You can use just one hand to open an automatic knife and be ready for use. 1.75" blade length. Aug 29, 2015 - guardfather spike spring loaded automatic ice pick in green .. WALLET BIGFOOT $49.99. When your cut is finished, the ceramic safety utility knife blade pulls back to keep you safe. Sold Out. As you consider getting your own automatic knife, make sure to check with your pocket knife laws in your area to see if carrying a switchblade is legal or not. The Knife Guy sells a large variety of top quality knives including, Spyderco, Esee, TOPS, Lionsteel, Fox, Zero Tolerance, Estwing, etc Automatic knives, also known as switchblades, open automatically with the press of a button or pull of a lever. See how a bunch of OTF and side-open autos stack up when comparing their opening speed. Blue Pen Knife $9.99. Nato Military OTF Auto. These Automatic knives range from as small as a 2" blade up to a massive 9" blade. Saved from Well-designed for tactical use, the knife is classed as a double-action OTF automatic. VT Don Italian Stiletto OTF (Wood) $69.95. The OTF knife is a great knife to carry for any EDC or outdoorsman as they are easy to deploy with only one hand using the dual-action trigger button. Enter your e-mail address to receive our newsletter, Delta Force OTF Winter Camo Automatic Knife Black Drop Point Serrated. Automatic Knives, Italian Switchblades, Stilettos. Automatic Knives. Read More: $99.95 Add To Compare Add To Wishlist Out-the-Front Pen Knife Automatic. Blue Pen Knife. Quick View. Microtech, Benchmade, Gerber, SOG, Buck, Spyderco, and Boker are just a few of the brands that produce solid automatic knives. CobraTec Sticker $9.99. Buy 2, and get a third Auto Spike absolutely free! In 1892, George Schrade of New York started to design and produce the switchblade knife. Red Pen Knife. Sharpening dull knives at home using manually operated knife sharpeners can be tiring for your arms. Black D/A OTF Automatic Knife Pen. Automatic knives make great tactical and combat tools because of their rapid deployment and ease of opening. After WW2, the more iconically-styled stiletto knife came back from Italy with servicemen and created wide demand in the United States. Shop Now: MORE NEW VIDEOS: Please comment below what you would like to see more of! Have that … Automatic knives are counted among the folding knives, which operate on the principle of a spring, which after release opens the blade of the knife. (Act now, supplies are limited. Double Action Knives Outdoor Tactical Knife Single Blade Black Hunting Knife, $51.90; kaiqing Double Action Knives Black Single Blade, $45.99; IVTT LVBANCHI Green EDC Double Action Knife Safety Tactical Pocket Knives Hunting Outdoor, $39.90; RISE Mini Keychain Double Action Knife Tanto w/Clip, $24.99 R 26,595.00. Marfione Custom Knives Combat Troodon OTF AUTO- 342-MCK. Twist the top to take off the safety. Sold Out $200.00. Automatic Knives . Our automatic knives (also known as switchblade knives) are available to members of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, and government personnel. Whether you call them automatic knives, switchblades, OTF knives, or even Italian Stilettos, this category of knife is always expanding. Quick View. It may not be the most important test when it comes to your automatic knife, but it sure is a fun one! FX-550 DCFR RADIUS FOLDING KNIVES. 1.75" blade length. Order now! Custom Deadpool Colors Cerakote OTF (Limited Edition) Grindworx uses cookies to provide you a better user experience. The Knife Guy started selling knives in 2010. Gerber Propel Automatic Knife, 3.5" Tanto Blade, G10 Handle - 30-000842 $139.95 Regular price $199.40 Sold Out 32% off Check out our great deals on many different automatic knives. Today The Knife guy offers some of the best pricing on original items in South Africa. If you're looking for an automatic knife to fit your specific needs, check out our Best Automatic Knives Guide. Out of Stock. Automatic knives have gotten a bad rap due to the tough guy movies and dime novels of the early 50's, but they are great knives for many uses. When doing either the blade automatically flips out