80 percent lower receivers, 80% lower jigs, tools, and jig replacement parts. Next on our reviews list of the best 80% lower receivers is the Matrix Arms – AR-15 Forged 80% Lower Receiver, which is very reasonably priced for what you get in terms of overall quality. The number one way is to use router jig designed to be used with a drill and a router to complete 80% lowers. However, you are going to need a drill to work some of the features on the receiver and a drill press is ideal, though not essential as if you can ensure that your receiver is both flat and stable, then it is a bit of an unnecessary expense. The best drill press for doing a lower is a proper mill. – 3/8″ HSS Drill Bit – 5/32″ HSS Drill Bit – 1/8″ HSS Drill Bit – 1/4″ 3-Flute Carbide End Mill. CREATE ACCOUNT. Ours is a solid 1/4” That means you can complete your lower in only 5 Cuts with our tool kit! Compatible 80 Percent Arms, Modulus Arms 80% AR-15 Lower Jig "TiN" Drill Bit Kit. Tactical Machining does offer a router jig kit that allows our standard 80 lower jig to be completed with a router and a drill press. Broken bits and mistakes made can cause serious injury. This jig, used with a good strong drill like the DeWalt, will give you smooth, precision holes every time. Where can I find the breakdown of pros/cons for going the drill press vs. milling machine routes? This jig will also fit all other 80% lowers on the market. You will need a drill but since most jigs’ guide plates use reinforced fittings and self-aligning guide holes, you can usually get away with a good standard corded drill and a straight eye. Log In. 80% Jig. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 19.99. Our Tool Kit is compiled specifically to work with our 80% Lower Receiver Jigs. With a good jig and accompanying specialized end mill cutting tool, machining results of the … In premium examples, these are typically threaded pins, but the lower cost models – which perform just as well – usually use roll pins. This seems a bit more like an ad than a review of the best 80% lowers really . 80% Lowers. Some Important Facts Before You Build An AR-10/.308   Experienced rifle builders are well aware... One of the most modified parts is the lower receiver and there is a whole sub-market of. Even high-quality drill bits and end mill bits frequently chip or break. © R&B Tactical Tooling 2020 | Made with Pride in the U.S.A. Privacy Policy | Shipping Policy | Return Policy | Indemnification Policy. Get your Saturday’s back! One of the most modified parts is the lower receiver and there is a whole sub-market of 80% lower receivers, ready for you to finish. The mag well has been broached just like all the big name AR15 manufacturers use, so it has a super nice finish. I might be able to get a old heavy duty Craftsman drill press from my Dad vs. spending unknown $ on a milling machine. However, many state governments are stepping on our rights as free people to own firearms. Next in our review of the best 80% lower receiver is from Anderson Manufacturing. A brass-headed hammer will have a head of about three ounces which, in combines with a good 9 1/8” handle gives sufficient force to precisely locate roll pins into your receiver. Built in America, Built by Americans, Built for Americans! I purchased my eparmory 80% lower for $29.95 (came with a sticker jig) along with the bit kit for another $12. Veteran owned and operated, we understand that the quality of your firearm is critical. Building the lower receiver, yourself legally prevents the requirement of a government traceable serial number. Each AMT jig kit is made from American made steel and is reusable and can finish dozens of AMT AR-10 or AR-15 80% lower receivers. This receiver stands out as one of the best lower receivers for a .223 caliber AR-15. The New Frontier Armory Complete 80% Jig Kit is all you need to complete the final machining process to turn your 80% AR-15 Receiver into a working stripped lower receiver. If they don’t know you have it, they can’t take it! Sale! For most jobs, your hands are the best tools you have. Using a router to finish an 80% lower is an excellent way to go. Compatible Upgrade 80 Percent Arms 80% AR15/AR10 .308 Lower Receiver Drill Press Jig Drill Bit Kit. Add to cart. Find the highest quality 80 percent lower receivers right here. We’ve been making cutting tools for 40 years and make the best tools you can buy. Drill Jig. 5D Tactical is the only jig manufacturer to offer a custom designed, oversized end mill for this purpose. Cordless drills exert different torque ratings and speeds as their batteries discharge, especially when drilling through metal and this could result in rough or poorly drilled holes in your 80 lower, so corded drills with their constant torque characteristics are definitely the way to go. Read more. The upper portion of the end mill bit for 80% lower, the collet area of the shank, is reduced to 1/4" diameter to allow for use with compact routers which are commonly equipped with a 1/4" collet size. End Mill Bit – Both require using their own (or possibly each other’s) end mill, because neither uses the shank of the bit as a guide like the older technology jigs. September 24, 2019 Take it a bit at a time, or however much your drill press, mill, or drill … These drill bits are manufactured with application specific geometry that optimizes the drilling of aerospace grade aluminum, which is what 80% Lower Receivers are made from. Dismiss. Required fields are marked *, Privacy Policy Enjoy FAST SHIPPING and SAVE at 80-lower.com today! Of course, you are still going to have to keep thing locked in position and this necessitates a bench vice at the very least but you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a quality product. It’s pretty easy to find sets of roll-pin punches that have been designed specifically to be used with AR 80% receivers, and it’s a good idea too. Make sure that your vice has a sturdy cast iron base with integral fixing points so that it can be bolted to bench for extra stability if required. The 80% Arms drill guide is 1 1/2″ thick, which should make it harder to screw up with a hand drill. We deliver drill bits and end mills that are the most durable you can find on the market. Tags: 80 lower jig, 80 percent, 80% Lower Receiver Guide, 80% Lower Receiver Instructions, AR, Ar-10 80% Lower Receiver, AR-15, Ar-15 80% Lower Receiver, Lower, parts kit, Router, tooling, tools, Your email address will not be published. Rated 4.59 out of 5 $ 46.99 – $ 54.99. Typically made of brass, these hammers allow a degree of control that a larger mallet won’t give. These drill so much faster and more reliable than the other options I’ve tried. Rated 4.89 out of 5 $ 59.99. Skeletonized AR-10 .308 80% Lower with Jig Kit, Skeletonized DPMS LR 308 80 Percent Lower with Jig Kit, Skeletonized Billet AR-15 80% Lower with Jig Kit, Raw SR25 AR-10 .308 80% Lower with Jig Kit, Cerakote LR-308 DPMS .308 80% Lower Receiver, AR-15 Rifle Kit 5.56 M4 16" / Chrome-Lined, Skeletonized Raw DPMS LR-308 80% Lower Receiver, Cerakote SR25 AR-10A .308 80% Lower Receiver, Blemished AR-15 80 Percent Lower Receiver, Black Anodized DPMS LR-308 80% Lower Receiver. The bit sizes that you will need are: – 3/8″   HSS Drill Bit Cordless drills exert different torque ratings and speeds as their batteries discharge, especially when drilling through metal and this could result in rough or poorly drilled holes in your 80 lower, so corded drills with their constant torque characteristics are definitely the way to go.

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