from the closed position. Gerber Gear's automatic knives are spring-loaded, folding knives that fly open at the push of a button. Thin Blue Line Pen Knife. WALLET DEADPOOL. ... Automatic Knives, Italian Switchblades, Stilettos. Carbon Fiber Pen Knife $9.99. Today the word penknife is the common British English term for both a pocketknife, which can have single or multiple blades, and for multi-tools, with additional tools incorporated into the design.. WALLET BIGFOOT. If you’re looking to buy an automatic knife, be sure to check if it’s legal to own within your state or locality first. experience. Direct Knife Sales uses cookies. The closest you’ll get to a legal switchblade, our OTF pocket knives fire out razor sharp, spear-point blades at lightning speed, giving impressive results for minimal work. Automatic knives are restricted in many areas, so be certain to consult your local laws before purchasing. They are durable, reliable and fly open as soon as you press the button. By using this site, you accept our. Blade HQ uses cookies to provide you a better user Moikin 10 in 1 Tactical Pen for Self Defense Survival Multitool, LED Flashlight, Ballpoint,... $18.99; SZHOWORLD Brass Mini Knife - Keychain Pocket Knife, Compact Retractable Folding Blade with... $12.99; CRKT CEO EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Low Profile Gentleman's Knife, Everyday Carry, Satin... $39.25 Twist the front to engage the pen. Tarantula Tactical Black D/A OTF Automatic Knife, Deluxe Milano Stiletto Silver Splash Automatic Knife a155p, 9.5 Inch Classic Black Wood Stiletto Automatic Knife Bayo, 9.5" Black Pearl Switchblade Stiletto Automatic Knife, Switchblade Stiletto Automatic Knife, Black, 9.5 Inch, 12.5" Carbon Fiber Stiletto Automatic Knife Black Bayo Serrated, Milano Switchblade Stiletto White Black Automatic Knife, Black Beast OTF D/A Tactical Automatic Knife, 9.5" Stag Stiletto Automatic Knife Side Opener, 9 Inch Black Tactical Italian Switchblade Stiletto Knife, Out The Front OTF Single Action Double Blade Black Automatic Knife, Lightning Black OTF D/A Automatic Silver Serr Knife. Automatic Knives . 6 inches overall length all metal construction with a pocket clip and an out the front knife that pops out the end. Tekto Gear offers you high quality Automatic Knife and switchblades at affordable prices and Satisfaction is always guaranteed, Lifetime Warranty on All OTF Knives. Shop our huge selection of automatic knives. After many years of collecting knives The Knife Guy decided to import and sell premium knives at affordable prices. CobraTec Sticker. $124.95 $170.00. For more detailed information about these cookies please see our privacy policy. The Slice 10554 auto-retractable utility knife responds to customer demand for a long blade to cut through thick materials, including triple-walled corrugated. 6 inches overall length all metal construction with a pocket clip and an out the front knife that pops out the end. Each automatic knife in this category was chosen because it can fill the role that an automatic knife should. Speed. Gerber is a great knife manufacturer that has been making great … Automatic knives are restricted in many areas, so be certain to consult your local laws before purchasing. WALLET DEADPOOL $49.99. This sleek yet durable design offers the user a very easy to use, out the front (OTF) pen. AutoSpike features a hair-raisingly sharp 50/50 serrated spearpoint of satin brushed 440C stainless, paired with a grooved and slim aircraft aluminum handle. The pen is refillable. Add to Cart. Please accept to continue or block all non-essential cookies. Automatic knives, also known as switchblades, open automatically with the press of a button or pull of a lever. These autos are reliable, well-constructed, and great for tactical situations. Automatic switchblade knives open with the pull of a lever or push button and are great for tactical and EDC use. Black D/A OTF Automatic Knife Pen. Although our J-Hook retractable box cutter is the recipient of a Red Dot design award, not all applications lend themselves well to this kind of handle. Shop Gear Gear today! GERBER COVERT AUTO. R … Cobratec OTF Knife/Tactical Pen Teal T6061 Aluminum, 1.75" D2 Blade, Double Action Dagger Knife Out of stock Cobra TEC Knives Tbotfp OTF Tactical PEN … The original full-auto Nato OTF, locked, loaded and long out of production --- here for a lmited time only. Gerber Covert Knife, Serrated Edge. OTF Knives or Out the Front Knives are springloaded knives that eject from the handle at a push of a button. These knives are banned in some states and only supplied to government personnel, Law Enforcement and Armed forces. The VT Tactical OTF Pen is one of a kind pen that is ideal for opening a letter or slicing small objects. We carry the best OTF brands including Benchmade, Viper Tec, Smith & Wesson & many more. A penknife, or pen knife, is a British English term for a small folding knife. GERBER EMPOWER AUTO. Koozie $5.50. A rugged and indispensable knife, at home or in the field. 15. Designed primarily for military, police and EMT duty, the speed of an automatic knife is ideal for emergency situations. Automatic Knives (also known as Switchblades) are spring loaded, side opening knives. For example, look through our great Pro-Tech automatic knives and see some of the highest quality that exists. Microtech Custom Hawk Automatic Knife Apocalyptic 507-MCK. MYSTERY MICRO OTF PACK (3 KNIVES) $39.95. Here, we have collected, some of the greatest names in the industry. Our switchblade knives are kept at a low price for those on a low budget that need a good side opening push button knife. Just twist the handle to reveal the pen point or push up on the clip to extend the 1.75 inch stainless steel blade. Automatic knives generally open by pushing a button or pushing a lever. Twist the top to take off the safety. Automatic Knives and Tools - Microtech Knives - Microtech Automatic Openers Automatic Knife Ordering Agreement IN COMPLIANCE WITH FEDERAL STATUTES , KnifeCenter, Inc requests that you read carefully the requirements set forth below, and agree to this prior to your purchase or receipt of any automatic opening knife from our company. Kershaw Auto Launch 6. At the time, automatic blades were pretty much only mounted to guns for use as quickly-deployable bayonets. Designed primarily for military, police and EMT duty, the speed of an automatic knife is ideal for emergency situations. Our spring activated automatic knives are great for the automatic knife collection or gun and knife shows, trade shows, mail order, flea market sales, store front sales and swap meets. Boker Kalashnikov Tanto Serrated Automatic Knife. This fully functional ink pen contains a concealed knife blade. Red Pen Knife $9.99. Black Double Action out-the-front (OTF) Pen Knife. Product Code: 134bk. Sold Out $189.95. Manufacturers have done an excellent job of finding ways of making modern switchblades that slip through the loopholes in the laws, but even so, you can find yourself in a mess of legal trouble if you are caught carrying, buying, selling, importing, handling, or looking too closely at an automatic knife. The design is sleek, making it comfortable to hold and use. Designed by Benchmade, the 3300 Infidel OTF Knife is a very interesting automatic knife, offering many outstanding features and excellent mechanisms for easy and safe use. Our pen-style auto retractable safety knife offers the same utility as the safety box cutter, even using the same replacement blades, but the handle shape is different. Best Automatic Knives We’ve Checked. Switchblade knives have been around for well over a hundred years, and they’re here to stay. R 27,995.00. Ice Pick Automatic Knives Pens … Automatic knives are sought after because of their quick and easy manipulation. Automatic knives got their start in the mid-18th century. The pen is refillable. Many consider Pro-Tech to be the standard bearer in automatic knives. Great gift idea! Black Queen Cobra. The blade is housed in a durable, aluminum pen casing. Folding Knives . Twist the front to engage the pen. Thin Blue Line Pen Knife $9.99. Saved by Horizon Bladeworks. Koozie. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies.

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